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Thank YOU!!!

Since Today my poems have been seen 20001 times!!

To you ,dear fellow Poets,all my humble sincere Thanks-
YOU Made a dream come true for me!!
May all of you touch liVes through your work-as I hope I  have-
I am a better person for reading ur work!!

All my Best ,and sincere, thanks!!!
The sun wont shine tomorrow
Your joy turn into sorrow
And no one else to borrow
A piece of hope for you

The moon wont shine tonight
Your dreams all take flight
And nothing seems so right
Than staying home instead

For every days a struggle
Through life you sometimes muddle
Keep your heart from trouble
When you are all alone
Who can add a fourth verse???
1What do you believe happens at death?
-we are released from our mortal enclosure and transformed into our very essence:SPIRIT

2Where does the lost soul go?
-it leaves behind its doubt and unbelief and is granted redemption if it accepts it

3Where lies Heaven?
-Heaven is at the verry presence of God.Its a world of undersTanding,and where TRUTH lives

4Is the reality of Hell real?
To be away from Gods presence is the Spirits hell-the flesh abides in agony and tortured realiSms. Forever!

5Are we going to live forever in Eternity?
Yes,for with God there abides no time,no death and no end!
Hope it brings hope to you reading!
Echo words
No heart could know
Wisdom passed
Right through the Soul
Dreams are never
To be hold
Days unending linger

Seek the lie
To know the True
Holding on
Is all you do
Hide the tears
Within your eyes
Days going by

Find the way
That holds the day
Cast your eye
Up to the sky
Cast your fears
To times gone by
Days slowly fade away

A tale to tell
A time to dwell
Death to bring
Life aswell
Memories you beheld
Find yourself anew
Time goes by
A midnight sky
Filled with answers
A silent plight
All that is is well alright
If you only knew
If you only do
If you find its true

The name Adelai is of Lithuanian origin and means "Noble, brave, kind".
Halo"d-Eve??(A Fable)
(Narrator):Once a Year
When the Moon turns black
On a Night not so Holy
Rise from beneath
Summond to Life
The Devil"s own company

(Dark Voice):"Tis the Night",shouts a voice
"Tis OLD HALO"s EVE"...

And Every Spirit malicious
Every Demon rise cheer:
"Tis the Birthday of Satan
On the 31 st day of this month
Of the year"

(Satan):"Be Calm,my dear children,
Dont cowar in Fear-
It is Halloween
And MY birthdate is here"

(Narrator):Unbeknown,the Mortal folks gear
Up for the festive seasonal cheer-
"Trick or Treat",sounDS the echo"s
Of every child young and old
Whilst the grown ups prepare
For a "masqerade" hold

The witches and druids
The highest  of  priests
(Unbeknownst to Humans)
Cast a Spell in the breeze
And as Night falls down
And the Moon turns black,
The Devil himself says:

"Its Good to be Back"

"Calm my children
Tis not the Time Yet,
Soon I shall havoc wreck -
Uponst each Soul
That so foolishly cheer
On this the Unholiest
Night of the Year"

"Turn their Hearts
And capture their minds
Fill the sky with Death-
I shall soon myself rear,
Upon the Throne
In Hell proclaimed-
These Pityfull Souls
I shall all ordain

As MINE,Eternally!"

"Christ has his day
And this one be MINE-
So carry on cheering
As I rule Divine-
The Prince of all Darkness

Dear Reader
Think upon this-
Is Halloween all it proclaim that it is?
Think carefull where this tradition
Does it truely live
In the Heart of a Christian?
Or is it:

The Devil"s Exist.
Dark the Roads Ive travelled on,
shunning from the Light-
All of them led to the Same point,
hear this now, my plight.
True you might believe at first-
God you neednt need-
but Just remember to walk the talk that you so easy speak.
For time has come to make my peace(my chance to be redeemed)-with God whom i still yet seek repentance"s what i need.
For every thought an action born,
someday you will atone-
remember in the End,theres God-and God only alone...
There is NO BETTER TIME to make ur Peace with God,than at this very minute-For tomorrow might be too late...God keep you safe dear reader-                                              ***.                                              FredErick
To know friendship
You've got to be a friend,
To support someone's hardship
To be there in the End-
And most of all
Remind yourself,
It works both ways
It takes an amount:
Of trust
Of loyalty
To be a confidant
Without these
It means not very much.
It turns the bond
Right Into dust.
It takes away the essence true
Of me being
A friend
To you.

