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7.5k · May 2016
Queen of Heaven
Kathryn Heim May 2016
Mary queen of heaven be
a calm for every storm we face,

Mary queen of heaven be
a constant reminder of God's grace.

Mary queen of heaven be
a soothing peace for all our fears,

Mary queen of heaven be
a source of joy through the years.

Mary queen of heaven be
our strength against demonic foes,

Mary queen of heaven be
emotional salve for all our woes.

Mary queen of heaven be
the love that guides us day by day,

Mary queen of heaven be
the voice that shows us how to pray.

Mary queen of heaven be
in oppression our quick relief,

Mary queen of heaven be
the shining beacon of our belief.

Mary queen of heaven be
the kindness we must pass along,

Mary queen of heaven be
the heartstrings  playing our soul's sweet song.

Mary queen of heaven be
present in our daily prayers,

Mary queen of heaven be
advice and counsel for our cares.

Mary queen of heaven be
our cooling breeze and gentle rain,

Mary queen of heaven be
the spotless place for all our stains.

Mary queen of heaven be
the joy whenever we rejoice,

Mary queen of heaven be
our ears to hear your sacred voice.

Mary queen of heaven be
in the sky our rising star,

Mary queen of heaven be
a constant presence never far.

Mary queen of heaven be
here beside us everyday,

Mary queen of heaven be
our sunshine when the skies are gray.

Mary queen of heaven be
our protector, fortress, shield, and shade,

Mary queen of heaven be
love's foundation forever laid.

Mary queen of heaven be
the brilliant colors nature brings,

Mary queen of heaven be
the beauty of a butterfly's wings.

Mary queen of heaven be
the subtle whisper of dawn's first light,

Mary queen of heaven be
the velvet silence of the night.

Mary queen of heaven be
the reason that we celebrate,

Mary queen of heaven be
our perfect patience as we wait.

Mary queen of heaven be
our comfort now and reward to come,

Mary queen of heaven be
our duly noted job well done.

Mary queen of heaven be
our map to everlasting grace,

Mary queen of heaven be
our swift feet to finish the race.

Mary queen of heaven be
the goodness we can clearly see,

Mary queen of heaven be
our guide into eternity.
"...Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death."
1.7k · Sep 2016
I'm sorry for your loss
Kathryn Heim Sep 2016
"I'm sorry for you loss"
I heard them say,
but the weight of
these words
I threw away
because death will
not embrace
me here
nor keep my
soul enslaved
by tears.
For Christ
my king has
gone before,
and broken through
death's mighty door
where now my
love awaits for me
in the glory of
and there is
no room for
I am sorry
for you loss
if these truths
you cannot see.
1.6k · Feb 2016
Kathryn Heim Feb 2016
The light of day
and dark of night
a universal wrong and right
captivates our
chosen lives
and everything for which we strive.
The music plays
so we must dance
and choreography
is left to chance,
and in this chance
is where we see
all that we can truly be.
1.6k · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Red is a poppy
red is fire
red is love
red is desire
red is the simmer
red is the sun
red is the spark
from a smoking gun
red is the warmth
that fills up
our heart
red is the passion
that tears us apart
red is impatient
red is a sin
red is excitement
whenever we win
red is a pinch
red is a poke
red is convinced
pink is a joke
red is the boil
red is the heat
red is the sizzle
that stops on the street
red is a kiss
red is a hug
red is the good luck
in a lady bug
red is the pulse
red is a blush
red is invigorating
red is a rush
red is God's spirit
living in us
red is the blood
He bled on the cross.
1.5k · Apr 2016
Wedding at Cana
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
A marriage,
a miracle,
a story
to tell
of Christ
water from
the well.

His first miracle,
her gentle request,
wine was needed
for all of the guests.

