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hold my heart
and i'll
hold yours
as we board
the moonlit cruise.

we'll ride the waves
on the highest sea
our love will flower
in the
moonlit breeze.  

and when daylight
touches our souls
we'll maintain
the boat
row by row.
Kathryn Heim May 17
hold my heart
and I'll hold yours
as we board
the moonlit cruise.

We'll ride the waves
on the roughest seas
our love will
dance in the
midnight breeze.

and when the daylight
touches our souls
we'll maintain our voyage
row by row.
Kathryn Heim May 11
We honor plants
We honor trees
We honor birds
We honor bees
We honor all creatures
Of the seas
And all contained in nature's
When human life
Through self
And greed
Is not honored
It is diseased,
For life is not a choice.

God have mercy
On you and me.
Kathryn Heim Dec 2018
All I say
and all I feel
are in my head,
but are they real

Are words unsaid
forever dead,
or do they live
as we give?

Our thoughts go
and they wait
and they
every fate,

or bad
happy or sad
sick or well
heaven or hell
before and after
tears or laughter
all belong
in our daily theatre
and ultimately
go back
our Creator.
Kathryn Heim Dec 2018
A spark of light
a tiny spark
started the fire
within my heart.

And though it was dark
the light in my heart
all started from
a tiny spark.

The dark it
does not dare,
dare to strut
or even stare
because it knows
the spark of light
has grown to be
brighter than bright.

Throughout my days
and nights so dark
the wonder of a tiny spark
is what can start
inside your heart.
Kathryn Heim Nov 2018
The deepest joys
The purest thoughts
Are things that
Can't be sold or bought.

Gifts of faith
The simplest kind
Seem to evade
The worldly mind.
Kathryn Heim Nov 2018
your truth is
my Savior
faith born
desire to
joined with
forever in
where perceived
is heaven's
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