And thus it brakes the two

The conclusion?
A Bond that doesnt last.

I had believed
That it was
A bond to outlast time,
But found
It out
Too late,
Are you
A friend
Of mine?
"SoMetimes I feel afraid
As if life is rushing right past me-
And I'm falling behind somehow
My mind gets conFused
By all I do not know
And I feel sO alone
Needing a place to call home
DespIte being on my own
A perfect life,without Sorrow

Sometimes I wonder
How there is rain without thunder
How the sparrow find its way
Where the wind goes to Stay
And when light fades away
I'm in darkness till the day
Comes again

The stories from when I was small
Some have come true
Some not at all-
Were they ment to make me think
About what matters
About where I belong?
Those stories I almost recAll


Will you come to be with me?
Can I be your FRiend?
When It gets to quiet
Will you help me till the end?
I just sometimes talk
Will You listen-

SoMetimes I feel afraid
As if life is rushing right past me-
And I'm falling behind somehow
My mind gets conFused
By all I do not know
And I feel sO alone
Needing a place to call home
DespIte being on my own
A perfect life,without Sorrow

I am inside
I don't know how to pray though
God must love me
To make me have a hole
Inside my mind
I don't know lots of stuff
I'm not a Person who"S whole

God must Love me
Cause I'm


I'm told"....
This is a poem inspIred by a person,I've never met,but believes is out there!a mentAlly handicaped Soul who happened to chooSe me to Write down their thoughtS-..Thank you for letting me !.(Written after watcHiNg the movie:"I am Sam" with Sean Pean and Michelle Pfeiffer)
Who will hear me cry?
When those around me
Sees no wrong
Who will let me
Bare my soul
When each one has his pain?
Who will lift my spirit high
When life has knocked me down
When no one sees my fall
Is teethering just so?
Yes who can begin to understand
When alone these tears i cry
When to the world it seems
Another day has just passed by
Who can heal a broken heart
Who knows where to start
When it feels like understanding
Seems so far apart?
Is this only in my mind
This longing i will find
That each one has his own trial
That to anothers plight
Be blind?
Is this what waits upon one
When love has come and gone?
Is this how it feels
To truely be alone-
Who will listen
To my words
That falls down as tears
From my own eyes?
Who will tell me
Its alright
To let my sorrow free
When looking in a broken mirror
I am all i see?
Yes who has answers
To my questions
Who can plainly see
That trials and tribulations is
A part of humanity?
And if i choose to never speak
And keep my feelings hid
Will i have gained anything
For heartache i have lived?

The answer to this riddled plight
The prayer im left to said
'God its time you intersept
Ive given all i can
Without your guidance
I'll "silent" wept
In Jesus name"

Anywhere and Eternally
Which way the Soul
Will Follow
Everywhere and temporly
The heart will surely

Answers come from questions
Salvation through redemption
And faith is needed
Truth be seeked
The hollowed and the old

Despair becomes denial
Denial born from trial
And seek not but of Hope
And Love
The virtues always triumph

Fate will keep
The hand its delt
Until the very end
Coincidence but mere a leap
Into the dark uncertain bend
And trouble not your mind
The past the days will bind
But reach upward
To highest Heaven
There waits your destined ending

Be not of this world
Do not fall pray
The things the eye beheld
Will surely fall away
But know your but a traveller
Through the world to pass
The things kept in the soul
Will surely always last

And in every moment
From birth till death
Live your life but well
For someday it becomes to some
A Legend
just to tell
All things are possible
If not clouded by doubt
If not shadowed by fear
If not burdened by disbelief
If your heart holds your tear
If the search draws you near
If the weight on your shoulder gets relief
All things are possible
When you gaze not back on your past
When you cling to the present steadfast
When you realise tomorrow might be your last
When you don't let your faith die
When you don't exchange truth for lies
When you don't let your blessings pass you by
All things are possible

