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Nov 2018 · 410
Jeremi Nov 2018
Oct 2018 · 129
Jeremi Oct 2018
sometimes it really takes
too many lies to cover
a single truth


a single lie
can destroy
all spoken truths
Nov 2017 · 288
The Astronomer
Jeremi Nov 2017
Yes, I have thought about the moon,
The way it shines only at night
The way it outshines the other stars
The way it gets its lights so bright

Yes I have thought about the sun,
And how it makes everyone see
And how it makes the flowers grow
And how it makes the children glee

Yes, I have thought about love and how the sun gives its light
To the moon who will always, shine so bright

Yes, I have thought about how the moon, does not give anything in return, to the sun

If you love someone, then don't be like the sun
If you are being loved then don't be like the moon
For true love is not one-sided, and both will give the same
For true love is not in vain, and it will heal the growing pain

And true love is not losing yourself for  an unseen sacrifice
A broken and tattered heart would be its price
A reply to Kristel's "11 pm thoughts"
Aug 2017 · 697
"August 27"
Jeremi Aug 2017
Today, is a special day
And why is that so?

Today, in 1883, a lot were buried
In fiery volcanic ash
Today, in 479 BC, battles were won
By Greeks against Persians
Today, in 1979, soldiers were killed
From deadly roadside bombs

But 17 years ago, in this day
Moonshine was born,
Whose light shined
In each and every heart that's torn,
Whose light is caring
And guiding and loving,
Whose light is deserving,

To be loved.

A lot have happened today, in history
But none of these matter today
Except for you, Ysobelle.

Today, indeed, is a special day.
Happy Birthday Butchik!
Wala ako tomorrow. I hope friends pa rin tayo :)
Jul 2017 · 809
The Programmer
Jeremi Jul 2017
Figures of lifeless pixels
Ended all my connections
Reprogram my whole OS
Error error
Jul 2017 · 356
The Quitter
Jeremi Jul 2017
Corny lines and cheesy rhymes

Have no meaning

When you don't read it

At all.
May 2017 · 344
The Muse
Jeremi May 2017
The stage was set, the stage was clear
A masterpiece, of conquered fear
Of scripted words, was it sincere?
But nonetheless, our worlds were near

You were speaking, and I came late
This recipe of yours, I ate
It cooked the tale of bitter fate
Of Love's vices and hearts that break.

And after all, it's said and done
Your repertoire was still unsung
The curtains fall, roll on snare drum
You lit my world of Mardy ***.
May 2017 · 1.2k
The Whisperer
Jeremi May 2017
Let it be, I always say
The whole night, the entire day
Life always has its own way
Let it be, I always say

I will get through this, I pray
Keeping all my tears at bay
Let them be, I always say
The whole night, the entire day.
just watch them
Apr 2017 · 502
The Painter
Jeremi Apr 2017
As I roam this gallery of portraits
I see beautiful ones, but quite a few
A myriad happy and gloomy faces
And by serendipity, I find you.

Chaos of colors, your broken pieces
What could have ruined this exquisite art?
I try to save you from your grave distress
With the only last piece of my broken heart.

But woe to me as it has ever been
I failed to paint your most beautiful smile
My colors failed me, I stand crestfallen
You're another piece of artistic style

Oh! My broken heart breaks even further
As I see you being painted by him
He's an expressionist; well-defined painter
Painting you love as I have never seen.

I'm doomed; consumed by my melancholy
I'm a pathetic painter-turned-poet
Can somebody, anybody save me?
Slowly, I become a broken portrait.
pt. 1

— The End —