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A dark shadow
has been cast upon your heart,
a friendship has come apart.

Memories now destroyed,
lost are the amable words
once spoken,
all in vain,
your heart is broken.

Lies replace the truths you held onto,
precious time you invested has been embezzled - ripped off you.

Trust was swirled up,
it was carried away
with the wind on a cold, cold night,
your crying eyes were forced
to see reality in a bright
new blinding light.

A new lesson
has been painfully learned,
the silver-lining is a new beginning...
You are free of a false friendship -
you do all of the agonising,
and the winning.

You hit rock-bottom
when you got off on top.
Yes! It's their loss!
But it's you that tumbled and fell
from a very steep drop.

~Loss and gain,
love and loyalty
in vain.

By Lady R.F ©2016
 Nov 2016 Kathryn Heim
I wrote a poem
hoping to give
it to you, will you
even read it?

I wrote it with an aching
heart, will you
ever read it?

The poem I wrote
was given a melody,
will you, will you
even hear it?

I am not a singer
nor a great writer
but will you
even hear my

will you?

© Pax
raw, i wrote this while listening to "Sia's Soon We'll Be Found"
blues and stars
love and ink
under an opal moon
darkness unravels
unwinds leaves
that fall from
trees that wander
the rain’s ghosts
sighes and
clouds of grey.
 Nov 2016 Kathryn Heim
 Nov 2016 Kathryn Heim
company of sky and sea
the cattle across the way
cradled in beautiful serenity
the honking of geese
a small breeze
the Sun playing hide and seek
with fluffy white clouds
slowly sailing the blue.
 Oct 2016 Kathryn Heim
 Oct 2016 Kathryn Heim
Why is it that, a cuckoo
Is locked up in a clock
While lunatics with guns
Are left, to run amuck
 Oct 2016 Kathryn Heim
It’s not on “WHAT” you believe
That all your hopes, you should pin
But rather on those things
That you, “BELIEVE IN”

It’s like this, “WHAT” I believe
Is the chicken first, not the egg
But, I “BELIEVE IN” you
I know you’ll make the grade
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