As these rules chain your soul
And you cannot brake free

All things are possible
With God inside me!
Cast away your sorrow
The sun will shine tomorrow
Turn your gaze to the sky
Cast away your trouble
Happiness will double
Dont let the good times pass you by

For in this life
Theres hope
In a little while
You'll cope
All you need is already there

Cast away your fears
Wipe dry all of your tears
Love will lift you high
Cast away your doubt
Show it the way out
All it takes is just to sigh

For in this times
You'll see
Life becons only
You and me
Faith will come to set you free
No more to be but lonely

Know that i will always care
All you need is already there
Already there...
ALLY:So here is where you flee the scene
BILLY:I Didn't knew I was going to find Georgia when I decided to leave
ALLY:So you kept the truth from me?
BILLY:would You have found peace if I explained to you how GeOrgIa was the one I found I wanted to be...
ALLY:yeS!!but you kept me from finding the strength to Hope again!To find my destiny...
BILLY:I didn't intend to cause you any confusion-nor more misery
ALLY:well,confusion coMes knocking and the truth leaves??
BILLY:you once said that what's the point in telling the truth when all its gonna do is cause pain in the end-
ALLY:but the truth could have saved me from pain ,which made my heart bend...

ALLY(crying softly)so I still love you...I'm not ashamed to admit it.But I know my strength lies in moving on-
BILLY:That's why I still feel something for you-you still see your sorrow and loss but you think someday you"lL have Won!
ALLY:yeah well-Hope within me makes me march forward!I guess behind Every dark cloud the light still shines from the sun?

BILLY(hugs ALLY)and you"ll find your place in the Are strong!
ALLY(hugs Billy back)and I know you"ll be there,...two rights can't make a wRong!I nEver doubted it my heart,I dance to a happy Song!And As long as I can still dance-i will be fine...and somewhere I will find the one- I Will belong....
I tried to write a dialogue that could be almost a poem(almost)from the tv show I enjOyed :ALLY MCBEAL-just a fun idea I had!
When fear arrives unto my mind
Thou mercy ease my broken wing
To lift me up higH above
To let me soar on wings of Love
For Thou holds watch till end of Time

If down the road I lonesome find
The cruelty of Life
Thou Hand divine
Lift mE up
With peace of mind
Thou ever leads my soul"s need
For Thou are here ,beside of me

Heaven reSounds
Thou Holy Name
Earth obide
Thou voice the same
For Thou are ever came

And though I seek
Far and wide
Thou has always
Been by my side
Heaven resounds
Thou Holy name
Earth obide
Thou voice the same
Ever more
And ever be
Will the Angels praise Thee
Lord Almighty God

When my life on earth
Comes to its end
When Time takes back
What Thou have lend
In days and nights
You mend
Be still,my soul
Its not the End
For I will be with Thou
Forever-till eternity
In Thy light
My souls eternal rest

In ThEe I find my rest
My soul is waiting
For you
There's not a thing i
Wouldn't do
To have you here next
To me
Forever i'll be
My soul is waiting

Yesterday i thought i saw
Your face
Heaven knows how
i miss Your embrace
But my heart couldn't see
And it was my eyes
Tricking me
For ever and a day
I knew it was not ment
To be

Late at night all alone
In the dark
The silence lingers
Upon my
Aching heart
The stars and moon doesn't light
The sorrow and the pain
In my mind
Guess i have to wait
A new day to start
Late at night all alone
In the dark

Minutes turns to hours
That Passes by
Hours to days that
Slowly does
Go by
Will the hands of time
Ever subside
Leaving me to
endlessly cry
And does it promise me
That someday
I will find
The way
As Minutes and the hours
never stay

So now i guess there's no words left
To say
Longing for that
fatefull day
When i will find that you might be
Feeling the same

A lyrical longing.
So if you wait forever,will you find the love you need?eternally to be faithfull...
And if I never happened upon your face
Would my life have been an empty place?
Would I have found Gods grace
To be whom I am?

And if I never knew that you were here
Would my life Have been different?
Would I have never beEn me
The I ,I am today?

And if I never tried to live like you
Would the destiny of my future changed too?
Would I have lived
The life I now knew?

