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May 2021 · 296
Kathryn Heim May 2021
I will sing like a songbird on a warm breezy day,
And remember the songs
When the warm breezes stray,
As our God of mercy
When souls darken and hide,
Sun, songbirds and breezes
He will always provide.
Mar 2021 · 214
The first day of spring
Kathryn Heim Mar 2021
The first day of spring
I sat in the swing
And listened to
The birds sing
And it was
A beautiful thing.
Feb 2021 · 202
Kathryn Heim Feb 2021
Your laughter courses
through my veins
warming to the core,
igniting a fire
like no other

I am your grandmother.

Sing your song
and tell your story
be the beauty
in the wild,
but always remember
my love for you burns
like no other

Feb 2021 · 240
Kathryn Heim Feb 2021
As long as you're in love with me
I will never cease to be.
Jan 2021 · 657
Before you judge
Kathryn Heim Jan 2021
Before you judge
Another's heart
Examine your own
Inside and out.
What you criticize
In another
Is what yours
Is all about.
Nov 2020 · 695
The Sun Shines Brightest
Kathryn Heim Nov 2020
The sun shines brightest
on a dead winter day
soothing my soul
in the simplest way.

I cannot deny
what lives inside
it 's too loud to silence,
too big to hide.

I pray for all
who can't find their way
and can't feel the sun
on a dead winter day.
Oct 2020 · 340
Kathryn Heim Oct 2020
death is a doorway
Life is a lane
Where we all travel
One and the same.
Oct 2020 · 83
Kathryn Heim Oct 2020
A thought, a word
A hope that stays
Throughout our lives
And powers our days
A smile, a nod
That makes us feel
Better than what
We thought was real
What turns our souls
To the devil's chagrin
May be the simple
Prayers within
So I will proceed
To pen and be
In my poetry.
Sep 2020 · 99
If no one cried
Kathryn Heim Sep 2020
If no one cried
when someone died
would wars be fought
or true love sought?
would memories
of moments caught
be all for naught
if no one cried?
Sep 2020 · 801
the matter of age
Kathryn Heim Sep 2020
the matter of age is in your head
where it will stay
until you are dead.
Sep 2020 · 146
For the ages
Kathryn Heim Sep 2020
In the end it shall
Be revealed
As violence and killings spread
That "no lives mattered" to them.
Bold and ruthlessly declaring
Their cause a fraud.
For the ages.
Sep 2020 · 556
Kathryn Heim Sep 2020
when I run
I'm wild and free
Like the sun, a bird
Flower or tree.

When I run
I'm wild and free
The world and worries
Can't catch me.
Aug 2020 · 84
Dr King said
Kathryn Heim Aug 2020
Dr King said
Hate is too great a burden to bear
So why must we live in fear
Sorting out lives
Sorting out lies
Witnessing hate
That wears a disguise.
Aug 2020 · 55
We are called
Kathryn Heim Aug 2020
We are called to love,
Plain as day.

Obvious even if
You do not pray.

All of our thoughts should
Help us portray

The things that our hearts
Should lovingly say.

In the name of love
We should abide,

But our emotions get lost
In the tears we've cried.
Jun 2020 · 154
Kathryn Heim Jun 2020
New Possibilitie Slipping
Jan 2020 · 579
Kathryn Heim Jan 2020
The gray of day
May be our light
When compared
To the dark of night.

If we pray
For no more gray
Then darkness
Might become our
Jan 2020 · 118
Kathryn Heim Jan 2020
finding love
amidst opposing

pursuing and upholding
the respect and dignity of each and every
fellow human being
above everything else.

let's put our TRIUMPH glasses on.
Sep 2019 · 91
hold my heart
Kathryn Heim Sep 2019
hold my heart
and i'll
hold yours
as we board
the moonlit cruise.

we'll ride the waves
on the highest sea
our love will flower
in the
moonlit breeze.  

and when daylight
touches our souls
we'll maintain
the boat
row by row.
May 2019 · 92
hold my heart
Kathryn Heim May 2019
hold my heart
and I'll hold yours
as we board
the moonlit cruise.

We'll ride the waves
on the roughest seas
our love will
dance in the
midnight breeze.

and when the daylight
touches our souls
we'll maintain our voyage
row by row.
May 2019 · 424
We Honor
Kathryn Heim May 2019
We honor plants
We honor trees
We honor birds
We honor bees
We honor all creatures
Of the seas
And all contained in nature's
When human life
Through self
And greed
Is not honored
It is diseased,
For life is not a choice.

