daughters fallen

bleeding on blades and razors



blood stains

in the snow


in the woods

the truth of her body

savaged by wild flies

a runaway

the girl from the tower

the sex

the money

the drugs

away from her ghosts

into the dark,

her master’s dungeon

"sorry Mum!"

The prince is a frog
Kiss his lips lovely princess
Live a Disney dream

It is okay to dream

my heavy heart,

its fading heartbeat

the blood in my veins


it bleaches

the color of my tears,

Are they pure?

or disgraceful?

I feel them cold,

running along my broken smile

Is it okay to cry?

It is okay to cry

Happy or sad?

I am glad I drowned my demons

but they were my only family

sex, drugs, money, and guns

a sequence,

an alternate universe

growing up,

would I be happy?

watching the lines on your face

draw around yours eyes,

your smile

your temples,

changing from black to snow

it hurts,

it breaks,

watching a boy the other day,

when he cried out to mummy

why don't I know?

what it is?

how it is?

to run into a mother's arms

Did I forget?

Was I reminded?

of a face I once knew

looking back into the old days

when this heart graced in naivety

when foolishness was no crime

and fear was adventurous


"I cant hold on"

"I cant hold on!"

these blurry faces are deceitful


traded my soul for dust

can't roses be roses?

without the snakes,

crawling inside their gardens

it hurts,

it breaks,

Would I love again?

"choose to be happy for



are always shining

even behind dark clouds"

rusty spoons,

broken chandeliers,

wasted berries,

empty glasses

dead wine

a love that fades,


than I could drink


but longing

the pleasure of nothingness

the touch of nothingness

the sound of nothingness

the taste of nothingness

"I just want to be free, wild and young"
I am tired of how much I must change for him, why?


and hundred dollar bills

a squeaking bed

Working behind closed doors,

pleasures known to a faceless man

she suffocates in her tears

"I am happy or sad?"

she wonders

It feels so wrong,

but so right

Is this where I belong?

within a rush of a fading high,

and the agony of a broken heart

my waning spirit,

it drifts in this endless cosmos

as I watch its infinite stars,

burning out,

one at time,

to when I become devoured,

into its black hole

with my tears to the skies

"I work at the inn"
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