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Faeri Shankar Aug 2015
Lately you’ve saturated my Consciousness
Watering me down as the
Hard ground weeps
Dryly, dust to mud
In a southern summer drought
Although I’ve never thirsted for you.
Quenching yourself in Xanax
Drenched in whiskey
You took from us what we didn’t
Know we were
Missing just as the hole through
Your skull opened and
****** you out bit by bit
Till by a crimson thread
You were left lingering
Your body feigning
Alone in the night
Under the pines
Yearning for a brighter light.
When my ice cream falls off my cone
And it hits the ground
Is it Paradise Lost?
Or Paradise Frost?
Maybe for the concrete
But not for me
Faeri Shankar Feb 2015
You are the most beautiful
Person that has ever existed
Real or otherwise.
Death in winter
is the warmest slumber.
Faeri Shankar Feb 2015
Where to begin?
From the top, I suppose
Of the proverbial mountain
Standing steadfast
Slowly penetrating
The indigo mist spiraling
The pinnacle
Peaking through the
The unified particles gathering
In bent-up lines
In pent-up times.

Against my own your skin is pressed
Entranced by optical pools
Enchanted by what lies
Beyond the colored flecks
of jade and chestnut we digress
Melting into a single texture.

Steadfast and consistent despite
The prodding lecture
Of suspended disbelief
Unleashing ourselves
To the ambient
Placating the phenomenal
Perceived through the "right kind of eyes".

Gleaming yet gleaning but still
Guiding, this compass
That encompasses the raw
Torn-back flesh and ego
Scored and sacrificed by nameless
Aboriginal ancestors
Arching their bows with
Aim to eradicate
Foul ideas and fallacies
Judged beneath the squinted
Eye determining the deadly course
Of another forced
Twisted moral paradigm.

They salute with self-satisfactory smiles
To relieve the conflict of conscience
Regarding blood-splattered soil
Salting the vague consolation: sputtering,
"This too shall pass, my brother".
Comforting one another
With the zip of
Vibrating strings
Pulsing against the
Weathered fingertips
In imperfect time.

Curving cedar lines
Poised with precision
Resemble and assemble in fragments
The urge to protect and preserve
The curve of a lover's spine
Bent-over and braiding
Long locks for war
Sitting cross-legged
On the dirt and hide floor.
Faeri Shankar Nov 2014
In under three days
You'll peel my skin away
My flesh seeps menthol and freezes in your pores.
Beneath this embrace we'll sojourn
Between threaded calves and ankle-bones we breathe faint snores
Clenching our eyes against the rising yellow of morn'.
Within three weeks
I'll have forgotten to eat
Your caress rattles my bones and sparks a flame in my spine
Curving against your slender torso in transit
Your clockwise caress on my scalp bowering your fingers in vines
Planting a firm kiss on my neck as if you're sowing a gambit.
Entwined with the grey dawn we became aboriginal
Beguiled in our hypnagogic state, candid and inexplicable.
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