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Katie Aug 2014
Cats tail reminds me of an ice-cream cone balloon ride in the sea. then I'm jailed within a makeup case scratching the insides. break a nail. find a secret passage and jump out to the stream of fishes going to the north to meet Eddie, who will trade you a potato for a dreamcatcher.
Best dream ever.
Katie Aug 2014
Almost impossible at times
But it need not be painful

A smile behind a teacup
Everything will turn out fine

Women who hear this fall in love with me
And the bane of my existence
Because girls rarely travel alone
Before the lights come on

O my people.
Scared and defenseless
In this garden in between rocks
Keep our experiences warm, full of promise
And with the strong undercurrent
That takes you home
Katie Aug 2014
Contemplating circulating this room.
but that's much too dull
it has yellow walls that remind me of bananas
like that song?
music here is like a child grasping a foreign hand
unknown to those who doubt her plan
she that towers and controls
empowered and she knows
that you don't always keep your manners tight
against your side
sometimes, we know that you forget
and sometimes you let yourself fall down
and get *****, for the fun of it.
All the while wishing she would grab you,
so you could let your mind go awry.
Katie Aug 2014
Conquer fallen history
stormed dry and fierce
through desert wind
fire. in eyes placed sideways
through the looking bass that
time slipped through and melded
future dreams of ladders climbing down and
falling into holes dug deep in mud black
smoke straining breath
in lifes desires to
scream on paper and dance in rain
naked steam, fire flies
from fugitive minds imprisoned within
bars of mangled plastic that twisted you wicked to conform
can you hear the
words flowing softly from parted lips
whisper secrets to the earth
that holds our faith and rains with passion of a sun that burns the shackled hand who holds the pen that showed the man that life is near an end so save your place in line for time is closing in on walls beneath the surface of your eyes that shimmer in demise
and lies of peace and love, of happiness.
freedom comes with malcontent
and tears have stained your judgement
Katie Aug 2014
Questions cloud my common sense,
which usually helps me out in these situations
and i want to run away
and escape this fated infidelity
dangling helplessly from a limp noose that sneers
at me. laughing at my insecurity
my inability to cope with the blows
that life keeps dealing me
i need a break
a chance to breath
to sort these apathetic voices in my head.
and reclaiming myself
and I have no plans
really, of going anywhere just now.
Katie Aug 2014
Seek a love like heaven,
a love seeks heaven like,
a love that heaven seeks
Katie Aug 2014
Midnight souls collide
in an omniscient wave of misty rage
worries cloud the fretting mind
days with pale grey wind storms
and ominous evening stars
waking dreams atop a cloud
to fulfill a dying wish

overcomes the molded sky
shatters clouds like littered glass
broke skin bleeds
red until you fix the wound
the past will never heal itself
unfed mouths. scream.
tired hands. greed. your
turn to cry. a soul drowns
in questions. change is
good when understood but
if not confusion rots
a stagnant mind. liquid
everything melting at the
top of a thought is crazy.
everything unreal becomes
something unknown. until today
everyone showed their face
and secrets.
to be unveiled at the hands of victims.
we want vengeance. but
happiness now would be a dream
smiles and love
with ease. in the middle
of this tempest is an
eye of despair. a calm in the air of time, where
everything forgets the other purpose
silence overcomes
and all is gone.
until tomorrows sun.
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