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  Mar 2017 Josy
Shiny flask full of fun,
Shall I fill it with whiskey or ***
Wanting only to refresh my day,
Maybe with coconut from Parrot Bay?

After all, it's my best drinking buddy
That always makes me witty and funny
With never a shout, cry or pout,
That is, until the whiskey has run out!
Doh... Can't drink all day, if you don't start in the morning. It a ****** Mary morning.
  Mar 2017 Josy
Katie Ann
your love letters used to make me feel
and then hate
but now
they are just words on paper
and all they make me feel is
Josy Mar 2017
I know we agreed not to fall for each other but you confused me when you said "I love you" the other night.
Josy Nov 2016
I'm the type of person that gets easily hurt.
Because I trust everyone.
Josy Oct 2016
I'm happy and you don't seem to understand that.
Josy Sep 2016
when i meet you i thought to myself that you were the most amazing guy ever. you made me laugh you from the start. stood out from the rest of the guys. i didn't know you but when you hold my hand i got this feeling that i never felt before. i got so nervous i didn't know what to say i just smiled. my hand began to sweat i was so embarrassed but you liked how shy i was.
Josy Sep 2016
i told you that i was fine and that i was better off alone.
but really i was just so hurt and couldn't stop thinking about you.
i got used to be held in the night cuddling with you,
how our future was going to turn out.
i miss having that one person that would tell me "i love you" and make everything better.
to be told that you cared about me.
i guess you can say you're the one that got away and took everything.
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