God have mercy
On you and me.
Dec 2018 · 235
All I say
Kathryn Heim Dec 2018
All I say
and all I feel
are in my head,
but are they real

Are words unsaid
forever dead,
or do they live
as we give?

Our thoughts go
and they wait
and they
every fate,

or bad
happy or sad
sick or well
heaven or hell
before and after
tears or laughter
all belong
in our daily theatre
and ultimately
go back
our Creator.
Dec 2018 · 171
A spark of light
Kathryn Heim Dec 2018
A spark of light
a tiny spark
started the fire
within my heart.

And though it was dark
the light in my heart
all started from
a tiny spark.

The dark it
does not dare,
dare to strut
or even stare
because it knows
the spark of light
has grown to be
brighter than bright.

Throughout my days
and nights so dark
the wonder of a tiny spark
is what can start
inside your heart.
Nov 2018 · 254
Kathryn Heim Nov 2018
The deepest joys
The purest thoughts
Are things that
Can't be sold or bought.

Gifts of faith
The simplest kind
Seem to evade
The worldly mind.
Nov 2018 · 237
Your Truth
Kathryn Heim Nov 2018
your truth is
my Savior
faith born
desire to
joined with
forever in
where perceived
is heaven's
Oct 2018 · 241
Mr. Crankshift
Kathryn Heim Oct 2018
"It's very simple
you will agree,
just crank the motor
and shift the gears
and you will get where you want to be,"
Mr Crankshift said to me.

And I , being me,
looked into Mr Crankshift's eye
and conveyed the words
"I see."
Jul 2018 · 182
what is Love
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018
what is Love
if all we see
is everything
me, me, me.

Love redeemed
Love expressed
nothing more
nothing less.
Jul 2018 · 463
St. Veronica
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018
The face she wiped
the pain she eased
the care she bore
a moment seized

a lasting image
of agony
the suffering
her sympathy

a simple act
she felt the need
to care for one
whose blood was seized

a point in time
torture's delay
yeilding a snapshot
sought today.
Jul 2018 · 166
St Thomas
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018
Thou who
doubted Thee
and left a famous
for all of humanity
by way of Christianity,
you could not
the deity
that is faith's reality
because of your inability
to trust the Almighty
within His risen
your devotion was
a poverty
but Christ gave you
and granted you
to feel and see
with total
and while this
did prove to be
for you a necessity
our Savior
placed His pity
on your mentality
and proved that His
was not born
in mediocrity
but miraculously
in the nativity

to lead us all
to eternity.

to Thee
all glory
Jul 2018 · 143
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018


In anticipation of

Never ending

Time with God.
Jul 2018 · 145
Doctor of the Church
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018
the world needs more of,
the celebrant
undying love.

St. Catherine of Sienna
what God would
tell me and you.

The blood of Christ
she longed to share
and the death
that could not
hold him there.

God's grace
and peace she
spread to those
any and all with
open souls.

A gentle, fervent
passionate calm,
applying heaven's
perpetual balm.

Her words, actions
and empathy
pave the way
to eternity.
Jul 2018 · 190
Martyrs of Rome
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018
Lives persecuted
love's outcry
what others see
but still deny.

Would our beliefs today
stand the test
martyrs of Rome
put to rest?

A gift of faith
through the
hands of time
is the key within
this sacred crime.
Jun 2018 · 184
St. Thomas Aquinas
Kathryn Heim Jun 2018
He set the course
and knew the time
when reason from
the earth would climb
and reach for faith,
God's gift to man
found between the stars
and land.
For as he taught
that God is real
all present
as we think and feel,
St. Thomas knew
what his faith meant
that humanity
was heaven sent.
Jun 2018 · 135
Kathryn Heim Jun 2018
D  are to write

