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 May 2020 laveni
Himangshu Singh

big brain
small thoughts.


narrow pages
wicked lines.

I grew up.
 May 2020 laveni
 May 2020 laveni
The beauty if her voice is all she is
The reason why he calls her “His“
Soon, he’ll be able to call her “mrs”
  The beauty of my voice is nothing i am
As soon as I extricate it, everyone seems to decamp
  Why is her voice’s beauty so powerful?
I may seem precarious with myself, but it’s all i’ve ever known.
 May 2020 laveni
burning matches
 May 2020 laveni
you burn me.

and it isn’t anyone’s
fault but mine.

i gave you the match
in the first place.
i told myself never to let love in again, but here i am, burned by the same flame twice.
dear you,

please remember that your voice has power.
power to raise an ocean of words,
please make them mean something.
power to create a storm,
please don’t destroy too much.
you have been given hands to create,
a mind to wonder,
a life that is worth living if you make it worth living
 Apr 2019 laveni
I’m not checking his Instagram again
Not another time
He has liked other people’s posts
There’s nothing special with mine

We’re not thinking about him
At least we try not to show it
But it doesn’t get easy
You and I both know it

My mum and friends are against it
Again I’m out of my mind
It’s not that he’s bad
It’s just that I’m not like that in his eyes

Next time I walk past him I’ll try not to think
Of the million butterflies that I get near him
Next time I walk past him
I will be prepared
Not run away, not even be scared

Next time, I’ll just forget
That he makes me feel some kind of way
Next time, I’ll forget,
That only he can burn my brain cells in the sweetest possible way

So goodbye my dear
Goodbye to my infatuation
Goodbye to what we could never be
Goodbye to my imagination
Just some ranting about my crush who I’m trying to move on from. *insert loads of sarcasm HOORAYYY

— The End —