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Nikita Dec 2018
Tragedy stricken patient is he
My so called lover is he
He lives in fear
Of losing love
A broken hearted person is he

He is as hurt as a soul can be
And yet my comforter is he
He lives everyday in fear
Yet my happiness is he

He is afraid of commitment
He is afraid of life
He fears of what may come
Later in life

He is afraid to lose out again
Yet I'm a patient
And my medicine is he

He is not the one I long for
Yet my support is he
Why all this pain
What is his pain worth

Tell me what this is
Tell me what I should name this relationship

Tell me
Tell me oh destiny
He was my everything
Nikita Dec 2018
My romeo will be the one
Who my heart wishes for
Who loves me for
He will be the one
My heart belongs to

My romeo will be the one
Whose one touch will melt my heart
As rich as honey
As sweet as dew
As protective as an eagle
Will be his love for me

My romeo will be the one
In whom I will abide
The missing puzzle piece
My hearts desire
A piece that  seems lost
Will be complete in him

My romeo...
I thought  you were him
perhaps i was blinded
by your angelic face
that i just couldn't see who you really were
Nikita Dec 2018
My lover will be
honey and I his taste
He will be the leaf
And I the dew drop
He will be the sky
And I the cloud
He will be the trumpet
And I his song
He will be a traveller
And I his destination
He will be the body
And I his soul

Because without
Each other we will remain forever
For I in him and he in me
Shall abide
We will complete each other
And thus love shall prevail
we were meant to be
yet destiny had other plans
Nikita Nov 2018
his insensitivity
startles me
his empty eyes
scare me
his every laboured breath
pulls me deeper
into the clasp of despair
and hell
because somewhere
i know
that it is I who is to
be blamed
for turning him
into the animal
he is today!
I've lost him forever
this would he cut will forever be the deepest of all
i wonder if this pain will ever cease to exist
Nikita Nov 2018
they say eyes are the portal

to ones soul

now i see it is true

i look into your eyes and see grief

grief beyond compare

like something important is missing in them

your eyes say a hidden truth

they seem to call out for help

and justify themselves

they look into my eyes for hope

then i think to myself

will i be able to relieve them of pain

will i be able to restore happiness

then my heart answers  to this question

yes, the answer lies in the effect of true love

the ultimate healer

the ultimate peace ....

i then look into your eyes

and say that i love you  

cause i believe in you

and i believe that in love

one finds healing

and with love i call out to you .....
my whole world revolves around the sincerity in his eyes !
Nikita Nov 2018
Forbidden love
As crazy as it may seem
It's the truth
For many who dream
Love is forbidden
For true hearts alone
Who fear
The society,religion
And people alone
They are bound by
Cultures and torn by
Religion but think of it
This way does this really
Matter when in love ?
Bound by chains am I
Forbidden by millions
Is my love
But it would it matter
If we truly believe
That true love is priceless
We often teach children
To love one and other
But do we tell them
As to which kind of person to love
White, dark or any other ?
Poor ,rich or the simple ?
Forbidden by shades of colour
Forbidden by wealth
And pieces of paper
Forbidden to love one and other
It this Why we often
Are scared to fall in love ?

Oh love are we so blind
That we cannot truly
Know your worth
We underestimate
You and cut you down
For mere pleasure
Is this why you fail to give
The truth of love
To one and all?
can love be forbidden?
Nikita Nov 2018
we're both

ailing planets

he like me and

me like him

brought together

by the same cause

that broke us both ....
It's amazing how destiny brings people together
I guess i never  would've met him if she hadn't hurt us both
I'm grateful to her
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