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Maria Jan 2019
I will write until my paper bleeds from the blood on my fingers
I will write until all my memories leave,
When not even a single one lingers
I will write until every single word has a different home
I will write until my body is crashed by a written marble stone

Even when there is no colour, when stars are my eyes
Words all written, when my body lies
Doing it for the ones who barely got the chance
Sylvia, Maya, Lana, in all of their defense

When my love is all given and shared, and no one anticipates it
A psychopath has infected my brain, when I decide to face it
When I have to rejustify no, I’m not dead,
I’m just a girl with a writing that’s sad

When my ink runs out and so does my lifeline
When my masterpieces and failures are distributed in timelines
When the words love and happiness, are so old fashioned
That is when the writing stops, and here ends the passion
Maria Jan 2019
If someone was to tell me that all my previous problems would go away,
Then what is it all for?
Because, the truth is, I don’t want to forget.
I feel as if holding on to the darkness, the deepness,
The sadness, the weakness,
These are the things that lead me,
To what I’ll be and what I am
Maria Jan 2019
What if I was to not care?
What if I was to rely on a possible far away death?
What if I didn’t love, I didn’t cry?
I didn’t scream, I didn’t lie?
We are a mix of good and evil,
Not one side is ever enough
Because when the world gets boring,
Or for any good act,
We have to act tough
Sorry for my inactiveness. I’ve gotten some good inspiration and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. I hope you like it
Maria Jan 2019
Trust me when I say,
That I’d spend all the struggles, fear and pain,
Any series of unfortunate happenstances,
Any cracks along the sidewalk,
Every rain, every thunderstorm,
if I knew that someday,
I’d be truly free and happy
Maria Dec 2018
If you don’t want it, that’s fine
But I’m not gonna sit and pace backwards and forwards
My mind constantly being in a state of confusion and painful wonder
Just so you can do absolutely nothing

The truth is I simply cannot grasp the concept of you,
What you want, what you like, how you see me
I’ve come back to you again and again
You come and leave out of my life constantly, perhaps like an old song or a hobby

I wish I could remember the start
When we were two innocent kids
That’s how I remember you
Before you came I remember eating chicken nuggets
It was what a believe a warm afternoon
You made casual kid conversation and then we played around at what used to be there but isn’t anymore
You taught me how to make a paper airplane, and honestly sometimes I wish that I could relive that or bring it up again, just to see if it’s embroidered in your memory too. I hope it is

We didn’t meet up a lot and when we did, it was after 3 years.
Conversations flew well but sometimes stood at their tracks, you made me shy and scared
Tried to positively and negatively read into your every look, move, word or mannerism and it all seemed ok
But you still confuse me

Last time I saw you, I was absolutely sure that you hated me
That the short story of us burned out
What used to be there may or may not cease to exist
That my void was again filled by doubt

So, I’m begging you physically, mentally, emotionally, with every fibre of my being
Do something, say something, portray something
I sound ridiculous and overthought, so insane that my words don’t even rhyme
So with you in my illumination, will I ever be fine?
Sorry for being so inactive. I’ve had flows of creativity come and go and this is one of them. It’s different to my other poems but I hope you like it
Maria Oct 2018
Winter was a cold set deal,
Scared of all changes
When the world around her moved
She was going through the same phases
She feared of love, death and moving
There she wanted to stay
She feared of the past and cool bruisin,
Scared there won’t be a sunny day

What she didn’t realize, was that she herself was dark
Searching for a person she was never going to become
Going in the deep hole, running out of faith in love
Her skin turning pale like a delicate dove

And suddenly, over time
She rose slowly, one millistep at a time
Her leaves started to grow
Ice started melting, her heart and mind were slowly mending
It was time to let her old self go

She let the birds and the flowers in
The ground around her turned green
She searched for love that was ACTUALLY real
She asked herself why, and she let herself cry
The worst is to end where you begin

She created a crown of flowers, one petal for every experience she’s had
She had the words of her old songs,
Written in the palm of her hand
She learned how to find, the beauty in all things
And that’s when Winter realised, and turned into spring
I wrote this poem a few months ago and it’s a poem that I’m extremely proud of, due to the fact that I can relate to every word of it. I really don’t know how I managed to craft something so beautiful to describe such a bad and heart wrenching period in my life. I hope you like it and that you can relate to it ♥️
Maria Oct 2018
I let him break into my house filled with dirt and with filth
From all the past loves that broke a part of me
He got the glue and got the paint, he made me clean, he made me safe
He filled me with colors and flowers and told me he would stay

He turned me from a house into a home
And kept me where I was meant to be
Cause “home” for him wasn’t a place
“Home” for him was me

And he held me and he kissed me
He took me by surprise
Indescribable feelings with no words, tangled up in his eyes
And I knew his every secret, every smile and every cry
And with him even hell, seemed to be alright
I haven’t experienced it sadly but someday I hope I will ♥️
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