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abyssinia Jan 2016
It’s great he said
Handing her the drink
She took it with delight…
And he stood behind her .with his vicious smile
But little did she know that he was fooling her
For him her love… was just futile
You want more? …. he said
She nodded with joy
But little did she know that she was being trapped
He knew he won the game
He then harnessed her with his soothing words
But little did she know that the person she called lover have ever since been the enemy
wrote a poem after so long... feels good :)
abyssinia Sep 2015
We walked hand in hand …
On a deserted road
The wind blew our hair
As the clouds roared
above us…
Indulging each moment as it was precious
Even the rain couldn’t stop us
As we walked on and on
Our clothes drenched and our hair stuck on our forehead
the warm wind got overturned by the cold air..
Our hands still locked on each other’s waist….
We walked further
I then stumbled and fall
I looked around.. You were no where
The pain surged inside me and I closed my eyes
Because I realized you were gone..
gone with the wind… 
abyssinia Jun 2015
When someone you love dieS
It’s like running into a wall
Banging your fist against it
You can’t believe it’s real
You can’t believe you won’t see that face again
You can’t believe you won’t hear that voice again
You just can’t believe it
Because a grief that marks you never leaves
What hunts you…. Will haunt you
Just when you think it let go
It returns back with teeth and claws
abyssinia Jun 2015
I was frantic…
Panic thrummed inside me like vibrating strings
I then clutched to my positive side
But My shiver was deep and wide
Just like the ocean
The danger was like the roar of surf in my ears
Cold feelings grew inside me
I felt as though  they would eat me alive
I swallowed against the knot of fear that raised  in my throat
But I know somehow I couldn’t sink into the swamp of fear..
Because then I’ll never get out…
abyssinia Jun 2015
I tried to run back
But dark clouds circled above me
Blocking my view from different angles
My knees buckled
Tried to give up
But my heart whispered “ it’s not over yet”
And I kept on moving
Meanwhile an avalanche of gust  roared on my ears
Tempting me to surrender
For my knees to say halt
For it to go slack
But I kept on moving…
Instead of waving a white flag
abyssinia Jun 2015
I was too dense
Too locked up in my own head
Too busy trying to hear the music that I wanted always
I wanted to block out everything
Screen everything else out…
Except the music
Whose lyrics flowed down with my heart beat
I then slowly got carried away…
Deep into it
I ignored the outside world till I get back to it after the music
Whilst enjoying every rhythm as it flowed up and down
abyssinia Jun 2015
without you i would nothing
i would be empty
without you i would be like a bird without pair of wings
i wouldn't simply exist
the way i am now...
you embrace me with your love
you are engraved  in my heart
you are the flame of my life
you make everything around me bright...
without you it would simply be Dim
you are my backbone..
without you i would be crestfallen <3
always love your mother cuz u won't get another :-)
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