He is still trasforming
in different ways,
miracles happen
1.3k · Apr 2016
Proclaiming the Kingdom
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Where is your faith
in this world gone awry?
It got lost
in translation
between you and I.
Words we hear and words we say
set their sights on
mindful play,
and everything that
we are taught
merges with our
worldly thought.
That is why
the Savior said
heed my words upon your hearts,
for that is where my kingdom starts.
1.0k · Apr 2016
The Crown
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
The crown,
they said
would hurt
His head,
but he didn't
and it hurt
Maybe we
should remember
they taunted, mocked
and on Him
The times we
want to cry
and feel as if
we might die,
He's been there
and we can share
new hope found
the crown.
964 · May 2016
Divine Intervention
Kathryn Heim May 2016
If God in all
His majesty
has a divine
plan for me,
is it veiled
or is it bold
to be kept
or to be told,
rather I would
surely find
this consequence
of love divine,
knowing it has
been decreed
God's love will not
abandon me.
845 · Jun 2016
He who is without sin...
Kathryn Heim Jun 2016
Today I criticized someone
about something
they had said or done,
and their character
that seemed to be
of content that
did not agree
with right and good
that I could see,
but then I turned around
to find
that those same traits
resembled mine,
yours truly
that's right
840 · May 2016
Religious Experience
Kathryn Heim May 2016
I lost my tears
the other day
and emotions were all
swept away.
The mysteries I had
always heard
and contemplated
every word,
were miracles
turned inside out
erasing all my fear
and doubt
and proving that
the ways we're blessed
are never ending
801 · Sep 2020
the matter of age
Kathryn Heim Sep 2020
the matter of age is in your head
where it will stay
until you are dead.
732 · Mar 2016
Kathryn Heim Mar 2016
He came to her
with a prayer,
for all time
revealing who
she would bear.
and majesty
she humbly wears.
Queen of Heaven,
a mother
who perpetually cares.
695 · Nov 2020
The Sun Shines Brightest
Kathryn Heim Nov 2020
The sun shines brightest
on a dead winter day
soothing my soul
in the simplest way.

I cannot deny
what lives inside
it 's too loud to silence,
too big to hide.

I pray for all
who can't find their way
and can't feel the sun
on a dead winter day.
671 · May 2016
Prayers for no reason
Kathryn Heim May 2016
Prayers for our spirits
prayers for our souls
speak volumes about
the faith that we chose.

Prayers for the living
prayers for the dead
exist and breathe
in the words being said.

Prayers of thanksgiving
prayers of praise
enrich our lives
through God's
sacred ways.

Prayers of penance
prayers of remorse
give God a chance
to alter our course.

Prayers for no reason
prayers any time
are hard to say
and harder to find.
668 · May 2016
Higher Ground
Kathryn Heim May 2016
The ladder that
I had in mind
did not look too
hard to climb.
and as I ventured
upward bound
seeking what's on
higher ground,
leaving everything
all that I had come to know,
I heard the voice
of God proclaim
that love will
always stay
the same,
and heaven is
a place that's higher
where peace has
lit eternal fire,
but love is love
and can be found
and is not bound
by space or time
or life or death,
and must be shared
as life's sweet breath,
so as the heavens
I saw that if
on earth I stayed
the love in every heart
I find
is closer than
a ladder climb.
657 · Jan 2021
Before you judge
Kathryn Heim Jan 2021
Before you judge
Another's heart
Examine your own
Inside and out.
What you criticize
In another
Is what yours
Is all about.
652 · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
We knew not
what we did,
a convenient truth
that kept us hid.

But hide no more,
for when we die
we must look Him
in the eye.
644 · Apr 2016
In Remembrance
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Remembering one
solitary being
is what society
is not seeing.

Drink this wine
and eat this bread
does not stand for
what is dead.

The purpose to be
is what you and me
should honor and treasure
through memory.

But maybe
only the dying
can see
with vision
that looks
635 · May 2016
Grace that lives
Kathryn Heim May 2016
The grace that lives
proves to us
why Christ died
upon the cross.

The grace that lives
does not deceive,
it only asks
that we believe.

The grace that lives
is not our foe,
other than love
it does not know.

The grace that lives
will transform you
to live your love
in all you do.

The grace that lives
will set you free
and take you where
God will be.
634 · Mar 2016
Kathryn Heim Mar 2016
A journey,
a path,
a mission,
a task.
A life devoted,
a message received,
a calling,
a gift
for those who believe.
A hope,
a perpetual peace,
a wellspring ever ready
for our soul's relief.
631 · Jan 2017
How can I not think of Thee
Kathryn Heim Jan 2017
As the satin colors
of the morning sky
with echoes of glory
for all to see
softly crescendo
my soul to a high
how can I not Lord,
think of Thee.
616 · May 2016
In Between
Kathryn Heim May 2016
Between life and death
and all the rest
emotions fly
and we don't know why.
But onward  through
our journey true
the highs and lows
the news and olds
what things seem
and what we mean
one thing is sure
for us born pure
one simple birth
upon this earth
will always be
for you and me
one and all
to catch our fall
when our hope strays
a God that stays
is always seen
and in between.
582 · Apr 2016
Take the good
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Take the good
on your way
in what you do
and what you say.

