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Ian Dunn Mar 2021
It's hard to think about tomorrow
When we're so busy surviving today
But no matter how bad things get
It's gonna be okay

Even though we're all suffering
and although friends are far away
We're still sticking together
So it's gonna be okay

The world outside looks so bleak
But this night isn't going to stay
This is only the dark before the dawn
It's gonna be okay

Things are going to get better soon
Because we'll all work to make them that way
United, we can do anything
So I know it's gonna be okay
Ian Dunn Feb 2021
The waves get higher
crashing all around me
I lost sight of the port
amidst the raging sea

I'm clinging tightly
My hands have grown sore
Rain pelts the boat
In unending downpour

I don't know where to go
All I can do is guess and hope
Longing for some release
To do more than just cope

But there's no end to this storm
No harbor or port of safety
But I'm going to keep going
I won't let it take me

I can still see the sun
Though sometimes it may hide
That flicker of light in the darkness
Tells me that I can survive
Ian Dunn Feb 2021
It's been a long journey
and though we don't know where it ends
We're almost there
I can feel it

It's been a difficult journey
Those who could walk, walked
Those who couldn't walk, we carried
But we couldn't carry everyone

It's been a strange journey
Different than anything we've faced before
We mustn't forget all that we've learned
We mustn't forget all that we've lost

It's been a tiring journey
The end is still far away
But if we walk together
I know we'll make it
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
Flowers were planted here
Beautiful and delicate
I needed help to tend them
I never learned to do it alone

When no one was there to help me
Or when I pushed away others' hands
Those beautiful flowers
withered away and died

Weeds took their place
Digging their roots deep into the earth
Now that I finally see them there
I can't seem to get them out

I know how to tend the garden now
I'm trying to plant new flowers
They struggle against the weeds
Unable to blossom anymore

It's hard work to remove the weeds
But little by little, I'm pulling them out
I'll **** the garden of me
Because I want to be beautiful like those flowers

And I know I'm worth it
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
I made this for you
It's not much
Just a paper flower
Folded with care

I could've gone to the store
Picked one out
Found the most beautiful flower
And bought it just for you

But this one has something special
It has my heart and soul in it
A piece of me
that's just for you

This is more than just a flower
This is my gift to you
I want you to have it
So a piece of me will always be with you
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
Remember when this started?
This whole unending nightmare
It began, and darkness fell
We were all scared

It's frustrating to see
People in charge doing nothing
It's hard to see an end
to this endless night

We're still scared
People still do nothing
But we've seen the best in others
The spark of hope in the dark

We've made it this far
It's still a long way to go
But we'll get there
And we'll do it together
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
You're not like them
Maybe you act a bit different
Or you don't look like everyone else
Or they don't understand you when you talk

You laugh when everyone else cries
You scream when everyone else laughs
The wrong words slip out
At the worst possible times

I've done those things too
We're not the same as everyone else
But we can find a place together
Just the two of us

One day, they'll accept us
Because there's nothing wrong with us
But until they see that,
We can spend our time alone, together
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