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PS Jan 2017
Songs of my childhood
Still in my ears
The first glance of you
Inked in my mind
The melody of your words
Vibrating every night
Your eyes
River of love

Every night i wait
warmth of your words
Blanketing me
The hugs you give
My safe place
Epitome of romance
the touch I feel

Purgatory of day
Turns to heaven at night
Every night I own you
The sweet spring dreams
Wish you were mine
PS Jul 2016
The rays of light carrying  heart beat
Running from me to you
Submarine of roses
The dreams you dream
The movement of waves I feel
The winter fog promise to preserve our garden
Eyes full of tears and pearls of moonlight
Love flows in my vein
Thousand memories
Thousand smiles
Wishing the night to never end
And wishing the moon to never set
In the arms of angel
In the river of love
Your melody touching my soul thousand times
Those words lifting my spirit
The sparkling eyes - warmth of winter sun
You join my horizons
You; my childhood dreams of finding moon
I can see you waving on the shore
And I know I am home
PS Jul 2016
I am tired of being me
Lets run away to us
I wish I could hold your teardrops
And paint ur lips with smile
Moon light is shining
The dew drops of ur love
dipping like the honey in moonlight
I am lost in ur dream garden
A dream to own you
from dawn to dusk
Single glimple of u
Puts away all the veil of clouds
When you are cold
I promise to blanket you with my words
And sometimes words are not enough .....
PS Jul 2016
Walking the gates of eternity
On the pavement of dry roses
Ink of sweat and pen of bones
I thought of the last rain

I was seeking to complete the potrait
Painted with the colours of tears
Every tissue deprived of the warmth
Sun was a myth, moon a magic

Then you happened to me
And I happened to you
The spring in hot summer
Shade in my desert walk

My words are shallow and weightless
Wish i could dip them in love
Hold you with my lines
Paint you with my breath
Summer moon and winter sun of my heart
Every beat longes for you
The smile to entice the roses

Sometimes the dream is too good to be true
And I am a dreamer
I dream the world is still and you are in my arms
My reality is better than that fiction
When you are in me I am me.
PS Jan 2016
Time and again
the flame that burns
light be there
as said by god
the sound of fire
tear drops of wax
never ending winters
fragrance that lures
life hanging on air
but fear of wind
ending each moment of life
wishing to be alive
those scented candles !
PS Oct 2015
You are a secret
I am the explorer
Like the waters meeting the rock
I meet u before every sleep
My blood gushes like the angry river
My thoughts linger like the wandering clouds
Your presence in loneliness strikes like hundred thunderbolts
The beats of heart in the silence of dark asks your shadow
Are you here yet ?
PS Jul 2015
I searched the mountains
Searched the sea
clouds and woods
Hanging on virtual crucifixion
and waiting for resurrection
I am no lover, I never was
but your words touched me
falling in rain drops
And I dream of oasis !
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