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Cast away your sorrow
The sun will shine tomorrow
Turn your gaze to the sky
Cast away your trouble
Happiness will double
Dont let the good times pass you by

For in this life
Theres hope
In a little while
You'll cope
All you need is already there

Cast away your fears
Wipe dry all of your tears
Love will lift you high
Cast away your doubt
Show it the way out
All it takes is just to sigh

For in this times
You'll see
Life becons only
You and me
Faith will come to set you free
No more to be but lonely

Know that i will always care
All you need is already there
Already there...
Ive come to face my insecurities
No one will use them again against me
Ive walked the path of selfhate
Ive looked at my once pitifull reflect
And ive grown from them
I have come to accept
No longer will my power
Be taken again from me
By those whom show no sympathy
I was once drenched in regret
I had been confronted by it
Yet now i proclaim
That i need no pity
Nor fake empathy
I have become the very essence
I thought i would never be
Now i hold my cards
I decide what i play and
What i withold
And ive learned to not
Give myself away anymore
The one whom will bare the shame
Wont be me after all
I have been reborn
I have made my peace
These chains once strong
Cannot bind me again
I have heard the call:
Be steadfast and at ease
Do not settle for being defeat
Now you have received
The gift of being set free-
No one nor nothing will get to me
I have embraced with self acceptance
I have welcomed and deflect my
Faults and shortcomings
I have become the victor
Discarded the victim mentality
Revenge is when you do
What youve planned
Despite setbacks
Only i have the power
Over how much i let be
And this is my warrior outcry
I will triumph
For once
Im going to seek
What lies within my soul
And if i reveal
More darkness than light
Sometimes you battle a loosing fight

For once
Im going to unchain
labels society attatched to my name
And if i find
I am too vain
Somehow the pain remains the same

For once
Im questioning this life
The things i do not have
And if i find
I have much strive
Why is Life so unkind?

For once
Im focusing on me
All my desires and own needs
And if i find
They are not met
Why pretend im so happy?

For once
I'll admit im drained
That death would bring release
And if i find
My sins i attain
Well nothing ventured nothing gained

For i am who i am
I cannot be
What is expected
Of me
And me
I will be
It doesnt bring
acceptance nor my validate from society
And if what i am
Is lack
and clearly not enough
Of what i need to be
Atleast ive learned
To live my life
For only but just me
Where do dreams go
After you find them at night alone?
When the moon ebb
And the stars above twinkling glow
Please Tell me so
Where do dreams go?

Where do dreams go
After you find them at night alone?
When you peacefull sleep
Does your soul alone only know
Please Tell me so
Where do dreams go?

So dream again
Find the answers from deep within
So dream again
Just Try to remember when
When once in your innocence
Dreams had remembarance
Dreams that was known
Please Tell me so
Where dreams go

Where do dreams go
At the breaking of morning light?
When the stars hide
And Your mind is woken up by
The dawning sky
Oh Tell me why
where do dreams go?

And if you know
Wont you please tell me so
Where do dreams go?
Like wind that buffets lofty trees
And breaks what’s loose and dry
The trials that bring us to our knees
Will cleanse us by and by

And like the winter snows that fall
To grant the earth a rest
The colder times that come for all
Will help renew our best

Like dusky eve and dawn so bright
Give cycles to our sphere
So let your dark give way to light
Let hope oppose your fear

Let rhythms flow and guide your way
In yielding - you will find
Both strength and joy in every day
Both wealth and peace of mind
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This poem is about following the natural rhythms and cycles of life, and thus allowing more flow into each day.

Our planet has cycles of dark and light, and seasons that come and go.  We can learn from these patterns.
He chased illusions
On the horizon visions
His will but iron clad
To follow the hidden secret path
His eyes fixing with care
Ne'er loosing sight of whats waiting there
An illusion to heavy alone to bare

He traded: dreams for reality
Living of fantasy but gladly
As the real world started fading
He had traded security without
What's given up goes without explaining

He had been told
That to have it,something must be sold
He had traded his youth
To become only but old
He longed for the promise ahead
Still but only slightly keeping his head
Whilst his hope beat barely in his chest
The chance to escape the finality of Death

Alone on his chosen journey
His desire to obtain it still yearning
He had lost his way back home
He had traded companionship to be lonely
On his way to be only
Far far away from but knowing
Death cant be avoided plainly
He was misled and falsely guided
Too late now to be reminded

Illusions seldom come true
Born within the heart
Sometimes flow from my eyes
Stained with tears,set apart
Often times
Birth within my Soul
Torn apart and broke
With its meaning only
understood by God

Somehow they are set free
Often times received not
But they long to find release
From the turmoil
In my heart
Words only known
To the broken and the lost
To the one whom is lonely
Only they know its meaning
Words of longing

Save them securely
Let them be written in stone
Spare a thought
As to only
Led them guide you
back home
For they are formed divinely
A thought once from an Angel
Transcend from above
Received upon with love
And sweet on the lips
Bringing hope and belonging
To a world filled with sorrow
To the one that is lonely
That are placed there by God
Himself only...
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