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be dope.
**** them all.
be unique.
**** them all.
be creative.
**** them all.
be yourself.
**** them all.

**** them.
cause they ****** your mind.
**** them.
cause they made you ride insane within.

but stand for them once in a while.
all this **** and all the *****,
made you you what you are today.
Pauline Morris May 2016
**** them all
Only when in need do they call
Tired of being used
I need things too

I need love
Not to be shoved
From one thing to the next
Ecpect me to jump when they text

Why can't they think of me
Get ahold of me just to see
How was you day
Did things go your way

But no one does that
Instead I feel like a door mat
So yes I'm mad
But mainly I'm sad

But they will never see my tears
Because they are never here
I sit here all alone
So write this on my headstone......


— The End —