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Nov 16 · 15
Forever and Eternity
And i write these words to say
That i think of you each day
That in my heart
Is where you'll stay

And i keep this memory alive
Of the days that had gone by
To let you realise
Your place is beside me
For always

And i say this prayer each night
That you'll find the way in light
That you make it home tonight
Here with me
For all time

Dont you never realy forget
And dont
Dont you hold onto regret
See im waiting here for you
You know it always will be true
Forever and ever

And i keep you in my soul
You are making me feel whole
Yesterday ive let just go
Right now is all i own

And every  tear that i have cried
Is written in me deep inside
Trying to make it through alright
Never longing to hide
For all time

And hope is all i have
That you will just be safe
That you keep up a brave face
When you leave this place
For always

Dont you never realy forget
And dont
Dont you hold onto regret
See im waiting here for you
You know it always will be true
Forever and ever

Remember me
I will love you dearly

Forever and Eternity
Nov 14 · 19
In your heart
Days that wont be forgot
Longing deep in my heart
When once you were still here
I could hold you so very near
But now youve gone
And eternity seems too long
To carry on without you
Life just seems so wrong

Your voice
Your wisdom
Now silent and forgot
Yet you live and echo
Forever in my soul
How i wont ever
let you go

Death is unforgiving
Yet Life never ending
Remembering you
What else will i ever do

May your soul
Be free now
From pain and heartache
May you feel Love
In its truest of forms
But will you
Never replace
In your heart...
Oct 31 · 325
A star
I caught a falling star
Kept in near my heart
Reminded me although
We are so far apart
We end the day under
The same big sky above
So i wrapped it up with love
And released it up above
To shine down upon you
To remind you that its true
Your always in my heart
And in the sky is the star
Oct 31 · 38
Let it be so
A journey
A discovery
A lesson learned

Such is my only companion
Ive never been known
To feel welcomed in a crowd

Where is my rest
Where can i just be at ease

That is my longing
But to me
Its still unknown

We came from Home
We had companionship
And a sense of security
For in this world
We are but travellers
And we seek to be again whole
Back to our Eternal state
Of permanent

Guide me
Oh Lord
Let it be so...
Oct 31 · 19
I guess ive always known
You pick up Lifes meaning
When youre all alone
That all that ever realy matter
Is the time you have but now
Tomorrow isnt agiven
Yesterday takes what once was
All you realy have is here and now

People you love
Wont always be here
Carry them in your heart
When they have to go somewhere
Tell them
You love them
Before you shed a tear
When someday they wont come back
They wont be again near
For what do we realy have
But Love
Love from God in Heaven
Love for one another
Be it mother or father
Sister or brother

Life is lived best
When you love
No one wants to be alone
We all need to feel needed
And yes loved
GOD came from Heaven
To experience that love

If all that we can carry
If all that we can own
Let it be Love
Dont think you can go it all alone

If i keep a part of you
Deep In my heart
No distance can ever
keep us apart
And know that love
Will be my hearts guard
Till we meet again
To all whom ive known,ive always loved
Oct 28 · 32
Life worth Living
Why do the nightingale sing
Why would the clouds roll by?
Why does a tear to but hope bring
Why can i just but only sigh?

Why does my heart still brake
The forgotten faith but take?
Memories of days gone lost
If all but tears is what it cost?
To feel alive again

It is the way of Life
Its how it ebbs and flow
Facing hardships filled with strive
No one knowing why its so
Yet better days are to but come
When all youve lost you have but won
And deep desires come undone
Turning your gaze but to the sun
It is the keeper of but none

Why do the nightingale sing?
Why do a tear hope bring?

It is the Life worth Living....
(It is just a "given")
Cast away your sorrow
The sun will shine tomorrow
Turn your gaze to the sky
Cast away your trouble
Happiness will double
Dont let the good times pass you by

For in this life
Theres hope
In a little while
You'll cope
All you need is already there

Cast away your fears
Wipe dry all of your tears
Love will lift you high
Cast away your doubt
Show it the way out
All it takes is just to sigh

For in this times
You'll see
Life becons only
You and me
Faith will come to set you free
No more to be but lonely