Nothing happens without a reason
Life is made up out of seasons
What we decide is untrue
God allows -for me and you
To fulfill His Dream

Can anybody tell me
Why life have played out to be
THe life I'm living seemingly
If what I am-im Questioning
"What if" my Life, had should been

No one can tell me
For what I perceive to be
No one will comfort me
I'm not living free-
THese questions rEsting in mE
Have destROyed me completely

I can't see the "what is"
In a difference
From the "what iffs"

What iF I"ll never finD ME?

The way my life had should been...
And i know
the reason for crying
And i know
Why there is dying
And i know
Whats the use denying
That Life is Life
And all but trying

And i know
Through tears come hope
And i know
Somehow you learn to cope
And i know
It takes some timing
To keep your soul a float

And i know
You neednt wonder
And i know
Youre left to ponder
And i know
Just push a sunder
All the fear and all the pain

It takes some trying
And it takes
Some crying
To stop denying
That there is no more Hope
It takes trials
And it takes
Some fighting
In the end
Theres sunlight shining
Behind a cloud of doubt

And i know
You are  but trying
And i know
Through tears youve cried
The sun is shining
The passing through the night
And i know
Life seems so worthwhile
And i know
In the end you'will smile
For Faith and love
make it worthwhile

And i know
I know
The One known as the King of the Jews

It happened on a Friday
Round about nine,
When He who was Divine
Bore sin-yours  and mine-
And was hung upon a wooden cross
His hands and feet nailed tight
Yet none who knew His silent plight.
That within all His power and His might
Was cruxified -to bring the light-
Unjustly hung He out in sight

The one known as the King of the Jews

From the time of noon
Up until three
DarkneSs covered the sky entirely,
And with the outcry of these words:
"Eli Eli Lema sabagtani"
My God,why have Thoust forsaken me
He drew His last breath
And died-for all to See

The one known as the King of the Jews

The Temple curtain spliT in two
As He the King of the Jews died
so that We could enter
In Gods sight.
Forever after He paid the price
For me and you:

The one known as the King of the Jews

And after He had left this mortal plane
They broke not His bones
Left Him just the same,
And they laid Him to rest
In a TomB -in a cave
His life been given
His DesTiny remained-
As the Saviour to all mankind
The dead and the brave.
He had come to earth
Not to condemN-but to save:

The one known as the King -became the
He who bore no Sin-carried ours
Just so that we could be saved
From the wrath of the Almighty
He showed us the light,
Yet died unjustly
To AnSwer our plighT

The one known as Jesus the Christ

But on the Sunday morning
He had risen triumphantly,
Over Death He had won
Yes GodS only Son-
Who one day will return
To rule up Highly
On the right hand side
Of God-Lord Almighty

Thus remember the FridAy
Through till the Sunday,
Never again will Life stay the same
For He called us each upon the name,
To teach and obey His words left behind
And to love all of all  mankind.
For He died once ago a very long time
So that tHose who believe in Him
Find redemption ,salvation
From judgement and condEmnation.

He will come back someday
This much is true:

The one known as
Jesus-the King of the Jews!
Days that come
Times that go
When once a tale was told
When once kept in the Soul
Memories now only fade
Distant are those good old days
Finding now you are alone
How to fill this empty hole
Days that go

Listen to the new born wind
Echo round the heartache
Remember when just once again
You were here to be
Looking to the distant glow
Covered by a dark shadow
Thinking you came round again
But its just an echo

You have gone
Still your presence linger on
And finding in the End
Days had come
Times had went
All but just
An echo left
I never felt an emotion so strong
That when I wait for direction
And with time in silence
I find

An ocean to cross

I wonder if at that moment
As I journey onwards
That with certainty
I"ll find to see

An ocean to cross

And here deep inside of me
The clarity in my mind
Is when I know
With the ebb and flow

An ocean to cross

It lies deep within inside my heart
So I surrender to this
That when I try
An ocean to cross
I"ll be whole
As soon as
I"ll be with you

An ocean to cross
To come home
Thank You
From the core of my damaged soul

Your time taken to read my thoughts
Are more precious to me than silver or gold

                        I am as blessed
                        As much as my work
                           Gets read

And so i forget my tribulations
For in writing my feelings-I am whole!!

