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  Sep 2018 Frederick
Oh no

I was told once
that happiness was around the corner
just go and get it

I crashed into a wall

But they don't get it
I'm not one for speeding
around sharp corners

chasing happiness around the corner

I don't cut corners

straight to death.
© Tatiana
Frederick Sep 2018
The sun wont shine tomorrow
Your joy turn into sorrow
And no one else to borrow
A piece of hope for you

The moon wont shine tonight
Your dreams all take flight
And nothing seems so right
Than staying home instead

For every days a struggle
Through life you sometimes muddle
Keep your heart from trouble
When you are all alone
Who can add a fourth verse???
Frederick Sep 2018
Who will hear me cry?
When those around me
Sees no wrong
Who will let me
Bare my soul
When each one has his pain?
Who will lift my spirit high
When life has knocked me down
When no one sees my fall
Is teethering just so?
Yes who can begin to understand
When alone these tears i cry
When to the world it seems
Another day has just passed by
Who can heal a broken heart
Who knows where to start
When it feels like understanding
Seems so far apart?
Is this only in my mind
This longing i will find
That each one has his own trial
That to anothers plight
Be blind?
Is this what waits upon one
When love has come and gone?
Is this how it feels
To truely be alone-
Who will listen
To my words
That falls down as tears
From my own eyes?
Who will tell me
Its alright
To let my sorrow free
When looking in a broken mirror
I am all i see?
Yes who has answers
To my questions
Who can plainly see
That trials and tribulations is
A part of humanity?
And if i choose to never speak
And keep my feelings hid
Will i have gained anything
For heartache i have lived?

The answer to this riddled plight
The prayer im left to said
'God its time you intersept
Ive given all i can
Without your guidance
I'll "silent" wept
In Jesus name"

Frederick Aug 2018
Cotton clouds  in the Sky
And whispered words blowing by
Blown by the wind
Who knows why
Some Dreams never die-
Golden rays of sun that shine
Belong to neither you nor I
They touch the ground
Who knows why
Shadows of passers by

Ive thought on life
From both sides now
From right and wrong
And win and loose
Yet Lifes truths pass me by
I realy am not strong inside

People come and people go
Each remains a story told
And in every heart
A longing cry
To be accepted by-
Love remains the only true bind
That weaves all in present time
To each their own
And one alone
To love and die

Ive thought on love
From both sides now
From lie and truth
And win and loose
Yet Loves touch pass me by
I realy dont let Love choose
  Aug 2018 Frederick
Time ebbs away so craftily, so fast
     An hour, a day, a month, or yet a year—
     A decade too—they all shall disappear
And soon the present will become the past.
Death waits with ready sickle for the blast,
     When that appointed Time draws ever near,
     And greets us all with trembling hand, or tear,
With knells and saddest dirge, buried at last.

     But God shall one day waken all these bones,
Which now lay mould’ring with damp worms and clay,
Shall gather all our dust and bid it rise.
     For now, each dreamless head sleeps ‘neath these stones,
Soon God shall raise them to unending Day
Our blissful, heav’nly home, beyond the skies.
19 March 2017 9:28am EDT
Frederick Aug 2018
If it turns back to you
The next move yours to make,
Will you always be true
If once you choose to partake?
If the next move falls to me
I promise this clearly
I wont run and back away
Theres so much that i want to say
Especially to you

If the ball lands in your court
And its up to you you see
Will you choose to notiçe me
Or will you run and flee?
If its up to only me
And luck smiles down easily
I tell you this  truthfully
I will play oh so paitintly
If only i can  make you see

Time becomes the master
Days and nights to keep
If all i am is easy
For you i will fall deep
Every season has its turn
Every day a purpose
But will i find relief
From your obscureness?

Yes if it comes back to you
And what it is that you do
Will you still be truthfull
If you decided too
Tell me goodbuye?
And this i long from you
To never let this be
For if it is up to you
I guess i have to leave
If you love someone set them free
If they come back to you
This love is yours to keep
Frederick Aug 2018
To be the best you can be
Listen not to others critique
Look within your own soul
The best it is you already own

To be the best you can be
Takes strength and courage to succeed
Will mean to lose all negativity
Yet also knowing whats reality

You cannot be what others see
Your truth is yours to keep
The best you that you will stay
Is not to compare to someones way

To be the best you can be
Will only work for you you see
And never turn your back only
To be the best you that you can be..
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