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  May 2016 Jake muler
let's all revel in the duplicity
duplicate posts that lack authenticity
authentic thoughts fall to the simplicity
simple minds are guilty of complicity

a new origin of no originality
original thinking crushed by formality
formal rules lead to our commonality
common perspectives to lower our mentality
This is mainly about how facebook is full of mis-information, and a lot of people lack originality. They just thoughtlessly hit "share".

(In a quantum loop poem, the last word of each line must be used as the first word in the following line, but as a different form of that word)
  May 2016 Jake muler
Hey mister, can you spare me a dime
or maybe just a moment of your time
I hate to admit, I'm a starving artist
maybe my choices aren't the smartest

it seems senseless starving for art
artistic integrity plays a big part
parting my ways seems so hard
hardest part is silencing my heart

hey mister, can I sell you a rhyme
it might mean something over some time
I'm proud to admit I'm a starving artist
even though these days are the hardest
rewrite - ***, I have lost 6 followers and gained 8 in one day. ****! I have been nothing but nice to all who followed me, and done my best to support their poetry. I wish folks would let me know why, and not be so cowardly. I am sorry if you are frustrated, or for whatever reason you unfollowed me. This site isn't about poetry, it's about shutins who live on the net. If you have a problem, or hear a rumor, come to me with it. You better believe I am not in private messages talking about you.
Jake muler May 2016
Sleepy as can be
Need some perfect sleep
To catch me dreaming of you
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