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See myself into a church

The guilt of my sins like smoke...

Blows off red ashes of a dying cigar

It is a cloud,

A haze

A mysterious aura of the ******

a soul without a shadow

"he is unacceptable to himself"

When the world swears upon a naked sun,

Salvation chokes on my filth,

And I watch my moon fade into oblivion

I am drowning,

Just like the priest...

Only he is far deeper...

Into the madness called hope
The tiny drops of water hanging loosely on my hair,

These eyelashes,

It feels heavy to look through a midnight moon

My lungs collapse in a winter's cold

My tears are frozen on the inside

The blood prints of my feet...

trailing my path,

My present fails as it fades

This heart beats on

As I walk on water,

Into a sunset we call home
The sun is a candle...

burning inside the mirror

Yet another reflection

It's rays fall cold on my skin

A bleached rose

smell the sixteen,

Whirl in the abyss of love

An ocean,

Drowning in its waves

The salt crystals molten on the walls of my lungs

A burning thirst,

addicted to the flames of your kisses,

fallen into a shade by the moonlight

The forever winds

Breezing on my rugged skin

The memories to the grave

Wilted flowers carried from it's stones

Into the skies,

When I become gray
The stains of black ink on a white spread

The bold lines and racing hearts

The curves,

Her hair flows like a fountain,

Of dark strands onto her delicate skin

The green grapes,

Her ruby lips moisted with my frozen breath

Her name echoes like the church bells…

across the Scottish hills

The fragrance of her youth in my lungs,

wild roses…

fill my soul with exotic desires

I’m the abstract of an insane love

I don’t have to walk with worry,

that my feet will tip over my own shadow

You are beautiful,  

And it is all that I live for
“I’m only trying to build a castle from my childhood fantasies”

I fall back at the day’s break

With the sun on my skin,

The dust on my soles prints on her floor

How much to pay?

When to repay?

The loyalty and affection

She rubs softly on my shoulders

And my soul sails away from the worries of tomorrow

I have fallen,

I have crawled

I answer to no soul but her

crossing the dunes,

my head above the sand

my eyes search for the oasis


daughters fallen

bleeding on blades and razors



blood stains

in the snow


in the woods

the truth of her body

savaged by wild flies

a runaway

the girl from the tower

the ***

the money

the drugs

away from her ghosts

into the dark,

her master’s dungeon

"sorry Mum!"
The prince is a frog
Kiss his lips lovely princess
Live a Disney dream
It is okay to dream
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