Flames light inside
Thirst runs deep
A wanting to want you

Veils of lust
Scatter petals of blood red
Smoke essence of painted daisies

A six and a nine,
A heaven and a seven
A beautiful dungeon

Smell the flower of youth
Fine berries dripping honey
A warm skin washed in a bath of milk

A harmony of forest sparrows
Pants wolves under a full moon,
The blood of a deer,
On a blade of a virgin grass

Petals of sin
A cold breath from his soul
The fountain of tears

A Line of ethics,
Between church and man
Is the truth a mystery?
Or a divine a canvas?

Stretching the skies,
That the light is but what he sees,
Given time and place,
The shadows of the moon

A part of a painting,
Prejudice or nothing,
Pulling to oneself,
The plague of a propaganda

Giving guns to the church,
To let a child live death
The reality of a cynical world,
Lost in the fumes of the black gold

He slides his hand down,
and I feel the warmth of his skin on mine

His figures play search me,
and I feel the strong and yet tender touch

He rubs me gently,
and I feel the tempo of his breath

On my neck,
and I hear the cry of his soul

He draws me into his world of perversions,
and I feel my knees giving into the weight of my heart

and I feel the cravings of a lustful body

and I imagine nothing better

The tender touch of wet lips,
and the dance of ballet tongues

My weight in his arms,
and I feel like an ocean of roses

Colour me blind
Rip my heart
The devil in my ear,
"boy, what have you done?"
a broken bottle
Peering through it's bottom
The taste of wine on her lips

If the mind could reminisce
and find satisfaction,
in the seconds of yesterday
But not borrow from tomorrow
The rush in the veins
To bury me alive
With an end into a lapse

torment and regret,
Love the way it hurts
This inferno
With hands glued to the bottle
A centuries whisky
A mind eraser
And a pain engraver

She lied to me
"Forever an eternity," she said
But just a flare in the sky
And myself in the sea
With my head barely above,
My feet and hands,
Numb in the cold waters

Am a slave to the glass
It's crystal walls,
And the scarlet liquid,
Contained inside
"Pour me some more,"
Need to breath
With a poison, in my mind

The later called the first,
"early men"
When the future settled on the moon,
And the sky was a city

The divine incarnated,
And the earthlings become,
Angels and demons
Waving swords and shields

They soaked the dust with blood
And with each sun
Sparked a fire,
On the snowy mountain

The low man laid in a rubble
And the celestial dined on the stars
Watching fireworks on a New Year's
Drunk on wine by their cushions

This they called,
And "modernisation,"
Was it?

And I a robot,
In this dump on Saturn,
That watched it all,
Before, I was junked

Your face is never far,
In my head it lingers,
The cordiality of its lines
Your smile and eyes,
A sunrise,
From a stormy night

Lay with me again,
And the heavens shall speak of us
The sounds of our ecstasies,
Vibrating in its chambers,
Down on the earth's bed
And below, in the pits of hells

Let the angels blow the trumpets
birds of the sky,
Sing the hymn of our hearts,
And the devils quake in dismay,
As we shoot for our passions,
Coming into, a seventh heaven

Thus I will sculpt,
The curves on your body
Down the hips,
Up the front,
The twins on your chest,
On the walls, of my mind

See kindness,
graciousness ,
beyond imagination

a perfect imperfection

Ready this heart,
don't care how many times
get stabbed,
fall in love

They say it is blind
well, I want to be blind
and not deliriously watch others,
smell roses in the park

So he was a religious man
that I saw,
now this longing,
to fall in love,
with a good man

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