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Kia May 2014
Like a young child losing grip of his balloon,
I let go

I wonder if the child was sad as they watched their favorite balloon,



I wonder what the child had done to get the balloon
Oh, what excitement it must have been
Now just a forever memory
I released everything
All the emotions I had felt began to escape into the sunny sky
forever being a memory

I slowly started losing touch,
but quickly realizied I had never even touched
Kia May 2014
your worth, it is nothing
you are nothing
you are nothing comparable
how can someone be compared?
you are unique to the highest degree
there is no definition for your beauty because your looks are more than a couple sentences
not only your looks
but you
look at you
look at you on the inside
do you see all the power you possess?
from every weakness you may have
to every strength you have
from every acne scar
to every single muscle which may or may not be defined
you are powerful in every sense of the word
you are powerful because you are human
you are powerful because you were made to be great
you are powerful
you are dynamic
you are wonderous
you are absolutely extraordinary
you are a story that I would love to read
you are more than how you view yourself because I view you as heavenly
you are absolutely breathtaking.

repeat after me,

I am absolutely breathtaking
I am absolutely breathtaking
I AM absolutely breathtaking

you are...
                    a million things that cannot be put into words.
A reminder to everyone, boy and/or girl. You are heavenly. I view you as such. You should too. Look in the mirror every single morning and remind yourself of that.
  Apr 2014 Kia
insidious newsfeed.
apathetic "like"  
(I guess they're getting married.)
assessing my worth
'friend' counts and Klout scores.
modify your post to be pleasant,
as to 'dislike' something
deems it unworthy of notice.

"Just got arrested, #lol-- free breakfast."
We are becoming a collective
of aging selfies and
isolated narcissists.

dissociative culture.
I am desensitized to my own
most precious moments
and have condensed their value
into how many people
care enough to click a button.

blending into the numbers
we are in the back seat of our own lives
and our weekly web-content
is drunk behind the wheel.

You don't need a machine
or the internet
to tell you
you're anything less
than beautiful
and a star,
inside and

  Apr 2014 Kia
Glasses thick
Brilliant mind
But not my pick
To bump and grind

Legs akimbo
Astute *****
But better a window
Than a door

Grade A student
Pass your tests
Keep tongue fluent
Off my *******

Red mark checked
Thesis compiled
You'll never wreck
Me *******

Quantum ****
Solve any issue
Keep your ****
In a tissue

Quick sharp thinker
Professor adored
But I can't finger
Your SAT scores

Six degrees
Pencil *****
Modern Curie
acne genus

Please take me seriously. Really.
Kia Apr 2014
my lover was a wild lover
the one that never said much
he never said much
not to me
never to me
but he undressed with his eyes
then his hands
we were bare
the vulnerability was beautiful
but he hid under the covers
he hadn't been naked before
never exposing his true self to anyone
I was the lucky one
but the ****** one
he had me
pulling on a loose rope
making it tighter when he needed me
letting go when he was scared
I'm not sure what happened to that naked lover of mine
he was a wild one
but it was never certain
he never talked to me
we were under the sheets
  Apr 2014 Kia
Kevin T Norman
My heart is captured.

And for once,

you don't have it.
  Apr 2014 Kia
I fell in love with a boy
whose smile outshined the stars in the night sky

I fell in love with a boy
who couldn't stop laughing
with the crinkles by his eyes
making him look older than he is

I fell in love with a boy
who had dreams
big ones too,
and the world was his oasis

I fell in love with a boy
who could make the saddest story
have a happy ending

I fell in love with a boy
and how lucky I feel
to have loved than never loved at all.
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