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 Jun 2014 Kat
Us !
 Jun 2014 Kat
I think about us
and can't close my eyes
Sun knocks in the horizon
Stars start to see off the moon
I  wander from eternity to eternity
vying for solace
then i reach you starting from you
the city lights wait for us
From the silent corner  I watch you rise like a phoenix
coming out in different shapes
sometimes I wish I could cage you
for I don't  like the world to see you and nature to feel you
Every night I promise  myself to own you like you own me
The ghosts of reality starts to haunt me
please tell me you are haunted too
they say there is another life in death
wish I could believe
and I can't fool you either
every jiffy I make myself learn
'sadness is beautiful'
masking my true self
then my words become immortal
touched by your lips
and we swim far away in fringes through the sea of  ink!
 Jun 2014 Kat
Joshua Haines
Drinking summer skin,
I hear the voices in the night sky
I'm a slave to the darkness around the stars,
and I can't remember why

One, two, twenty-three percocet in my soul.
Ambulance lights breathing throughout the mist.
Pump my stomach like the sawed-off shotgun
that I was too afraid to use,
because what if I 'miss'?
What spectrum of desolation to be traced with lips;
to kiss away the desire to exist.

Mirrored reflection injection causes the resurrection of my imperfection.
I see me for who I am, who I was, and who I won't be.
It's the collection of
my eyes dilating and my knees speculating their arrival
to the blue and white tiling disguised as neo-survival.
My mind is evaporating. My body begins to convulse.
I am a ghost in a machine. I am without a pulse
 May 2014 Kat
Poetic T
We are all cloaked behind a screen,
never really letting others see what
is unseen, we are all tormented by
a past.

Never let it rule you as the day
has now past, we survived till the
next moment, the next minute,
now more time has past.

The past we can not change, but
the future is yours to grow to live,
never let that which can now be
never changed drag you to that
place, where bad memories lie.

They will only drag you to the
past, and you must live for tomorrow,
Never doubt your self as you
survived one day, two weeks,
your stronger than you know.

Keep looking forward, let the past
be what it is a memory in dust,
shine ever forward and live for
today as it will soon pass...
 May 2014 Kat
somewhere in corner
Like roses waiting for dew
I wait for your warmth
Soaked in rain
Your memories run down my spine
(Morning Nostalgia)

Pashupatinath temple*
The rain drops on the golden roof
the mountain breeze to pacify my soul
The life can be beautiful
When serenity surrounds to bind us
(Afternoon Divinity)

Crying strings, the music of life
White smoke in air
The sound of cheers
Wish the time stopped here
(Evening Bliss)
 May 2014 Kat
Concept !
 May 2014 Kat
I saw your picture today
realized that i  loved  the concept of loving you
my heart isn't broken
its the concept of sadness that  I'm addicted to !
 Apr 2014 Kat
caress me
 Apr 2014 Kat
eyes closed
arms spread out wide
I stood in the open field,

as the wind wrapped itself around me
I began to sway my womanly hips
feeling it
embracing it
becoming it

wind, what a nice touch it has
a cool caress

we swayed together
left, right, left, right
my body and the wind

in the open field
arms spread out wide
eyes closed
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