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Gabriel Jun 2022
I grew up in broken homes with vicious cycles
Night terrors on constant repeat when my eyes close
Raised by tatted men on motorcycles
There were plenty of cigarettes and empty bottles
I grew up quickly from the trauma that followed
Single mom on her own with no place to go
A restless woman with a troubled soul
While my father was a rolling stone

When I tried to hide the pain
Certain people thought my heart was cold
When I was really stuck in survival mode
Hard times made me feel alone
Until women’s love taught me that no one has to live alone

They taught me that my story is our story
That our story is her story
That her story is History
That there is healing in telling our story
#Generational Trauma #Healing #Our Stories
  Jun 2022 Gabriel
William J Donovan
you touch your sacred heart
and bless us with your hand
I thought you'd be darker
coming from the desert sand
I trust you on my dashboard
to keep me safe from harm
through thick and thin you
are my jesuz plastic charm.
  Jun 2022 Gabriel
You are present
Your presence
you are here
at present
with me
Being present
with both of us
just our presences
By this present time.

Because we are here
Given by the ‘fate’
of that ‘timing’
That this ‘particular’
occurrence of presence
‘allowed’ us both
to be at present.

© B HF-Whisper
  Sep 2020 Gabriel
William L Holloway
LOVE is real, love is fake
LOVE can heal, love can hate
LOVE can hurt, love can peace
LOVE is deep, love is sweet
Love is lost, LOVE is found
Love is here, LOVE is around
Love is up & LOVE is down
Love is me & LOVE is proud
Love is self cause LOVE is true
With freedom of speech I LOVE YOU TOO!!.
I wrote this as my first day back on (Hello Poetry) inspired by a co-worker & I remembered my account & went from there. Hope you enjoy & if you don't let me know too. #PEACE #GuardYourLight
Gabriel Sep 2020
All I could see was fear
When I looked into the eyes
Of those men dressed in riot gear
Using military tactics against peaceful protesters
This felt like spiritual warfare
It was then I knew what I was fighting for
To protect the oppressed from tyranny
To fight for my brothers and sisters
Who’ve been stepped on, choked, murdered
For too long
Fighting to keep the flame of democracy alive
Against a swelling black tide
Fighting to keep black men and women alive
Fighting against cops who don’t care about Black lives
Fighting desperately against a growing evil
Fighting for George Floyd
For Breonna Taylor
For Michael Brown
For Eric Garner
For Tamir Rice
For Black lives
To fight generations of injustice

My soul is burdened
Knowing this fight is
Far from over
When we’re all that we have
We have to fight for each other
Gabriel Sep 2020
I’ve told many lies
Obscured the truth
To hide my pain

My skeletons don’t hide in my closet
They sleep in my bed with me at night
I’ve woken up to stares from where
Eyes should be
Hollow sockets
That beckon forth the Abyss
The eternal sheath of night
Wrapped in dusty bones

I’ll put them where they belong
Covered by earth in their finest attire
So I can finally get a good nights rest
Gabriel Sep 2020
Her Lover’s heart has turned to stone
At the core where the rivers ran hot
With blood and fire
Is black obsidian
Sleek and cold
He couldn’t be saved

They both underestimated love
It’s power
It’s fleeting whims
It’s fragility
The odd look of devastation
It brings to the eyes
When lovers are abandoned on the peak

They could have handled it better
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