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Henry Wellington Apr 2016
I’d blend into the rainbows

If I’d come out in flying colours

Fall with the tides

If I’d rise back in soaring torrents

Fade with the wind If it’d lead me right to you Patience, my tempo

If I’d race up to the crown

Am in a race with my own race

In dispute with my generation

As my mind pace into the space of the nearest future

We danced to a dirge of flattery

Wake up, nightmares could also be reality

I’d be your sun

Help you rise through your mournings

Your nightingale

Play up melodies in your garden

I’d be your artist

Draw your attention to all you love

Your Physician

Treat you right as a Queen


The contours map our world. ..
Henry Wellington Nov 2015
Before you dim them, I hope you made it…

Through the dark walls that lit your tunnels… the crack in every word that bled your heart
Past the past that held all your conflicts
I hope the moon rises up to watch you as the sun sets to sleep in your arms while stars gaze at your wonder
I hope your dreams met you at cross roads and parted your ways with old wishes
I hope your smile’s long enough to break cheek bones… so much there’s no hindrance to happiness

I hope you read this… I was running out of ink ,when, you ran through my mind
So I dipped my last, and engraved these words till I could pen no more
I wrote a psalm of love… glad to know your heart was my note pad.
From the Heart
Henry Wellington Nov 2015
As the rain dropped tonight I couldn’t tell if it was the weather or you just saying your last goodbye to the earth

It pummeled against the sands that held your body, like you wanted to give it one last tap to see if you could wake yourself up from this dream

But I can tell its unresponsiveness was the last reply you wanted

……. On the floor your phone is ringing, no one has heard from you for a while

……..I could hear you wishing ‘‘for a while’‘ won’t turn out to be ‘’for life’‘

So you go again, one more tap. This time you came with thunders

Lightnings to lighten the grip of the bullet on your will. Yeah I can tell you want it back… through burrows and cracks fighting back for life as it rained more….

Finally!!! There’s a silence

One of you had been victorious in the end

……. as the rain drops begin to lose it innocence mixing up with gore ……

I saw you look up to God as you both shed one last tear together

Everything goes dark__  (as your eyes dim cold)

You had plans for that day, you were close to going home. You told them you would be back for it. Your graduation was the next day, you just got engaged.. you just__ everything goes blank

So I light these candle lights for you, in these dark pages left in our hearts as we pummel the earth with rain from our eyes and our hearts with questions

Let them light your blank pages and heaven fill it with answers as your name is engraved in the sands of time.

As the rain dropped tonight I couldn’t tell if it was the weather or you just saying your last goodbye to the earth

We love you
This poem is dedicated to all the people that lost their lives in the tragic incidence in France, Beirut and other places in the world where so much insanity of wasting human lives was shown for no reason.
Henry Wellington May 2015
I can't see into the palms of tomorrow
If I could, I would check what the future held for us
Today is my hope, yesterday came on bended knees, so Tomorrow is still a prayer
Last night I watched you lay to sleep as we held hands, and all that came through my mind is that someday we never hold grudges

It's sad. I'm so insecure... tonight am like the moon ... wondering if someday the sun (you) would choose to stop sharing its light with me
How my existence would tanish into the universe without your smile to light me up
I built walls trying to keep you.
They were made of bricks of jealousy, fear, insecurity and pillars of doubts
Now the same wall I lost you to can't speak back to me or comfort me
These walls,
Remind me of ten places our world nearly collided
...and a 100 times I interrupted it
Insecurity kills relationships
Place your palms in mine, let them fall asleep exchanging war stories, while our hearts stay up all night practicing to beat in rhythm.

Let me kiss you on the cheek, I have rose seeds in my lips to plant in the creeks where the river of your tears flow. So whenever you cry and I’m not there, the roses would remind you I’m always with you.

If I could I would make your laugh the sound track to my life flashing before my eyes. It would make dying a lot less awful.

The goosebumps and hair at the back of your neck say everything your lips are too afraid to say.

My heart of stone to other girls was just practice to being your rock. Let me be your home, let me be your refuge. I’d pay a thousand sunsets to wake up next to the sunrise in your smile, to see the moon go green with envy every time it sees your eyes.

No matter how much I try to act cool, my heart beat has never been good at keeping secrets, I have busy bees for butterflies and your voice is the only honey they know.

I want to know your eyelashes by name, I want to kiss the chills down your spine.

Let me be your favorite bed time story, let my chest be your favorite pillow and my arms your favorite blanket. Come lay with me, fall asleep in my arms and let me be your first dream.
Henry Wellington May 2015
Today the sun shed some tears
The cloud showed there fears
Scars were found on the stars
Heaven was stripped of bliss

I know between us lasts no more, melodies
I know last night the piper played out last tune
But I'm still in tune to your memories, so I will take these last steps to your heart's beat
I know the earth rotated on my decisions, but you were my sun, my world revolved around you.
Now, we stand on both ends of a bridge as we watch it burn
Somewhere I wish within the flames the phoenix would birth us a new world
Cause deep in my heart
I have no words to fill these blank spaces

— The End —