All my best wishes
An ode to everyone of you who takes the time to read my work!i believe im blessed because i am heard!i value your time for it nourishes my soul!

A big thank you for all of you who follows me!i hope im bringing something unto your hearts and minds!

I have 20 followers so far!i hope its just the beginning!you who follow me-i happily follow you too!

You bring hope to me-
You give me a reason to try
You make it all worthwhile!

I am deeply touched!

May you find hope most of all-for thats all we really have in this life!

I am not alone-




Till next i write
Thank You
From the core of my  soul

Your time taken to read my thoughts
Are more precious to me than silver or gold

                        I am as blessed
                        As much as my work
                           Gets read

And so i forget my tribulations
For in writing my feelings-I am whole!!

All my best wishes
An ode to everyone of you who takes the time to read my work!i believe im blessed because i am heard!i value your time for it nourishes my soul!
You bring hope to me-
You give me a reason to try
You make it all worthwhile!

I am deeply touched!

A big thank you for all of you who follows me!i hope im bringing something unto your hearts and minds!
May you find hope most of all-for thats all we really have in this life!

I am not alone-




I have over 100 followers now-and my poems been viewed over 8000 times!!
Thank you for your time spent!

All The Best
Till next I write
Another wave breaks on shore
I remain still in silent awe
And as it"s welcomed to the land
It breaks upon my hand

I still long for your only touch
A promise I keep leave me now
And as one wave begins to die
Another one comes to life

Listen to the rolling sea
Hear it calling out to me
Listen to the lonely sound
Of your tears that's all around
They take dreams to only ebb
I still gaze
As I still wept
I"ll see in your presence once again
A wave to still come yet

A whisper carried on its brake
I always yearned to see the light
And hope remains a little while
To only reach by sight

And hope remains a little while

Another wave on shore

Dreams will be- mine before
AnOther wave on shoRe...
My first poem i wrote!
A winters night
Cuddled up
The howling wind outside
Thoughts and dreams
Wrapped up tight
Linger in moonlight
And yesterday cant bare to go
Tomorrow still to come
Right here and only right now
The moment
All you own

And as your eyes
Begin to close
A journey will unfold
A tale of hope and faith
Your heart can find its home
The calmness of the silence go
To where it meets your soul
And as you drift away to sleep
Know Angels will
you keep

Tightly wrapped
And peace be sweet
Till a ray of sunlight meet
May you be safe
And always seek
The promise hidden deep within
Another winters sleep
Darkness unimaginable
Fear incomprehensible
Lies unapologeticall
Where in lies the fun???

To celebrate the wicked truth
To claim ignorant belief
There in lies the great deceit
Wrapped in words:
"Trick or treat"....
The hardest part of letting gO
Is to forgive-that I know
The best gift you will receive
Is the chance to believe
The easiest thing you"ll ever do
Is disTinquishing the lie from Truth
And in this all
Don't ever forget
Live ur life

With no regret!!

"A short little life with meaning" by Chuck..."The good and bad of lifes duettE" by RR Richardson.....Please help me write one more line-its up to you people to finish this poem!-thanks for the input!I value it everyone!
Silent Prayer
Leave my heart anew
Silent Tear
Falls from my eye too
When you find
Faith calls out to you
Catch a Fallin Heart
A silent prayer to seldom part

Silent Prayer
Walk the road alone
Silent Tear
When ur far from Home
When you find
Hope for your own
Mend a broken Heart
A silent prayer to never part

Silent Prayer
I'll find the way
Silent Tear
No one else can say
When you find
Dawns a New Day
Fill a sacred Heart
A silent prayer from the start
Catch a fallin Heart
A silent Prayer to seldom part
Mend a broken heart
A Silent Prayer to never part
We all carry our own
Every time we shed a tear-God reaches out to pull us near,every question we proclaim-God waits, to our soul,to explain.Life isn't only what we see,but faith and hope and the Believe-in rainbows after every storm-in life eternal when re-born,in guidance when we lose our waY,in "coming home" on someday.Remember-you are cherished and beloved by God our Father up above,and even though we face Life"s  "pain" ,in Heaven He will welcome all who say:"Beloved Jesus,in Thy name,I surrender all ,my life ,my pain.Thank you that you will sustain,in this my daily life I'm in.Watch over my heart and soul-be with me,where ever I go.Thank you for your promise still,that someday you"ll return again,to take your children home in the end."....I bless you now:Hope you have a happy day!
May peace be with you-thnk you for reading!!FredErick
Behind a happy smile
There sometimes hides a lie
When for all of time or just
Even a little while
I find myself wonder
I need to think no more
If all youve had and
All you lose
Went walking out the door
Remember moments
Thats gone before
And remember a smile
Sometimes hide so much more
Can you tell where my Dreams have gone
Can you tell why they"ve died
Yesterday,seems so long ago
Tell me,Can You?

