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Kathryn Heim May 2021
I will sing like a songbird on a warm breezy day,
And remember the songs
When the warm breezes stray,
As our God of mercy
When souls darken and hide,
Sun, songbirds and breezes
He will always provide.
Kathryn Heim Mar 2021
The first day of spring
I sat in the swing
And listened to
The birds sing
And it was
A beautiful thing.
Kathryn Heim Feb 2021
Your laughter courses
through my veins
warming to the core,
igniting a fire
like no other

I am your grandmother.

Sing your song
and tell your story
be the beauty
in the wild,
but always remember
my love for you burns
like no other

Kathryn Heim Feb 2021
As long as you're in love with me
I will never cease to be.
Kathryn Heim Jan 2021
Before you judge
Another's heart
Examine your own
Inside and out.
What you criticize
In another
Is what yours
Is all about.
Kathryn Heim Nov 2020
The sun shines brightest
on a dead winter day
soothing my soul
in the simplest way.

I cannot deny
what lives inside
it 's too loud to silence,
too big to hide.

I pray for all
who can't find their way
and can't feel the sun
on a dead winter day.
Kathryn Heim Oct 2020
death is a doorway
Life is a lane
Where we all travel
One and the same.
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