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Himanshu Jan 2020
19 Feb 2017 ... You Are My Candle

A day , start with sweet and melodious sky
way of living is be like roaming in the night
good mood and light come easily in life
everything as simple as possible in every bite
read more words of love and play with tones
a memory of joyness is flow through by my foots
we don't need to be fast for run anywhere
just need to be slow like nature in everywhere
cause we waste most of times & moments
nothing we get in case of run for all desires
no one in the world is so good as way as we think
and no need to be good as way as we live
no more limits and boundaries create for each other
just live simple and sweet talk between all other
there is no fear in way of love when we smile
a lots of happiness is come simple when we alive
so don't lose hope in your dark and alone days
just be slow and simple no need to quit a way
oh god , my angel , where are you
i need your love for make my own blue
all my rythm & vibes waiting for your presence
just come fast and make a home  for my heaven
oh god , my princess , have you listen my all words
i just need your love for tell my all emotions
so much alone side , i feel you so much for my ways
you just like my candle in my dark and alone days
oh god , my mumma , i love you so much
i wanna kiss you again for make myself complete
there is no another life , without your hands and feets ...
  Jan 2019 Himanshu
Masha Yurkevich
was my parents'
May they always
be together
and happy
Dedicated to my parents; mother and father.
  Jan 2019 Himanshu
Masha Yurkevich
I want to live happy.
I don't want to cry.
I want to live long.
I don't want to die.
I want to be loved.
I want to be cared.
I want to live long.
I don't want to be scared.
But life can surprise you
at any moment.
And there's no guarantee
that things will go
the way you hoped.
  Jan 2019 Himanshu
Masha Yurkevich
Let me be forgiving
if someone is unkind.
Let me forgive them
and not keep it in my mind.
Let me smile to them
and send the anger right away.
For angry thoughts can darken
the brightest of the day.
Himanshu Dec 2018
6 Feb 2017 ... I See a Girl

I see a girl in my open side

we see close to say something

her eyes makes a new imagination

so sweet expression i felt in my heart

a way she want to say through by her eyes

no need to explain what i feel in my own flies

so what, lots of message convert to each other

she says , laugh and just seems like an innocent

what a pleasant surprise, i don't really recover

a life is too beautiful, if she likes me

a pure love we bring to each other

just small meeting starting with eyes

huge emotions we share through by vibes

she laughs, and seems like humble

no words needs to make a joy relation

more than any way we share something

a close meeting of eyes, face to face

wow, feel like an angel, i agree with her

the atmosphere around me, so fast convert

neither more pain nor depression come

a sweet melody is alive, if front of both of us

so what we both engaged in their own life affairs

we just share lots of feeling without any light

like she wanna say more, but she laughs

a simple pure lips down and gently smile

so sweet way to express their emotion of life

oh god, my angel, have you listen this ?

see and smile, cause she bring me back to you

and the meeting between us is make me more inspired

oh god, my mumma i wish you were here

i love you so much and i miss you forever me ...
My old memories of life with words ...
Himanshu Nov 2018
19 Nov 2016 ... When I Am With You

Miss, where are you ?
She replied I am always with you

But i doubt to know about her
She always true for being with one

Looking for a love when we sit together
She ever make my time with altogether

No one knows what she really like
But she love to play all fight

When i see a pain in side
She always here for make me alive

I don't care about mistakes
She always blames to correct your face

I always lie in front of her
But she never mind and listen all my words

True feelings is always between us
A good time to know about fun

Walking alone I miss her a lot
But she always remind me for reason no

I hate sometimes to show my pain
But she always know what i really gain

For no alarms in morning to wake me up
She always early to put in front of me

A coffee cup avoid to see in my real life
She force me to pray for good time

Lots of laugh when we met again
But there is no time for show our pain

When i see mirror for a while
I remind her for every good night

Talk to each other there is make me happy
For a time i feel to really creepy

A lot of time i waste for no reason
But when she is with me i realize a good time forever

For no reason i love her too long
She is not my girlfriend she is my Mom ...

— The End —