Will you seek for the moonlit sky
Stars that are formed from the tears I cry
Will you seek for the Lullaby
I heard in my youth
Tell me,will You?

Promise me when my Heart sighs
Promise me things will be alright
I cannot find what Ive lost inside
Promise me?

My Soul has lost its way back home
Living Life all alone
My Hope and faith
Have all now gone......

A Soul"s Echo
I caught a falling star
Kept in near my heart
Reminded me although
We are so far apart
We end the day under
The same big sky above
So i wrapped it up with love
And released it up above
To shine down upon you
To remind you that its true
Your always in my heart
And in the sky is the star
Follow the trail through a Forest green,
Whisper my name to the Wind unseen-
Walking along till you find your Dream,
Im right where Ive always been

Watch as the waves of the Ocean Blue,
Carries away all your troubles
A Paradise where I"ll be waiting for
Love will always be True

So close Your eyes,
A Heart broken by Lies-
Promises made truely never dies.
And Keep your Heart,
With Truth as its guard-

At the End begins a brand New Start...

Place a Prayer upon a Star
Lit by the moon in a dark
The answer will come like a
Hope will get you by.

Search Your Heart when you cant
Answers unknown by your own
Faith slowly grows only with
You will always be mine

So open your Soul,
For sadness must still go-
Believe that Love will always hold.
And Keep your Heart,
With Truth as its guard-

At the End begins a brand New Start,
At the End begins A brand new Start.
Distant on the horizon
A vision of new hope
Chained to my own longing
My heart can nearly cope
My feet knows the way to follow
My eyes are spent cried hollow
If nothing stands in my way
Why then justify the words i say?
Surely time and space allow
Surely my mind will know how
To reach that shore
Touch the mirage once more
In an endless desert stretched out before

What will i find there?
Will i travel without care?
Theres only one way to know for sure
To reach
A vision once more
A promise made by you
A vow to be ever true
Giving all of who you are
Beginning together a
brand new start
You will be by my side
Till death us parden
Taken by the night
You always remain
my guiding light
my other half for all my life

To you
I will be faithfully
For all my days to come
With you i will partake upon
This journey cast no fear
For when i feel alone,abandoned
You will draw me near
Each new horison
Each step thats made
Your footprints will be next to mine
Forever and a day

So do i make
My promise too
To be with
To cherish
and comfort you
And all the days that lies ahead
Never part your side
For all my soul and yes my heart
I give now unto you
In these times we live in-Never has it been morE crucial to realise wether  you are a true child of God...or a servant of the world!At the eve of Good Friday ,take a moment and think.Jesus Christ bore the blame and died for humanities sin-we were truely without hope-we deserved Gods punishment...yet Jesus became our mediator between us and God!His death gave us the salvation to one day spend Eternity outside of damnation...yes free from damnation in the pits of Hell!Jesus died-so that we could live!He left us His Peace!....We need to become aware that the Devil is out to destroy Gods true children-and Is perpetuating the lie that the Peace of the Lord is off this world!If you ever felt restless inside-know that the PeacE of the Lord Jesus is the deeper peace we must look for-and that the  peace being "of a state of mind" is off this world-and there to mislead the true children of God (wether it be financially,emotionally or even reliGiously)We as Gods children need to know that persecution will come against us,for being Gods children!Jesus made it clear that if the world come against us-we should know that it came againSt Him first!Taking a stand may mean facing resistance and being "outcasted"(from relationships,your current work environment etc)But one day when the time of Jesus"s coming happens-judgement upon all of humanity shall happen(for we shall be held accountable for our every deed,good and bad,)The oppression we will face will be because we proclaim Jesus to be the one and only entry unto God-and that He is the only salvation from damnation!For if we profess with our mouth-we profess out loud.Decide in your heart now:if you are ready to rEceive Gods offering-and know that we are like sheep sent out amongst the wolves,yet have a shepard who will watch over us! Jesus has risen from the grave-He triumphed over death and this world!and herein lies the wonder of Gods love:WE have been pardoned by HIS death!!He will come for His true children!!Be Blessed!
For no greater Love
Has someone but be
The everlasting sacrifice
For you and for me
No deeper care
Than the one who hang there
To bore all your sin
For justice thats fair
And never again
Shall your past bore the pain
All is forgiven
Forever He reigns
Know but only this
Beloved you are now
No greater hope
Than the hope you have found
Happy Easter
Between the Darkness and the Light
Between what's wrong and what is right
Lies the Eternal plight
For we live by faith-noT sight