Take the good
along life's road
it will lighten
any load.

Take the good
and pass it on
it takes the weak
and makes
them strong.

Take the good
take joy and hope
the tools from God
to help us cope.

Take the good
God said to me
for in the good
is where I will be.
579 · Jan 2020
Kathryn Heim Jan 2020
The gray of day
May be our light
When compared
To the dark of night.

If we pray
For no more gray
Then darkness
Might become our
566 · Nov 2016
The sacred place
Kathryn Heim Nov 2016
I searched the earth
I searched the skies
I searched the simple
I searched the wise
I searched for any
sacred place
that would treasure, keep
and guard God's grace.
I searched the temples
I searched the sea
I searched the forests
and towering trees
I searched the grave
I searched the tomb
I searched a newborn
from the womb
I searched a church
I searched the home
I searched a trail
where many roam,
I searched until
I could not see
and it was then
God said to me
"spread my joy
and live my love,
proclaim my peace
as does the dove,
know that these
are good and true
and the sacred place
can be found
in you."
556 · Sep 2020
Kathryn Heim Sep 2020
when I run
I'm wild and free
Like the sun, a bird
Flower or tree.

When I run
I'm wild and free
The world and worries
Can't catch me.
546 · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Birds flying in the sky,
transfigured from the nests
they lie.
A flower blushing nature's hues
transfigured from it's seedy shoes.
On the cusp of being caught
cells transfigure into thought.
Laughter breaks monotony' s pause,
transfigured from a joyous cause.
Dawn's soft welcome morning light,
transfigures the mystery of night.
Days from hours disappear
as time transfigures into years.
Mercy sent from God above
is grace transfigured from His love.
502 · May 2016
Kathryn Heim May 2016
sparkle divine,
first light
single star
in a
a storm,
sun's rays
nurturing warm,
eternal energy
high voltage sent,
God's source
500 · Jun 2016
Air is pure
Kathryn Heim Jun 2016
Air is pure
and water sweet
joy is sure
and love is deep.

Days are made
as hours speak
of years that fade
and turn antique.

With age and time
our vigor gone
so we must find
the moments long
of joy and love
eternal youth
from God above
the simple truth.
498 · Jan 2018
The Daily
Kathryn Heim Jan 2018
The Daily

Unless I write
of things born
of the dark,
The Daily
eludes me.
Though pain is real
unless I share
a suffering tale,
I will not be.
And though I know
not all of life
is true and good
and free,
the longing to
reveal these truths
is a daily
virtuous plea.
473 · Oct 2016
The flower in my head
Kathryn Heim Oct 2016
Hail Mary
full of grace
guide us to the holy place,
queen of heaven
blessed mother dear
keep us in
your loving care.
470 · Jan 2017
The New Year Pledge
Kathryn Heim Jan 2017
To hope for
and always
see the best,
To love with a heart
full of heaven's zest,
to help make other's days
and lives better,
and forever remember
the things that most matter.
464 · Mar 2016
Stain Glass Window
Kathryn Heim Mar 2016
The colors
do not
my sight,
while dancing
with the light.
Artisan's skill
that celebrates
a canvas
of heaven
to create.
Oh colors shine
so deep and true,
draw me closer
my God,
to you.
463 · Jul 2018
St. Veronica
Kathryn Heim Jul 2018
The face she wiped
the pain she eased
the care she bore
a moment seized