Know that i will always care
All you need is already there
Already there...
Oct 15 · 84
Turnin older
Ive come to face my insecurities
No one will use them again against me
Ive walked the path of selfhate
Ive looked at my once pitifull reflect
And ive grown from them
I have come to accept
No longer will my power
Be taken again from me
By those whom show no sympathy
I was once drenched in regret
I had been confronted by it
Yet now i proclaim
That i need no pity
Nor fake empathy
I have become the very essence
I thought i would never be
Now i hold my cards
I decide what i play and
What i withold
And ive learned to not
Give myself away anymore
The one whom will bare the shame
Wont be me after all
I have been reborn
I have made my peace
These chains once strong
Cannot bind me again
I have heard the call:
Be steadfast and at ease
Do not settle for being defeat
Now you have received
The gift of being set free-
No one nor nothing will get to me
I have embraced with self acceptance
I have welcomed and deflect my
Faults and shortcomings
I have become the victor
Discarded the victim mentality
Revenge is when you do
What youve planned
Despite setbacks
Only i have the power
Over how much i let be
And this is my warrior outcry
I will triumph
Oct 10 · 27
The real me
For once
Im going to seek
What lies within my soul
And if i reveal
More darkness than light
Sometimes you battle a loosing fight

For once
Im going to unchain
labels society attatched to my name
And if i find
I am too vain
Somehow the pain remains the same

For once
Im questioning this life
The things i do not have
And if i find
I have much strive
Why is Life so unkind?

For once
Im focusing on me
All my desires and own needs
And if i find
They are not met
Why pretend im so happy?

For once
I'll admit im drained
That death would bring release
And if i find
My sins i attain
Well nothing ventured nothing gained

For i am who i am
I cannot be
What is expected
Of me
And me
I will be
It doesnt bring
acceptance nor my validate from society
And if what i am
Is lack
and clearly not enough
Of what i need to be
Atleast ive learned
To live my life
For only but just me
Oct 10 · 29
Where do dreams go?
Where do dreams go
After you find them at night alone?
When the moon ebb
And the stars above twinkling glow
Please Tell me so
Where do dreams go?

Where do dreams go
After you find them at night alone?
When you peacefull sleep
Does your soul alone only know
Please Tell me so
Where do dreams go?

So dream again
Find the answers from deep within
So dream again
Just Try to remember when
When once in your innocence
Dreams had remembarance
Dreams that was known
Please Tell me so
Where dreams go

Where do dreams go
At the breaking of morning light?
When the stars hide
And Your mind is woken up by
The dawning sky
Oh Tell me why
where do dreams go?

And if you know
Wont you please tell me so
Where do dreams go?
He chased illusions
On the horizon visions
His will but iron clad
To follow the hidden secret path
His eyes fixing with care
Ne'er loosing sight of whats waiting there
An illusion to heavy alone to bare

He traded: dreams for reality
Living of fantasy but gladly
As the real world started fading
He had traded security without
What's given up goes without explaining

He had been told
That to have it,something must be sold
He had traded his youth
To become only but old
He longed for the promise ahead
Still but only slightly keeping his head
Whilst his hope beat barely in his chest
The chance to escape the finality of Death

Alone on his chosen journey
His desire to obtain it still yearning
He had lost his way back home
He had traded companionship to be lonely
On his way to be only
Far far away from but knowing
Death cant be avoided plainly
He was misled and falsely guided
Too late now to be reminded

Illusions seldom come true
Oct 8 · 35
Born within the heart
Sometimes flow from my eyes
Stained with tears,set apart
Often times
Birth within my Soul
Torn apart and broke
With its meaning only
understood by God

Somehow they are set free
Often times received not
But they long to find release
From the turmoil
In my heart
Words only known
To the broken and the lost
To the one whom is lonely
Only they know its meaning
Words of longing

Save them securely
Let them be written in stone
Spare a thought
As to only
Led them guide you
back home
For they are formed divinely
A thought once from an Angel
Transcend from above
Received upon with love
And sweet on the lips
Bringing hope and belonging
To a world filled with sorrow
To the one that is lonely
That are placed there by God
Himself only...
Sep 28 · 27
A vision
Distant on the horizon
A vision of new hope
Chained to my own longing
My heart can nearly cope
My feet knows the way to follow
My eyes are spent cried hollow
If nothing stands in my way
Why then justify the words i say?
Surely time and space allow
Surely my mind will know how
To reach that shore
Touch the mirage once more
In an endless desert stretched out before

