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Katrina Kennedy Nov 2019
i yearn for the day
i’ll feel you sublimate off of me
like snow in the sunlight,
the day these weighted branches will rise
but your hold’s like ice
and these things take time.

yet still i fear
you’re carving scars into my bark
and i weep,
i weep
for the permanence of the heart.
Katrina Kennedy Jul 2019
wet hair drips tears down her neck
tracing the collarbone
the ribs
down to the

(skin and bone)

gasp and shiver
it rattles in her chest
she falls to her knees

(set fire to the skin and bone)

starve the parasite within
excise the microphone
the cameras
sever wires
cut the noise
blind to beauty
deaf to screaming
mute to pain
Katrina Kennedy Jul 2019
Where are you tonight
my forgotten family?
Sitting round the table
as explosions rock the sky
and shake the dust from your hair?
Receding deep in the mind’s eye
to remind me how time flies
when you’re not around?
Katrina Kennedy Dec 2018
this morning the tide came in
and everything had changed.
footprints erased, seashells broken
upon the battered shore.
last night’s sand fortress crumbles
and the rain leaves ten million drop-sized craters.
your head disappeared beneath the waves
and i let the sea erase you
and your footprint upon my mind.
it’s pressed deep
but you are no match for the tides
and the power of time.
you have no place here
and you will be forgotten

you will be forgotten


because though i know the tide will come in tomorrow
i accept that life’s only constant is change.
I wrote this while sitting on the beach and contemplating my anxiety and my desire to be free from it.
June 2018
Katrina Kennedy Dec 2018
today you took me back to the cave
to the dark
to escape
to rest my eyes and spend a moment
in your warm embrace.

you sang to me
i closed my eyes
but i could not stay
we were out of time.

your pale hands took mine
and you kissed me goodbye
and you sent me back
into the blinding light.
Katrina Kennedy Jul 2018
i’m starting to believe
i was cursed from the moment the thought echoed in my mind
from the first letter of this poem
not cursed to feel it
but cursed to fail in it
maybe i was cursed before that even

maybe it’s because you make me inexplicably happy
when i am fated to suffer
you are
of course
too good to be true
but that won’t stop me from enjoying myself right now
so let’s take a moment for us
right here
right now
before it’s all over
and you leave me crashing down from heaven

i feel guilty that you want me
(because i know i’ll corrupt you
with my inevitable sorrow
and ice to freeze you out
and paranoid eyes to beg you to stay)
and i feel guilty that i want you
but this is the only story i know how to write

i’m starting to believe that
maybe i’ve only fallen ill for a moment
and some(day week month year eternity)
i’ll remember i do not know the hands of fate
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