Between rEmembarance and Forget
BEtween Forgiveness and rESent"
Lies the past and the preSent
For we are merely to Earth sent
To find our way back home


Between LessoNs leArnt
We much more gain
The direction"s destinations
To where Eternity -we"ll spend!
The journey to find out "your identity" of who you are,is often a difficult one....if You Realise that we AREN'T all the "same" it doesn't mean ur less of a good person-doesnt mean you don't deserve acceptance but does mean that you are WORTHY-....If God intended us to "be" All the same-we would never have had been given "free will".. Be aware that the truest of essence whom you were ment to be-is GOD GIVEN-change the characteristics you can change-and believe that He created you unto His Plan,...yes you were intended to be what you discover-for whom knows the thoughts and will of God,to doubt that He has laid ur path out accordingly,all you need do,is become the "casted  actor"in this play God calls life!!"For all the world is a stage-and we are mearely actors"
You only get one chance-BE YOU!!!
"Though ye walk through
The valley of despair"-
I shall not fear.

Though I find the emptiness
Deep inside of me-
I shall shed no tears.

For YOU have walked upon this land
Many times ago,
YOU felt fear and were alone...
So I have this to know!

Your promiSe still rings true
Yes even today to me too:
"I'm not


Just on my journey

Echo the Day
Words i could never say
Never knew someday
You would go away

Silent the Night
As i hold my plight
Never saw the light
Now your from sight

The Seasons change slowly
Now im travelling lonely
Wishing i was only
Yet now far from feeling homely

Will i get one more chance
Remembering yesterday
Will i see you once again
How blessed i would be
Walking back into your arms
And maybe time will stand still
Even for an hour or two
Maybe a day or three

I guess its only wishfull thinking
Yet how blessed i would be
Having you here Eternaly
I will never be lonely
I guess its only day dreaming
Having you back right beside me
Yet how blessed i would be
I guess im now forever lonely

Echo the Day
Silent the night
The seasons change slowly
Aint it just  bittersweet irony
Good will to all
The season come
And peace upon your soul
Let every heart cheer
Love may draw you near
And earth resound the day
As heartache falls away
And earth receive the joy
Tis is the most wonderfilled way
So Long...
You know...
Miss me?
A Little...
Come back?
I Cant...
Whilst standing in a sea of faces
Tears inside me leave their traces
Fear shadows me like clouds
And gives birth unto doubt
And all around the sounds of voices
Inside I feel I've lost the choice

To live to die
To smile and try
To seek the meaning of my life

Yet within comes a soft wisper
Choose me
Choose life

Death beckons me to change my mind
To leave the sadness all behind
To let  this mortal life go by
Yet my soul still cry
What truth arise to let this lie
Within my confused mind

And a dove upon a branch up high
Beneath a cloudless sky
Brings peace unto my weary mind
As if to say

Choose me

Choose life!
I like coffee
And You like tea
I love the silence
You like to scream
-Coffee and tea
Go perfectly-
Why oh why dont you see?

I like mornings
You like eve's
And I love the sunrise
Till late you sleep
-Mornings and eve's
Together it is-
Why oh why dont you agree?