What will i find there?
Will i travel without care?
Theres only one way to know for sure
To reach
A vision once more
Sep 21 · 27
he roam the earth unending
seek only to proclaim
that whilst a third of heaven
cast down upon this plain
with those left to remain

his pride had been his fall
once brightest morning star
his longing to attain
the title of the great
"I am" in vain

his fate has been secured
his reign but all thats given
no place left up in Heaven
the earth his only lure
mankind but to endure

the title of deceiver
the father of the lie
since when the dawn of time
mankind but denied
through sin and disobedience
forfit from paradise
to only work through struggle
to live only to die

and many follow he obtain
like the sand upon the sea
through hate and disobedience
a while that he is free
from all four corners
of the earth
his terror will succeed
to corrupt the minds with evil
of old and young to be
left behind indeed


He who is Eternal
He whom cast him down
With fire rain from heaven
upon the wicked crowd
yes,He whose fate he sealed
will wipe him from the earth
his place reserved through judgement
demise his only worth
and cast into the abyss
for all eternity
By He who is omnipotent
To whom His name the glory
Redeemer and our saviour
The way,the truth,the Life
He whom is the beginning
And the never ending
He who had but died
And once again had rise

For all Eternity...
Sep 20 · 34
A Legend just to tell
Anywhere and Eternally
Which way the Soul
Will Follow
Everywhere and temporly
The heart will surely

Answers come from questions
Salvation through redemption
And faith is needed
Truth be seeked
The hollowed and the old

Despair becomes denial
Denial born from trial
And seek not but of Hope
And Love
The virtues always triumph

Fate will keep
The hand its delt
Until the very end
Coincidence but mere a leap
Into the dark uncertain bend
And trouble not your mind
The past the days will bind
But reach upward
To highest Heaven
There waits your destined ending

Be not of this world
Do not fall pray
The things the eye beheld
Will surely fall away
But know your but a traveller
Through the world to pass
The things kept in the soul
Will surely always last

And in every moment
From birth till death
Live your life but well
For someday it becomes to some
A Legend
just to tell
Sep 19 · 78
Truth and Lie
Legend tells
Once long ago
The Truth and Lie
Was in console
"For when mankind reach
this road
He will not know which
road to go"the Lie boldly stated
"But with our guidance
To point the way
A traveller will not be disway
The direction he must partake"the Truth so certainly proclaimed

And so it went
Not long after
A weary traveller came to be
At the crossroad in the road
And whom should wait
To greet upon
But only Truth and Lie as one
Pray me thee,
The traveller spoke
Which way must i partake?
"Come thoust ask but only spoke
To us only both?"the Lie said
Yes,the traveller answered back
If thine can but just show
"Take heed,"the Truth said
"And be but wise in choice,
For one of us will tell the truth
The other lie instead"

And as if one
Both hands of two
The truth point left
The lie point too
The traveller but confused

"Heed my word,
Not once but two
One road will follow
The other true
One road to death
Awaits on you"they both spoke
in unison

The traveller thought
And later asked
Pray tell,may i ask
Another question of you?
The Truth replied
"If thou desire
but hurry up upon the hour"
The lie echo'd the Truth

The traveller thought and
Start to speak:
If one dies upon this shore
Is death but just the opened door
Tell me,which way does his soul
Travel to reach life once more?
The lie spoke first
"Its gone before
Death indeed does close the door
And right points life once before"
The traveller smiled
And turned his gaze
To change the choice
He almost made
And as he walked towards the right
The Truth but cried
The lie despite
And both could not succeed
For lie told true
And truth had lied
When both point left and none right

For Truth cant lie
It pointed left
But lie had said
To turn to right
And thus the traveller knew despite
The one way both
Had denied
That left was wrong
And right was right

Sep 19 · 47
Darkness arise
Darkness strip the sky from stars
It shadows over the moon

A unearthly voice fills the wind
It drowns out the silence

What has thou comest to do
Why seeks one out the truth?
Know ye not that Evil rules
But only for one night?

Tremble deep within the soul
No help but dare to rear

The dead sleeps no more
Evil comes to set its score

Why doth seek ye out at this
The terror and resist?
Know not you that Evil keeps
Those who foolish steep?

