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 Mar 9 Kaede
JK Casilda
Your words became the rope that's tied on my neck
Your whispers became the wind that pushed me off the edge
Your stare became the blade that cut through my wrist
Your goodbye became the pills I last took
They didn't taste bitter
In fact they didn't taste any
and I let the night **** me
And if by chance you hear this
there's no need for you to worry
I might've died that night
but I learned to be reborn
the next morning
And the next morning after that.
 Mar 9 Kaede
JK Casilda
One day she's forgotten.
the music is so loud it’s covering my emotions. i glance over to you, who is shining as bright as the lights we’re sitting beneath. there’s a small gap between us but it contains so so much. it contains lost opportunities and words i never got to say.

i wait while everyone leaves. you’re still sitting here. maybe your heart is waiting for mine, just like how the sun waits for the moon before it sets. but, the sun and moon never meet, just like how i never got to see you before you went into a separate world, where it was bright and illuminated. unlike mine, where the dark overpowered the light.

an eclipse is a rare occurrence where the sun and moon do meet. they stand right next to each other and they stay there for a while. just like how i’m staying here for you and how i want you to stay here for me.

stay here for a while so i can feel you again. stay here for a while so i can talk to you again. stay here for a while so i can tell you i love you again, just like how i did during the last eclipse.

— The End —