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Come again, the resting wall
the sleep-walkers silence
so cruel, so forgiving
to cover these tracks
such a soft redemption
with your cold and biting kisses
whip across my lashes
melt upon my lips
love me as I love you
every perfect prism
reflecting your crystal eyes
countless lovely visions
freezing time
as they all fall in ending
the refraction of our days
we shall pass this recollection
together at the mending
and the everlasting
Play like the good girls
paper dolls and plaster
bulletproof glass
and your illusory laughter

Twelve years to the surface
For one cycle of stillness
Choose your weapon
A cure for my sickness

You keep your time
give me back my change
countless tears from empty eyes
Twenty six years of pain

The friend behind the locks
who keeps keys and secrets
I am all you have besides
the cold and the jacket

Doctor, make your monster
something she can love
and I'll be the one to fear
the open door

Haven’t I softened sweetly  
mixed in such a lovely hue
to paint something beautiful
for you…always for you

I ground her to dust
and mixed her with blood
and stirred her with moments
and drew her a life

She looked into mirrors
She stayed to your touch
She learned how to whisper
She learned how to lie

Who would it be drowning
****** or suicide
no one knows her but She
and She stays inside
Here lie the dreams of angels
siphoned from innocence
forced out by perception
Conclusive perversions
buildings and blessings
torn down to stones and shadows
where we hide

a spirit playing at something
greater than haunting
an alchemist mixing
blood, tears and ashes
as her soul, the beloved
in the eternal presence,
is searching for the
energy to bind
and make whole again
this life

So I call to you with my voice
and I beg for your attention
and I give you all my pieces
like you asked for them
what do I have to lose now
If all my stronger vices
take me out of sight
of something greater
in my own Self
You ask me for love…
you tell me to guide you to the sun
you call me rain, washer of wounds
you’ve come stripped and fragile
raw and wounded seeking something
Sure to be the words I could
give you nothing of
No more than a ledge from which
I’d one day let you down
the truth I’d found in your seasons
and your violent storms
Find the fruit that hangs the bough
find it in the silence, stay your weapon
more than captured, sweet and ripened in the waiting
pick to fill your soul and not your mouth
sugars come swiftly and roots make anchors
until the rain will come again
I’d buy you flowers
never roses
don’t want to lead you wrong
because the truth is
you’ll never know that
I’ve loved you all along
I never wanted
you to see me
watching you with dreams
in my eyes
I’ve practiced my care-less
face of indifference
that burns with a fierceness
in a furnace inside
So many years of
searching for soul mates
one for each other
knowing your distaste
for what we are offered
So why when I settled
myself down in ruins
to try and build something
for the sake of a home
would you never tell me
that you too did love me
and would have given me flowers
if you would have known?
but now there are years and
obligations between us
and love has deformed our
once innocent gaze
so lower your eyes love
and look towards your footsteps
they’re walking towards choices
that both of us made
and your new lover will take first
the time that I gave you
and then all the words
I was too scared to speak
and form them to ribbons
to tie you to their love
and give you their fire
with an open hearth
Timeless waiting
Rushing water
Suspended in ether
The calling of angels
The cradle of God

The lesser God
The mother's milk
Suspended in flesh
Melodious voices
Replacing the song
Of angels and ether
And objective love

The false God
The wanting
The trying
The failing
The short
Of reality

Calling to the cradle
Savoring the waning time
Searching for lost angels
Forgetting their faces
Forgetting their names
Waiting for their voices
Calling back home

The rushing time
The calling of temptation
The timeless waiting
The hold of flesh
To the silence and
The cradle of God
Let's have some great
I want to grab
your attention
I want to feel
your inflections
As you feel my

I want to make love
to your mind
I want to tempt
your intellect
I want to caress your
cognizance, and
slide down into your

Just let me taste
your ambition
You know I ache for
your divinity
I want to shake your
Until your
Essence breaks free
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