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Broken pieces of my heart
A day that ends
To only again start
With me i carry it
Its the only reminder
I am still alive
Life only lends our memories
To cherish times
That wont ever come again
My broken heart

A soul that journeys on
Not knowing whats ahead
And walking with no regret
A thousand days may come
Tomorrow might never be
And all along i find
That you still care
Your still there
For me

And faith has beckoned me
This live i am to be
Eternity will someday see
I am here and you are there
For always
For me

So tears that i have shed
Points the road ahead
Of where i am ment to realy be
You will be there
You'll always care

For me

Love will light my way
To a brand new day
And loneliness has kept me
Till then
Till the End

For me........
She had endured too much
She was touched by sorrow
Subjected to heartache
Drained of courage and hope
Beaten by the worlds
Hatred and darkness
Left broken

She found truth
In her sorrow
Courage in her trials
Strength to live
Another day and tomorrow
A light inside
Where hate cannot follow
She became someone
When she was forced to be
Her life does matter
Her spirit triumphantly glow

She was told to give up
She choose to be

To do
What one must
Is to do
What one trust

To let go
What one wants
Is To keep
What one cant

To do better
Is to know better
When you do
You will pull through

Life comes by but once
Thats true..
Maybe things will work out
Things never stay the same
What your heart can dream
Sometimes can remain
Life goes round and about
Bringing to each day
The choice to be stronger
To face all the heartache

Have Faith and courage plenty
The truth will light your way
Decide to journey on
This road that lies await
And gaze to the Horizon
A new dawns breaking day

Heres to Lifes blessing
That things wont stay the same
Come ye little child
Come and be amazed
Life can somehow
Be a daze
So rest your little heart

Come ye little child
Feel Gods tender Love
An overwhelming embrace
And walk the path not lonely
Find courage but to face

Come ye little child
Death has but its place
But turn your gaze to Heaven
Thats where we will be safe
a day and for always
A Soul welcomed home
Years that spent upon
This mortal plain
A journey of
A thousand steps
Now memories are
what remain
A Life that once
was owned
Times of hope and
sorrow too
Finds its
Eternal Hope
Its the darkness that arise
It is the death within its eyes
It is the hatred that surprise
Innocent minds

Dont believe me?
I'll speak no lies
Its the Devil himself
In light disguised

Once when truth
Covered this earth
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