A  rtful expressions, emotional insight

I  mages of identity

L  ost in time's memory

Y  earning through chaos and beauty.
Jun 2018 · 203
An Instrument
Kathryn Heim Jun 2018
An Instrument
he prayed to be
who lived among the rocks and trees,
rejoicing in
the mystery
forever etched
in eternity.
He denied
his life
for the love of Christ,
and if we follow
his holy ways
our faith will flower
all our days
yielding blooms
of peace and love,
patience and hope,
joy and light,
grant us
St. Francis
your divine insight.
Jun 2018 · 163
Sacred Heart
Kathryn Heim Jun 2018
Where life's pulse
is counted
and love is stored,
where passions motives
are continually implored,
where we question our purpose
to breathe and be
and explore the depths
of eternity,
where faith, belief
and conviction start,
the Father, Son
and the Sacred Heart.
Jun 2018 · 116
Kathryn Heim Jun 2018
Do you look
or do you see

the ocean waves
or majesty?

the cloudless sky
or heaven's sigh?

the children play
or hope for the day?

the cocoon's spin
or the promise within?

the flames higher
or the will to aspire?

the stars bright
or dreams that ignite?

If we see
with heart and soul
what can be
our lives unfold
our stories told  

that's harmony.
Jun 2018 · 202
Kathryn Heim Jun 2018
warms me
my sight can see,
wakes me
I want to be,
keeps me
ever knowing
faith has
set me free.
May 2018 · 145
Death is not optional
Kathryn Heim May 2018
Death is not optional
not a strain to see
yet life amid the rumbles
begs a difference, obviously.

the destiny of one
mimics that of all,
do not celebrate the risings
before remembering the fall.
May 2018 · 115
We Write
Kathryn Heim May 2018
We write
so many words
that inspire, encourage or
simply adorn,
because the rawest emotion
from the day we are born
is suffering and pain,
the lost soul in a storm.

Our words, if you will
can soothe the downtrodden
strengthen the wayward
place peace in our sight
give hope and heal
we write.
May 2018 · 137
In the middle of fear
Kathryn Heim May 2018
In the middle of fear
at the edge of pain
no light seems near
to guide the brain
relief is a dream
hope, a lost cause
it does not seem
oppression will pause
always then
God will be near
at the edge of pain
in the middle of fear.
May 2018 · 138
The prayer for you I said
Kathryn Heim May 2018
The prayer for you I said
was how my soul was fed.

The hope that hovers by
helps dry the tears I cry.

The love that my heart keeps
is why my Savior weeps.

His passion, life and death
are why my every breath
should say a prayer for you.
Apr 2018 · 134
Superficial World
Kathryn Heim Apr 2018
Do you ever see

below the top of me?

All the stares I get
stop on my surface
and they sit,
they never sink below
where I live and
then they would get to know
Mar 2018 · 293
The Fabric of Our Lives
Kathryn Heim Mar 2018
Woven with the
thread of time,
our heart and soul
battles our mind,
creating our
autologous quilt
custom built.
Each stitch with care
holds the key
for patterns that
are yet to be.
Textures and colors
blend and contrast
preserving our future,
defining our past.
Jan 2018 · 498
The Daily
Kathryn Heim Jan 2018
The Daily

Unless I write
of things born
of the dark,
The Daily
eludes me.
Though pain is real
unless I share
a suffering tale,
I will not be.
And though I know
not all of life
is true and good
and free,
the longing to
reveal these truths
is a daily
virtuous plea.
Jan 2018 · 248
January Hike
Kathryn Heim Jan 2018
A hike on a trail
where rocks and hills
satisfy a seeking spirit
and restless reasoning stills.

This trail beneath
a brilliant winter sun
that circulates
sustenance for the soul
throughout the
eternal blue,
beckons one and all
me and you.
Dec 2017 · 288
Blessed Mother
Kathryn Heim Dec 2017
Hail Mary full of grace
hold me in your pure embrace
where love and peace and joy abide
where mercy lives and sin has died.
Nov 2017 · 306
Simple Truths
Kathryn Heim Nov 2017
The beauty of each season
maintains our simple truths,
these simple truths
within us
the beauty of life.
Nov 2017 · 173
Flowers at my grave
Kathryn Heim Nov 2017
Flowers at my grave
placed after I am gone
a gesture sweet
that begs life's song
to play another day.
Jul 2017 · 177
why do I cry?
Kathryn Heim Jul 2017
when emotions squeeze my heart
and stir the contents of my soul
I cry.

when the world is going one way
and my mind says "no way."

when my love goes off
the deep end
of this ocean
we call life

I cry.
May 2017 · 255
Summer fun
Kathryn Heim May 2017
Turquoise toes
carefree as a feather
a drop of sweat
in humid weather.
Freezing grape tongue
worriless days
summer fun.
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