Tis not a time to cheer
But turn to inward gaze
That from Hell itself arise
The wickedness and praise
Celebrate ye not dear one
The war is fought
The battle done
But seek thou side
Of light and true
Pray that Evil pass by you
Dont tempt the hand of fate

Resist him
Stand steadfast in faith
And he
Will flee from you
For He who is
Within you
Is mightier than he
Who rules this world.....
It is sad that from foolish cheer and ignorance so many a soul is lost to the Dark
Sep 16 · 24
Echo words
No heart could know
Wisdom passed
Right through the Soul
Dreams are never
To be hold
Days unending linger

Seek the lie
To know the True
Holding on
Is all you do
Hide the tears
Within your eyes
Days going by

Find the way
That holds the day
Cast your eye
Up to the sky
Cast your fears
To times gone by
Days slowly fade away

A tale to tell
A time to dwell
Death to bring
Life aswell
Memories you beheld
Find yourself anew
Time goes by
A midnight sky
Filled with answers
A silent plight
All that is is well alright
If you only knew
If you only do
If you find its true

The name Adelai is of Lithuanian origin and means "Noble, brave, kind".
Take a look around
Dont let your sorrow
But bring you down
The birds are still singing
And in your heart
Hope is still lingering
The sun but hides behind a cloud

Take a moment
Stop And listen
To your soul
Love still softly whisper
All is not lost
All is forgiven
If you take a single moment to listen

Heartaches were never ment to last
What happened is now but in the past
Tomorrow is a day eagerly waiting
But here and now
Love is embracing
Today is all we ever have

Take a look around you
Lift your head up to the clouds
Nothing ever realy
Will get and keep you down
Strength comes from understanding
That Hope will outlast
Fear is but a feeling
Hidden behind a mask

Heartaches were never ment to last
Dont let another moment
By you past
When sorrow ends up leaving
A new dawn comes to pass
And love will still be present
If you can still believe
Today is all we ever have

And know that when the End nears
Its just a new Begin
Love will still be keeping
Your heart within
When you take another listen
The answers are agiven
Just take another look now
Your closer than youre thinking
All will be forgiving
Yesterday is leaving
tomorrow still is lingering
Today is all we ever really have

Today is all we ever have
Sep 8 · 30
And i know
And i know
the reason for crying
And i know
Why there is dying
And i know
Whats the use denying
That Life is Life
And all but trying

And i know
Through tears come hope
And i know
Somehow you learn to cope
And i know
It takes some timing
To keep your soul a float

And i know
You neednt wonder
And i know
Youre left to ponder
And i know
Just push a sunder
All the fear and all the pain

It takes some trying
And it takes
Some crying
To stop denying
That there is no more Hope
It takes trials
And it takes
Some fighting
In the end
Theres sunlight shining
Behind a cloud of doubt

And i know
You are  but trying
And i know
Through tears youve cried
The sun is shining
The passing through the night
And i know
Life seems so worthwhile
And i know
In the end you'will smile
For Faith and love
make it worthwhile

And i know
I know
Sep 3 · 24
No Title needed
I used to be happy
Life had not been that bad
But lately the feeling
Turned out to not last
I used to be happy
Saw the silver lining
Of thunderstorms in clouds
now passed
Yes i used to be happy
Nowadays but just down dragged

I used to have light
Now the darkness reign free
Rolling waves washing inside
and ebb of me
I used tò have light
Saw nothing but the sun
Now im locked in a blackness
Not even the moon can undone
Yes i used to have light
Now im shaded from the sun

What else can i loose
What was taken from me
What does it all matter
What once was is gone
Will i ever be free

I just dont care anymore
After all
Aug 25 · 27
Bittersweet Irony
Echo the Day
Words i could never say
Never knew someday
You would go away

Silent the Night
As i hold my plight
Never saw the light
Now your from sight

The Seasons change slowly
Now im travelling lonely
Wishing i was only
Yet now far from feeling homely

Will i get one more chance
Remembering yesterday
Will i see you once again
How blessed i would be
Walking back into your arms
And maybe time will stand still
Even for an hour or two
Maybe a day or three

I guess its only wishfull thinking
Yet how blessed i would be
Having you here Eternaly
I will never be lonely
I guess its only day dreaming
Having you back right beside me
Yet how blessed i would be
I guess im now forever lonely

Echo the Day
Silent the night
The seasons change slowly
Aint it just  bittersweet irony
Aug 21 · 22
My sweet memory
Whom will walk beside me now
Now that you are gone
How will i be able to hear
Whilst you used to sing our song
Now that i am alone
The days are all so empty
The nights seems all too long
I used to cherish them both
But silence  now only lingers on