a lasting image
of agony
the suffering
her sympathy

a simple act
she felt the need
to care for one
whose blood was seized

a point in time
torture's delay
yeilding a snapshot
sought today.
443 · Dec 2016
A Homeless House
Kathryn Heim Dec 2016
A Homeless house
a nameless face
slithers by
under an empty sky.
a silent shout
a tireless sleep
make up our dreams
in slumber deep.
oh night of nights
we must believe
that God
our father
of needless needs
was born under
an empty sky
for all of life
slithers by.
440 · Jan 2017
Kathryn Heim Jan 2017
Christ my leader
bring me through,
Christ my center
keep me true,
Christ my groundwork
hold me straight,
Christ my balance
bear my weight,
Christ transcending
time and space
Thou art my final
resting place.
439 · Dec 2016
What you cannot see
Kathryn Heim Dec 2016
My Lord and Savior
said to me
the truth is what
you cannot see,
it's what you feel
and what you give,
who you love
and how you live,
it's the things
you keep
within your heart,
but faith must be
there from the start.
437 · May 2016
Kathryn Heim May 2016
smothered me
between the sun
and clouds,
while  impending
making the silence
434 · Sep 2016
Through the Darkness
Kathryn Heim Sep 2016
Through the darkness
of my death
with my last dying breath,
I closed my eyes
and said a prayer
born of faith,
not of fear.
Above all things,
beyond all days
lives the mystery
of God's ways,
for out of my
breathless sound
I became
heaven bound.
431 · Mar 2016
A Poet's Dream
Kathryn Heim Mar 2016
My Poetry
will always be
something that
with me.
I keep my
and rhyming lines
all within
my heart's
And there
they stay
until one day
when I'm compelled
to share
and tell
and everything
that loves and hopes
and has a dream.
The poet's dream
for me,
you see,
is pure and simple
429 · Aug 2016
The Gift
Kathryn Heim Aug 2016
The words my Savior
gave to me
are all so pure
and perfectly
intertwined effortlessly
as the lock
accepts the key,
words that were
meant to be.
424 · May 2019
We Honor
Kathryn Heim May 2019
We honor plants
We honor trees
We honor birds
We honor bees
We honor all creatures
Of the seas
And all contained in nature's
When human life
Through self
And greed
Is not honored
It is diseased,
For life is not a choice.

God have mercy
On you and me.
409 · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Do you carry the truth
or is it a curse?
Are they one and the same and which one is worse?
Do you carry a privilege
or a shame,
and is it apparent
in your name?
Do you carry a promise or a pain?
Joy or suffering,
a loss or a gain?
Do you carry
a burden,
a problem, a task?
Do you hide it behind uncertainty's mask?
Do you carry the worry
that gives the devil a grin,
knowing that's where
you've already been.
Do you carry a hope
for every tomorrow,
aide for the needy
relief for their sorrow?
What do you carry,
or should I ask who,
and would you object
if they carried you?
Whatever you carry
or how it's perceived,
Christ carried his cross
for you and me.
397 · Apr 2016
Keeping Heaven
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
If we keep heaven
in our gaze,  
we will find
that most days
will be less of petty
and more of praise.

If we keep heaven
in our being
then that will be
what others are seeing.

If we keep heaven
in our emotion,
then we will
find love
deep as the ocean.

If we keep heaven
in our anticipation,
then we will not
be disappointed by
the God of all creation.
389 · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
A promise made
as water flows
a ritual rinsing
of our souls.

As life begins
a gentle cleanse
for past, present
and future sins.

Lamb of God
our constant stream,
may we reflect
your spotless sheen.
371 · May 2016
Flowers do me good
Kathryn Heim May 2016
Flowers do me good
I say
on any given
single day.
Different colors and
different kinds
make up nature's
precious find,
and I'm not sure
but I have a hunch
they're even better
by the bunch.
354 · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
Hold fast to
a pillar
as strength ensues
and suffering
will succomb
and lose.
Kathryn Heim Aug 2016
My life's quest
journey and chase
as a member
of the human race,
to find and keep
the things adored
and preserve the memories
that came before,
but most meaningful
I'll have to say
is the love we share
from day to day,
and as we continue
to reach out
the proof within is
what life's about,
turning ourselves inside out
because all along
my soul, you see
is the gift
God gave to me,
a gift for  us
in turn to give
to teach each other
how to live.
349 · Mar 2016
Kathryn Heim Mar 2016
and prophecy,
a journey to
the temple.
Something extraordinary
began with tradition.
Offering to God
their infant son,
confirmed spiritually
by Simeon.
The maternal yearnings
that never part
foretell  a sorrow
near Mary's heart.
348 · Apr 2016
Kathryn Heim Apr 2016
An architect of words
that permeate our lives
and we build their graceful arches
in the courtyards of our minds.
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