You and me
Were ment to be
Happy ever afterly.
And if no one realy cared
You find yourself alone out there
Turn your thoughts to prayer
Seek Him out if you dare
Darkness strip the sky from stars
It shadows over the moon

A unearthly voice fills the wind
It drowns out the silence

What has thou comest to do
Why seeks one out the truth?
Know ye not that Evil rules
But only for one night?

Tremble deep within the soul
No help but dare to rear

The dead sleeps no more
Evil comes to set its score

Why doth seek ye out at this
The terror and resist?
Know not you that Evil keeps
Those who foolish steep?

Tis not a time to cheer
But turn to inward gaze
That from Hell itself arise
The wickedness and praise
Celebrate ye not dear one
The war is fought
The battle done
But seek thou side
Of light and true
Pray that Evil pass by you
Dont tempt the hand of fate

Resist him
Stand steadfast in faith
And he
Will flee from you
For He who is
Within you
Is mightier than he
Who rules this world.....
It is sad that from foolish cheer and ignorance so many a soul is lost to the Dark
I turned around to late to see-
The tears blinding me,
I realised to late That you
Had walked out on me
And though I knew this day would come
I Wished it be undone
Yet now the story played out wrong
I lost when I had hoped to won

So give me one more chance
Darling You have cared for me
Give me one more chance
Darling you were there for me
If I pray this now
Will things change somehow?

I always thought I had the strength
To make it on my own
I never saW the strengtH that came
From you all along
Yet noW I can plainly see
The strength from you lies here in Me
I had it all yet now I have none

So give me one more chance
Darling You have cared for me
Give me one more chance
Darling you were there for me
If I pray this now
Will things change somehow?

Here is the lesson I'd learned
That you don't know what uve had
Till its  Gone

So give me one more chance
Darling You have cared for me
Give me one more chance
Darling you were there for me
If I promisE You:
I still need you
Would you carE for me?
Be there for me?

Darling I

Never take anyone for granted-ever!loved ones are only lend to us for a while!
Dreams undreamed
Dies at the seem
And who knows where they rest

Hopes unhoped
Goes up in smoke
And like the wind remains

Love unloved
Ascends to Heaven above
And guarded by Angels for


Prayers unprayed
Hidden in the  Heart
Belonging to someone whom cries

Dreams are dreamed
Hope gets Hoped
Love will be loved
And Prayers will unfold

Dear Lord
Let it be so...
Death is nothing to fear
It is but a step into Eternal sphere
It is a new beginnin as an End
draws near
It is the continuating of Life ever more
It is the opening onto a closed door
Death is purpose as to Life is for

Leaving but this mortal stance
Death is merely Life's new dance
In a realm of peace and a new chance
Finding the answer to hidden alms

Death is nothing to fear
As a new day borns a days end near
Simply but the entrance to new years
That is waiting in anticipation clear
Death itself holds no fear

May your Heart take courage
And your Soul
Eternal peace
The fear itself is not of death but the hidden uncertainty of Eternal life
Dreams are not yours to keep-        .                             memories go who knows where
It takes a 100 tears you weep
Know my heart will always care...


When you find yourself alone
Heaven beckons ur heart home
Remind me why you had to go
When the answers I don't know

          Dreams are not yours to keep-        .                             memories go who knows where
It takes a 100 tears you weep
Know my heart will always care...

Even as you fall asleep
The dreams live on inside me deep
Every memory I will keep
Silent tears I always weep

When time has turned my heart to stone
A part of me-a part you own
And now that I am here alone
How could I again be whole

Dreams are not yours to keep-
Memories go who knows where
Life"s answers come when life"s complete
Know in my heart I"ll always care...

So just before the last goodbye
Only God will see me cry
May Angels walk beside ur side
Heaven welcomes- you abide

And here I stand on my own

        Dreams are not yours to keep-        .                             memories go who knows where
It takes a 100 tears you weep
Know my heart will always care...
Dreams are not yours to keep-
Memories go who knows where
Life"s answers come when life"s complete

Forever you live in my heart

Dreams are all that I now keep
Never we will be apart
Memories go who knows where
Someday i meet you there....
"Saying goodbye-   see you again in Heaven...."
(Death leaves the one who has to carry on life with this Hope)
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