How i used to cherish spring
Yet winter is all im left with now
A lonely coldness in my soul
Now that you have gone
And will i ever find the courage
To pick myself up
And carry on
When it was you whom gave me
The strength to live a life unknown

May you remember me
Where in Eternity
You are now
And may you never forget
That i needed you so desperately
And may you hear
My thoughts so clear
How much i loved you
Ever more
May every breath whisper love
From me on mortal shore
And may you know
That now you are home
And will forever be

My eternal memory

My sweet memory
Aug 9 · 26
I didnt know
I didnt know my own strength
till i had no other way
All the words i had spoken
All i still wanted to say
Life only allows so much time
When the sands run out
Life turns on a dime
And you find your chance
Had passed you by
When still i wanted to say goodbye

I didnt know my own strength
When i find myself alone
And youve gone from here
To our Eternal home
And the silence only now
Keeps the words in my heart
When i should have said
What i should have from the start
Yet we are now taken apart
First from Life ,then in Death
Till eternity waits to mend
I didnt know my own strength

You showed me
I didnt know my own strength
Aug 6 · 63
For You nor for me
Fate collides with destiny
And you and i meet
Visions of a life
That was not ment to be
Dark desires brought to light
Fantasy collide with reality
Dreams come true
In a blink of an eye
Death bestows Eternity
And Life brings forth certainty
Of what was never ment to be
For you nor for me
Aug 5 · 352
And if no one realy cared
You find yourself alone out there
Turn your thoughts to prayer
Seek Him out if you dare
Aug 5 · 104
A smile
Behind a happy smile
There sometimes hides a lie
When for all of time or just
Even a little while
I find myself wonder
I need to think no more
If all youve had and
All you lose
Went walking out the door
Remember moments
Thats gone before
And remember a smile
Sometimes hide so much more
Aug 5 · 38
Life Happens
Life ebbs
It takes what it give
Life speaks
In a barely audible whisper
Life follows death
The surrender to rest
And it flickers a flame
You are never the same

Life happens
Aug 5 · 25
As i lay in my bed
Memories of you
Dancing careless
In my head
With only silence
To be heard
Echo's of days
That came before
But your not here

Stars up in the sky
The moon waining above
Bring times that we've cried
Days that we loved

The silence that echo
The night that will keep
When im lost in these dreams
Whilst im fast asleep

What happened to your trust,
why was it broken and stole-
why do you accept
the lack of being whole?...
where did you leave
your faith alone,
just when you realised
you need it the most?
How did it come
to believing the lie,
when the truth was what you
once ago had inside?

Focus your gaze up,
towards the sky
Close down your heart
and open your eye
Listen to your soul,
Be still and you'll know
Why the road you have chosen,
caused your chance passed you by
And its healing to let
your tears flow outside

For its in feeling lost
that you will realise
Its never too late
to start anew
For its Gods strength alone
that will get you through
Every trial every fear
Every mountain you'll climb
In the end,its His Love
That will always abide
Its His mercy that never
will ever run dry
Jun 21 · 58
El Shaddai
Whom can tell,
why Life turns on a dime
why tears end up to dwell
in these eyes of mine?
Whom can tell-

Whom will care,
when you find yourself alone
and love leaves while only fear
seems to roam within your soul?
Whom will care-

Who will comfort you,
as these things become real
and these things ring true
as if its all your heart can feel?
Who will comfort you-

When none can be find
Lies creep up to only bind
Turn your eyes not blind
Silence not your mind-
Someone will show,
It just takes prayer and faith to know
His Life He gave up for your own
And He loves you eternally
His strength will lead you home
You wont face this alone.

His voice you will hear
Softly will fall on your ear,
And His touch will echo
Through out your soul:
His name is El Shaddai
And His Love will last forever.
You must not forget
He will paitintly wait
If you only ask.

