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And in the End.........

If this was my last attempt
If these were my last words
Would it have mattered anyway
Would they be alive for longer than a day??
Would i look back
Would i have found the way??
And would my heart break be healed
My soul whole again??

Step by step
Moment for moment
Day by day
Ì know not what lies await
Step by step
Day by day
My oh my
I go my own way.

This road i have to walk on
Brings its own pain
This place i have to find
May make me feel forsake
And its just the fear of falling
The journey i partake
Just a voice thats calling
To ******* and stay

Step by step
Day by day
Moment by moment
Guidance i take
My oh my
I go my own way.

Now dont slip away
Dont i forget
From where ive come from
To where i need to go
Is all but what i expect
Ive always already known

Step by step
Day by day

My oh my
These words of mine
Will fade

(to be continued...)
This is very well my last poem...
What a blessing words have been to me.all that ive written here on HP...

I guess to all and End will come.
Its not fair but its Life 's way....
Hear the voice of Hope
Through strength you will cope
Life itself wispers
Like the breeze
within trees
With legends once told
How fear within courage
time by time unfold
Ever reminding
Ever there
To not be forgotten
To not be despaired
But always to welcome
The road left outstretched

Find wisdom that waits
A Heart not built to brake
And see
A blessed journey partake
Life brings never more
What you can not yet face
Its within darkness found
That the light will not fade

A thousand steps
Does not quicken the haste
But brings forth Faith
In what you can face
Life hides in tomorrow
Today but the pace
Of how far
And how long
A journey can take

Walk bravely with reason
As to days
Theres a Season
As to birds
There is singing
Life seems to work out that way
And live in the moment
Before its too late...
Bright the moon
And stars at night
Beams are born
Of Angels flight
Hush my dear
Sleep sound in peace
Tomorrow brings
Just what you need
So sail away
Ebb on the shore
When happily
Your heart explore
Treasured moments
Dreams unfold
Of riches more
Than silver or gold...
Beyond the rainbow
Far away
Theres a moment when
All heartaches fade
And no fear nor doubt
But only faith remain

Beyond the rainbow
A soul finds peace and hope

And through the
Forest of lost memories
Behind the
Island of lost dreams

Beyond the rainbow
Thats where you will
Find me...
Forest of lost memories
Days gone by and done
How silently a heart yearns
For whats been lost
And gone

Sunlight dapple through
The long forgotten trees
Birds sing no more
As im left on my knees
Crying for whats gone and been so long ago

Why have you come?
What has brought you here?
A heart thats broken
A mind thats given up
And a soul looking
To once again be whole...

Forest of lost memories
Is there still but hope
For me??

Forest of lost memories
Ive come back home
Once more.
Island of Lost Dreams
I find myself on
Dreams that once were
A journey half done
And remembarance long gone
Hidden from the mind
Island of Lost Dreams
No shore to ebb and tide upon

Blue and white colours
Of sea and of sky
And brighter the moon
Than the daily sun
Island not known
To mere mortal's son
Carried forever by whats said and whats done

No place to count tears
Walk bravely without fear
Look with your heart
Nourish your soul

Island of Lost Dreams
I can always count on..
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