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i just can't breathe in here, my head is spinning
i believe the stale air is thinning
i get no answers to the questions i'm sending
black magic love spells are trending

i read poems. but never reach the ending
they lead me back to the beginning
i feel so guilty of the time i am spending
black magic love spells are winning

(11-9-12-8 syllable count for both stanzas)
I noticed that one of the spammer advertisements was trending in the feed(along with a lot of dead poets), so i wrote this. This site gets
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Ain't it a shame that so many new poets get ignored?
She's in the kitchen
(close the door)
just mixin' up some metaphor;
a true conundrum
through and through
and through to me and thus to you.

Her humble hunger
(forest's slumber)
thunders 'neath a wilting tune;
tuned to too many
to count without
a thought within.

She must profess
(but shall confess)
to any who will listen;
closely she holds
a tragic history
mostly mystery to most.

She solves my soul
(I deny that hole)
which she still fills;
overflowing always
with such unrelenting joy
that is My Love.
 Sep 2015 Juan Albarran
Oh what is life if not a thrill,
To crawl, to walk, to run downhill,
To mumble, crumble to old age,
To this end I shall live my days?

To be unseen, to be unknown,
To be afraid to be alone,
To toil to scrape a living wage,
To this end I shall live my days?

Or yet, to pillage viking halls,
To barrel-roll Niagara Falls,
To greet a shark without a cage,
To this end I shall live my days!

Oh what is life if not a thrill,
To this end I shall live my days!
 Aug 2015 Juan Albarran
Between each sunrise
And each sunset,
A day will demise
And the world will forget

The dreams of the dreamers
Who struck ne'er a sail,
Who stowed away genius
For fear they might fail --

Raise up a fine banner,
Set course on a whim,
Be aloof in your manner
And never give in,

Shout 'Ahoy!' to each sunrise
And 'Hoorah!' at sunset,
It's the dream 'never dies
That the world can't forget.
How came this ranger
Now sunk in rest,
Stranger with strangcr.
On my cold breast?
What's left to Sigh for?
Strange night has come;
God's love has hidden him
Out of all harm,
Pleasure has made him
Weak as a worm.
 Aug 2015 Juan Albarran
There once was an old maid who lived by the sea.
She summoned words from the waves, like Poseidon, the king.
With each splash on the shore, a tale would be spoken.
It was said when she spoke, dreams turned to pictures in the air,
and danced all about, likes leaves on a mid-autumn day.
Men came from far and wide to hear stories from this maid.

One day when her patrons gather around, she told of a maid
from a far distant town. Fair and young, she was a wife to the sea.
She swore a vow, to stay as pure as her love, for all of her days.
She captained her ship better than any man, even the kings
of the oceans who loved the sea long before she ever touched air!
When the Lords saw her past no words need to be spoken.

For the most noble of words were not as powerful, as the ones left unspoken.
Across the lands men spoke of her beauty in their traveling tales.
Though she gave them no notice, for she only cared for ocean air.
The world grew to know our fair maiden as the Lady of the Sea.
To our stories woe, there was a man who wish to be her king.
When the Lady of the sea, made harbor on one summer day.

The man and his host waited in the shadow, to make war that day.
Our lady, sorely outnumbered, made battle more fierce than ever before spoken.
As the sun begun to set, she yielded for her men and named that man her King.
On that blood bathed beach a wedding took place, to darken our tale.
And so with the rise of the moon came the rite of wedding night. Though the sea
never forgets any vows that was spoken in its air.

The lady woke from her slumber and went to breathe the salty sea air.
Yet she smelled nothing but the munade smell of day.
In panic, she ran with haste toward her true lover, the sea.
As she went to step into her water, her foot felt like fire! It was spoken
that the her cries could be heard around the sea, if we trust the tales.
The man who wanted her to call him King,

ran away from the lady and left her to her true King.
All around her, the pain she felt radiated into the air.
Her sea had forsaken her. Now all she had left was her tales.
Banished from the sea, to the end of her days!
Her only thing left, was the words spoken
from the sea.

Now our lady, tells tales by the sea, of days
when she left the words unspoken
when she was the Lady of the sea.
My first Sestina
Maybe I’d be drifting, slowly at first;
Approaching specks of light in the distance;
Once there, now here, free of space and not time;
Perhaps an error in the equations
Would have me lost in the empty darkness
Or free to run along amongst the light.

And you would stand alone in the Sun’s light,
Telling everyone that you were there first
And that you would stay until the darkness
To watch as I traveled in the distance.
Your hand guided mine through the equations
And reminded me to account for time.

You were wrong, of course, to tell me that time
Would stand idle until the morning light
Of my return, and those sad equations
Would stare back into my eyes, quiet first
But then screaming, filling the dead distance
And echoing through the void of darkness.

I hope when your eyes are filled with darkness
And you listen to the passing of time,
Or your hands reach through the empty distance
That you get up and walk outside; the light
You see from the stars passed by my eyes first.
Find peace in that, not from the equations.

I will obsess over these equations
Until my mind is filled by the darkness;
Insanity, if not from silence first
Then by the harrowed tick and tock of time…
Or maybe I’d stand in the fading light
And pay no mind to the growing distance.

So thus we wait and hope for the distance
To honor the truth of the equations.
Seconds pass slowly at the speed of light;
Leaving it behind leaves only darkness;
Perfect silence in the absence of time.
I question whether my heart will stop first.

Maybe I’ll forget the equations first.
Time grows slower, the distance grows larger.
But the darkness fades. Only light remains.
There is a change—and I am poor;
Your love hath been, nor long ago,
A fountain at my fond heart’s door,
Whose only business was to flow;
And flow it did; not taking heed
Of its own bounty, or my need.

What happy moments did I count!
Blest was I then all bliss above!
Now, for that consecrated fount
Of murmuring, sparkling, living love,
What have I? shall I dare to tell?
A comfortless and hidden well.

A well of love—it may be deep—
I trust it is,—and never dry:
What matter? if the waters sleep
In silence and obscurity.
—Such change, and at the very door
Of my fond heart, hath made me poor.

— The End —