He will tell
He will care
He will comfort you
When none will be find
All you He will keep,
His love never dies
And His name
is El Shaddai...
Jun 16 · 40
Another Winters sleep
A winters night
Cuddled up
The howling wind outside
Thoughts and dreams
Wrapped up tight
Linger in moonlight
And yesterday cant bare to go
Tomorrow still to come
Right here and only right now
The moment
All you own

And as your eyes
Begin to close
A journey will unfold
A tale of hope and faith
Your heart can find its home
The calmness of the silence go
To where it meets your soul
And as you drift away to sleep
Know Angels will
you keep

Tightly wrapped
And peace be sweet
Till a ray of sunlight meet
May you be safe
And always seek
The promise hidden deep within
Another winters sleep
May 29 · 37
One day
It was the last day
It was the final choice made
And somehow things
Remained the same
Always the search
An endless aray of light
That keeps the night at bay
How come these things
Never given the choice of change
Sometimes things just seize to be
Holding onto
what never can be
And if the choice did wait
Would all but stay
or change anyway
Keep believing in
One day
The One known as the King of the Jews

It happened on a Friday
Round about nine,
When He who was Divine
Bore sin-yours  and mine-
And was hung upon a wooden cross
His hands and feet nailed tight
Yet none who knew His silent plight.
That within all His power and His might
Was cruxified -to bring the light-
Unjustly hung He out in sight

The one known as the King of the Jews

From the time of noon
Up until three
DarkneSs covered the sky entirely,
And with the outcry of these words:
"Eli Eli Lema sabagtani"
My God,why have Thoust forsaken me
He drew His last breath
And died-for all to See

The one known as the King of the Jews

The Temple curtain spliT in two
As He the King of the Jews died
so that We could enter
In Gods sight.
Forever after He paid the price
For me and you:

The one known as the King of the Jews

And after He had left this mortal plane
They broke not His bones
Left Him just the same,
And they laid Him to rest
In a TomB -in a cave
His life been given
His DesTiny remained-
As the Saviour to all mankind
The dead and the brave.
He had come to earth
Not to condemN-but to save:

The one known as the King -became the
He who bore no Sin-carried ours
Just so that we could be saved
From the wrath of the Almighty
He showed us the light,
Yet died unjustly
To AnSwer our plighT

The one known as Jesus the Christ

But on the Sunday morning
He had risen triumphantly,
Over Death He had won
Yes GodS only Son-
Who one day will return
To rule up Highly
On the right hand side
Of God-Lord Almighty

Thus remember the FridAy
Through till the Sunday,
Never again will Life stay the same
For He called us each upon the name,
To teach and obey His words left behind
And to love all of all  mankind.
For He died once ago a very long time
So that tHose who believe in Him
Find redemption ,salvation
From judgement and condEmnation.

He will come back someday
This much is true:

The one known as
Jesus-the King of the Jews!
Mar 28 · 34
An Echo left
Days that come
Times that go
When once a tale was told
When once kept in the Soul
Memories now only fade
Distant are those good old days
Finding now you are alone
How to fill this empty hole
Days that go

Listen to the new born wind
Echo round the heartache
Remember when just once again
You were here to be
Looking to the distant glow
Covered by a dark shadow
Thinking you came round again
But its just an echo

You have gone
Still your presence linger on
And finding in the End
Days had come
Times had went
All but just
An echo left
Mar 7 · 33
A Vow to you
A promise made by you
A vow to be ever true
Giving all of who you are
Beginning together a
brand new start
You will be by my side
Till death us parden
Taken by the night
You always remain
my guiding light
my other half for all my life

To you
I will be faithfully
For all my days to come
With you i will partake upon
This journey cast no fear
For when i feel alone,abandoned
You will draw me near
Each new horison
Each step thats made
Your footprints will be next to mine
Forever and a day

So do i make
My promise too
To be with
To cherish
and comfort you
And all the days that lies ahead
Never part your side
For all my soul and yes my heart
I give now unto you
Feb 21 · 39
Whom can stop
the ocean's ebb?
Whom can ground
the majestic eagles flight?
Whom has placed
the midnight skies star,
Whom can wake
those passed from their grave?

