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Jun 2017 · 167
Kelly Jun 2017
For one last time,
I took what I had left of you,
The pictures of our best moments,
Holding it ever so tightly to my chest,
Smiling as my heart ached,
A reminder of how once your warmth felt against mine,
There it goes shackled in my drawer to be left untouched,
Time to write a new story,
One without you.
May 2017 · 164
Kelly May 2017
Hearing your voice once more
felt like the waves of the ocean
the sound of the it crashing on the bed of sand
the way it rushed into the crevices of my feet
smothering it beneath the warm salty water
so calm and tranquil
the feeling as if nothing has ever happened
but you turned back
your waves turned away from the shore
leaving my feet cold oh so cold
when you left me
sinking into the soft sand
eyes closed
waiting for the you to come back
you never did
May 2017 · 163
Kelly May 2017
One day if I'm gone
I hope everyone will remember me as the girl who couldn't stop smiling because I never did not even during my last moments;
I hope the loss of my presence on this earth doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste but rather a swift kick of sweetness,
I hope all the pictures and memories of me remind you of the good times; and good times only,
I hope you do forgive me for leaving without a notice.
Apr 2017 · 212
Kelly Apr 2017

Its the middle of the day,
On an average Monday,
It's been two days since you told me you'd never feel the same way again,
Four months since I've told you to go away,
Two months since I asked you to come back and stay,
Eleven months since I fell for you
and prayed that you would felt the same way too

Its the middle of the day,
On an average Monday,
I'm walking in the mall two steps behind everyone,
With my head bowed down, and my arms tucked in the pouch of my jacket,
Clenching my fists, holding back the tears,
Swallowing my regrets, smiling my pain away
As I'm saving it for later
So no one will ask
Whether I was okay; I was obviously not.

Today wasn't an ordinary Monday,
Today marks the day I give up trying to find happiness because I know it wont be here to stay.
Apr 2017 · 169
Kelly Apr 2017
Hearing your voice again
Felt like the best thing I've had in a while
Gosh how I missed you
Apr 2017 · 211
Kelly Apr 2017
Pick up the pieces
Glue them back together
It's never the same
I'm swallowing my mistake
Of losing you
My eyes fills with regret
My mind says things
I wish I could've told you
Don't you see
I'm trying my best
To fix what I broke
Giving it my all
To love you right once more
All I need is a second chance
Mar 2017 · 219
Kelly Mar 2017
Even if it hurts,
I would do anything just to see you once more.
Mar 2017 · 196
Kelly Mar 2017
I love you,
I still do.

I miss you,
I always do.

I'm starting to forget your voice,
and I hate myself for it,
I had a chance to hear it everyday,
But I ******* it up,
and I lost you along the way.

That's my mistake.
Mar 2017 · 185
Kelly Mar 2017
I loved you
when I lost you

Loved you least,
when frustration got in my way,

Missing you now
Love you, always.
Nov 2015 · 365
Kelly Nov 2015
He likes her
She likes him
I can't change that
Nov 2015 · 302
Kelly Nov 2015
I wish you loved me enough to tell me
That you miss me.
Sep 2015 · 306
Kelly Sep 2015
When I left
I didn't want to hurt you
All I wanted to do was
Wish you the best in everything you do
But you couldn't see it
Jul 2015 · 2.5k
Kelly Jul 2015
Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars,
Cause I really need a wish right now,
Wish. Right. Now.
-B.O.B Airplanes

— The End —