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 Sep 2017 juno
queen of hearts
 Sep 2017 juno
queen of hearts
I am everything I hate
what happened
to me
My demons
are my friends
they told me to say that.

 Sep 2017 juno
queen of hearts
I leave my heart in cities
I've never been to.
In states
I've never seen.
And I wonder why I'm lonely
when I'm the only one who leaves.
There's a heartbeat
somewhere in me.
Though it chooses
not to love.
I do care,
but for a second,
so please don't press your luck.
Indestructibly hopeless.
I won't hide it,
I'm a mess.
I'm addicted to
this chaos,
and you don't want to know the rest.
 Sep 2017 juno
Jeremy Kuan
 Sep 2017 juno
Jeremy Kuan
A crush arrives like a crush
at first
in the literal sense

It surprises you and
tackles you
like a wild animal

But the word really doesn’t represent
it completely
in the fullest way

Because when a tree falls on you
it hurts
with a sharp pain

When you are the one falling
for someone
it’s a dull throbbing desire

While a tree can be easily removed
a crush
you can only wish for its departure

Then again, you don’t actually want it to leave.
Hope is not in the situations going on around us.
Hope is not on what we can do for ourselves either.
Hope is not something tangible that is of this world.
But Hope is on things that are not yet seen by us.
But Hope is on the Living Savior God Lord Jesus.
On what he is doing for us and at times through us.
Hope is being able to smile even though everything  is..
falling apart all around, even though we are really hurting.
For Hope is something that Christ has put within our hearts.
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