It is "I"
say the Lord-
"The Great I Am.
Nothing is impossible
Nothing that cant be done,
I have placed the nights moon
And in the sky the sun.
I have created
all that is,
and kept it all intact
I have made mankind unto my image
Whom should but love me back

Nothing that has been
Nothing that will come
I havent already congured
I have already won
No force nor any power
can hold against Me stand
No sin have i but bore
For those whom I have hand:
My blood to wash eternal
salvation and redeemed
For those whom call me Father
my children i have deemed.
Yes so I always was
And so will always be,
I am the same tomorrow
Today and Eternally-
I am the very beginning
and all will end
with Me"

Thank you Lord my God
for loving
little me
Dec 2020 · 228
God opened His hand
And God opened His hand
And from within He gave His love
It overshadows every sin
Every deed a human can do
It lifts the spirit way up high
It dries every tear thats cried
It is stronger than death
It brings Life and peace abundantly
It replenishes the weary
The downhearted and despair'd
It touches the soul gently
It carries the burden felt
And it lights the path
Laid out
even when the darkness tries to hide it
It brings an eternal promise
That covers all you do
It seperates the truth from out the lie
It wispers soft but clearly
That yes
even in death
It welcomes and guides you home
Oct 2020 · 52
Life again
It wasnt how it should have been
Did i not knew to go unseen
It wasnt that my heart was made
To brake unto shattered pieces laid
A thousand tears that ran my cheek
When all i wanted was to be free
Instead unheard the prayer i praid
Instead ten thousand days to face

It wasnt that my self should die
It wasnt in the truth subside
To take away my sense of worth
My self love stolen from myself
Making light of my despair
Taken into count no where
Never letting me to go
Slowly poisoning my soul

Time was flowing each day through
The strength to come in paid due
Had i not knew what heartache was
Would happiness elude me too?

For it was the path
The journey fate
For me to travel
To undertake
To discover whom i had to be
The truest essence of purity
Like a diamond facing heavy weight
To shine in worth reciprocate
It was the way to face rebirth
It gave me more of Love's worth
Keeping me for ever more

And in the moment
Let me say
I forgive you
And bare no blame
For what Life deemed
Has given me
A glimpse of peace
For every hole that my soul enfolds
Is letting light shine from without
Finding that growth takes place
When cracked the ground
From underneath the leaf takes shape
And freedom reigns within change
What once had died
Life again
Oct 2020 · 581
A prologue to Halloween
Darkness unimaginable
Fear incomprehensible
Lies unapologeticall
Where in lies the fun???

To celebrate the wicked truth
To claim ignorant belief
There in lies the great deceit
Wrapped in words:
"Trick or treat"....
Oct 2020 · 295
Halloween:Truth or Tricks??
Halloween evolved from "All Hollows" Eve. It originated from the pagan holiday honoring the dead. On All Hallows Eve, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead was thin. It allowed the souls of the dead to come back to earth and walk among the living

Halloween is a religious holiday belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. ... The holiday is “All Hallows Day” (or “All Saints Day) and falls in Nov.

Jehovah's Witnesses: They don't celebrate any holidays or even birthdays. Some Christians: Some believe the holiday is associated with Satanism or Paganism, so are against celebrating it. Orthodox Jews: They don't celebrate Halloween due to its origins as a Christian holiday. Other Jews may or may not celebrate it

While the Bible doesn't mention Halloween specifically, it does, of course, have lots to say about the forces of evil. ... Scripture is full of stories where good and evil are pitted against each other, as well as Bible verses that offer wisdom about facing darkness, deception, and fear in your own life.

Samhain (pronounced 'sow'inn') is a very important date in the Pagan calendar for it marks the Feast of the Dead. It is also celebrated by non-Pagans who call this festival Halloween. ... Samhain has been celebrated in Britain for centuries and has its origin in Pagan Celtic traditions.

A few observations:
HALLOWEEN is the most important day of the year for Devil worshippers, according to the founder of the Church of Satan, and everyone else has been urged to avoid celebrating this “dark” day

Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan in the US in 1966.

He was the country’s most prominent Satanist up until his death in 1997 and authored several books, including The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, The Devil's Notebook, and Satan Speaks.
In the Satanic Bible, Mr LaVey wrote: "After one's own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween.”

Walpurgisnacht, or Saint Walpurgis Night, is a German annual event which is known in German Folklore as Witches Night.

Even today, the Church of Satan recognises Halloween as an extremely important day for evil.

