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Fred Kinard Sep 2018
Happiness can be found outside the mass that occupy space.  
In other words, love is not found in worldly possessions.
(Create the comfort from within .)
Fred Kinard Jun 2016
I am nothing
I am nothing
The means of a product
I see nothing
I see nothing
Freedom can't run amok
Fred Kinard Jul 2014
Expectation And Submission:

The kool-aid sat on the table for two days.
I was forced to take a sip.
My will to live was driven out by fear.
I allowed true masters to abduct me.
Modern day oppression welcome us all.
Not one line will divide or add color.
Perception is ugly like horseshoe *****.
Fred Kinard Jun 2014
To Be Human:

My flesh means nothing
However my spirit is intact

It takes strong will to keep things together
In the morning we recollect outcomes and push forward
At night we rest on needle beds and wrap ourselves with razor sheets
Believe it or not it is all balanced
Breakdowns can gulp you whole
Mental order is necessary to remain sane

My flesh means nothing
However my spirit is intact
Fred Kinard Jun 2014
Human Incubation

The world painted us with mud and it harden
She allowed us to see beyond the cracked dirt
Even though millions denied their own worth
She recognized that our path belong to us

Everything in us is beautiful even when life is ugly
She didn’t permit us to play victim
Our wickedness is only a distortion due to self-hatred
She promoted love through pain
I know sightlessness can still bring forth opportunity
She knew change was absolutely essential to move foreword - FK

Rest easy Maya Angelou.
Fred Kinard May 2014
Beauty is…

The flesh can never be defined
Dip it in water and watch it prune
Views or imprints can’t be outlined
Surgical sabotage meet Dr. Doom

Strip the mind & provide ***** mirrors
Self-hatred is big business worldwide
Strip the mind & provide ***** mirrors
So call ugly people want to hide

Our difference is magnificence
I testify you satisfy
Your countenance is radiance

Love all that you are without ridicule
Ridicule no one knowing beauty is love
Fred Kinard Apr 2014
People are in conflict
Nothing is true anymore
How does it feel to rent life
Wounded like a dry *****
Bones broken unseen flesh
Back to the dust of the land
It never mattered that you did your best

Money money money
The quest for fire is gone
Years past and old is anew
Jungles formed unshaved lawns
I'll paint the picture without lights
Blood on the canvas
Even with laws our eyes are without sight.
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