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be dope.
**** them all.
be unique.
**** them all.
be creative.
**** them all.
be yourself.
**** them all.

**** them.
cause they ****** your mind.
**** them.
cause they made you ride insane within.

but stand for them once in a while.
all this **** and all the *****,
made you you what you are today.
saw the sky after a long time
it changed you know
every moment i looked away
it changed.

it changed.
everything changed.
the sun disappeared.
the cloud drove fast.
rain poured.
moon shined.
stars hid.
and everyday
everything changed.
  Apr 25 Himangshu Singh
BR Dragos
but that handle was made for his hand
hand - handle
handle - hand

the fingers would close
around it to never let go
It had to have flesh around it
at all times
But the blade...
the blade was still naked. He couldn't let
the blade naked
It wasn't fair

"So that's why you stabbed your
mommy then?" the psychiatrist asked him.

"Yes," he said.

"The knife is more important
to you than mommy?"

"The knife listens. Mommy doesn't."
i stumbled with grace,
i stumbled with desire,
i stumbled with pride,
i stumbled with fervour.

for love,
for hatred.

happened it all,
happened it then,
when all the love for you
was seeming unreal.
the heart aches
and the mind echoes.

it's 3 in the morning
and the road is still mourning.

and the day are dead
and the night finds its way.

it's 3 in the morning
and the road is still mourning.

the beans are old
and the coffee still cold.

the wind hushing down the alrein
and the anguish staying behind.

it's 3 in the morning
and the road is still mourning.
Blood red.
it's captivating,
isn't it.

when it drools down the skin
clots it's path
and flushes the flirty cheeks.

when it spils out of the territorial body,
leaving a mark and
attracting attention.

blood red.
it's captivating,
isn't it.

when it can save a life,
where it could cost a life.

when the absence of it's occassional spill can mark a new life
whereas it's unnatural flow can take away an unseen life.

blood red.
it's captivating,
isn't it.
dates changed,
months rotated,
and the years showed their back upon us.

it's been three years now,
since we met.

and yet again i find you there in
the same old hidden parking slot.
where the darkness ruled and light submerged.
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