The occultists’ website states: “Satanists embrace what this holiday has become...
Whats your views about it???
Things appear for what they are
Life unfolds upon the horizon afar
What some may fear
Others draw near
The hands of time will keep

Sometimes it takes courage
Within the fear lies hope
It takes a simple step
Somehow one has to cope
Sometimes one face it alone

Never had the truth been hidden
The chance that pass you by
Never had the lie been given
Born yet just to die
Never did the promise made
Been lost nor never heard
What once was silent
Will be raised
upon this troubled earth

Faith is wrapped with tears
Courage found in fear
Darkness try to hide the light
But cannot yet from sight
And evil binds the night with chains
Yet morning freely dawns the same
Its touch of comfort
Its promise true
When nothing seems to carry you
So it brings strength anew

Words that flow from deep
Thoughts that come ìnto being
From The One who never sleeps
In something not yet seen
Faith to just believe

Things appear for what they are
And yes
To everything there comes an end
May 2020 · 270
Little by little
Little by little
as the moments go by
Days turn to weeks
Years couldnt hide
You live
All is but dust
To all shall die
As once you took breath
So shall it subside
No one shall find
What is truth,what is lie
Little by little
Apr 2020 · 416
Silently He watches
Always from a distance
Things turn slowly
Within His favour
His hand remains
Withdrawn for now
His smile on his face
Reveals its near the time
He bates his breath
Things are almost too good
Darkness enclose him
From where he has stood
Theres a time,
So its written
For Life to unfold
What were prophesised from old
Must be brought to the true
And he silently watches
As a tear leaves his eye
Its within darkness he longs
For the Light lost inside....
Dec 2019 · 161
Blessed be
Good will to all
The season come
And peace upon your soul
Let every heart cheer
Love may draw you near
And earth resound the day
As heartache falls away
And earth receive the joy
Tis is the most wonderfilled way
Nov 2019 · 138
Will you?
Will you be there?
When my journey begins
When the first step i take
May lead to joy or heartache
And as i make my way
Will you hear these words i say
Will you wait for me?
Will you stay?
When all else me forsake
Will i find that you care
Will you be there?
Anywhere the distance may lead
And hope is all i will keep
Will you be at the end
This i pray in my heart
And keep forever in my soul
Will you promise to never ever go?
Today only turns into tomorrow
And with myself i let go of my sorrow
Will you?
Will you?
Will you?
Nov 2019 · 87
Eternal paradise
I have listened to the sound
Of a lonely night
Walked a thousand roads
Searched an endless sky
Hoping i would find

I have dreamed a million times
Fell asleep in silent nights
Prayed a prayer eaçh day
Seeked to find a way
But never did i find

All through those empty days
My soul still ached
Hoping i would be
Next to you to see
Eternal paradise-
Yes knowing that it be
You belong you see
And i am never free

Freedom comes at a price
Ive Given up my life
To never realise
I find the truth inside
Right there in your eyes

All through those empty days
My soul still ached
Hoping i would be
Next to you to see
Eternal paradise

Yes knowing that it be
You belong you see

Now i am truely free
Oct 2019 · 117
Oh weary travelled soul
Oh heart that isnt whole
Oh doubtfull mind agiven


Turn back
Oh beaten tortured soul
Oh aching heart alone
Oh bruised mind behold

Oct 2019 · 94
A lyrical longing
My soul is waiting
For you
There's not a thing i
Wouldn't do
To have you here next
To me
Forever i'll be
My soul is waiting

Yesterday i thought i saw
Your face
Heaven knows how
i miss Your embrace
But my heart couldn't see
And it was my eyes
Tricking me
For ever and a day
I knew it was not ment
To be

Late at night all alone
In the dark
The silence lingers
Upon my
Aching heart
The stars and moon doesn't light
The sorrow and the pain
In my mind
Guess i have to wait
A new day to start
Late at night all alone
In the dark

Minutes turns to hours
That Passes by
Hours to days that
Slowly does
Go by
Will the hands of time
Ever subside
Leaving me to
endlessly cry
And does it promise me
That someday
I will find
The way
As Minutes and the hours
never stay

So now i guess there's no words left
To say
Longing for that
fatefull day
When i will find that you might be
Feeling the same

A lyrical longing.
So if you wait forever,will you find the love you need?eternally to be faithfull...
Oct 2019 · 149
A Friend of mine
To know friendship
You've got to be a friend,
To support someone's hardship
To be there in the End-
And most of all
Remind yourself,
It works both ways
It takes an amount:
Of trust
Of loyalty
To be a confidant
Without these
It means not very much.
It turns the bond
Right Into dust.
It takes away the essence true
Of me being
A friend
To you.

And thus it brakes the two

The conclusion?
A Bond that doesnt last.

I had believed
That it was
A bond to outlast time,
But found
It out
Too late,
Are you
A friend
Of mine?
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