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Esmé Jul 2019
You held the door as I walked away.
You never once begged me to stay.
Everyone is looking at me like I’ve abandoned you.
When you never even tried to pull me
back through.
How dare you try and blame it all on me.
Maybe someday you will finally see.
I changed every bit of who I was to make you happy.
Though when I was hurting, you couldn’t help me.
I tried to be everything you ever wanted.
I was never enough, and now I’m exhausted.
After all the years we spent as one,
I cannot go on, I am done.
Esmé Apr 2019
Fluttering notes of silk,
I taste on the tip of your tongue.
Those honeyed dulcet lips,
electric Kama they have brung.
Tender waves of desire,
tracing every inch of my skin.
Poetic fibers full of curiosity,
body begging for you to sin.
Esmé Apr 2019
Slipping and falling
Brittle and frail
Can I return this vessel?
I need to go home.
Living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Esmé Apr 2019
Wiles, he says, she’s got ‘em.
Silly girl, just trying to find him.
Alighted and blushing, intrigued.
Delicately delighted, freed.
How enticing this has been,
I adore your cheeky grin.
Every spoken word pleasant in discussion,
Such a feeling that has been so foreign.
Tender and cautious,
yet entirely flawless.
Esmé Apr 2019
Bringing me back down to earth.
Knows that love makes you float.
Says “no, not this time.”
Esmé Apr 2019
Place your arms softly around my waist.
Flow perfectly in tune, floating in space.
Melting together, like chocolate in my pocket.
Ship us to the moon on your finest rocket.
Blending like colors on Picasso’s canvas,
You draw me in like sugar and anise.
I have a sweet tooth, and you’re just what I’m craving.
Forgive me, I cannot help my misbehaving.
Esmé Feb 2019
Turn the pages, rip the book.
I’m tired of the mirror, tired of how I look.
Changes changes, ever to be made.
Staring at the scale, will the numbers fade?
My body is tired, and my body is sore.
I’m quaking and shaking, so deep in my core.
Hold me now as I drift so quick.
Hoping to find peace, will it ever stick?
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