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I had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
I covered it all in red
With the blood of my foes
Now it haunts your dreams
As you count yourself to sleep
Can't get it out of your mind
My little lamb's red behind
54% of people in Iceland believe in elves.
When I was in Iceland, my phone broke.
Nobody knows how.
I guess you could say that number is now closer to 55%.

I haven't had a phone now for about a month now.
It's not as though I used it much to begin with,
but it has posed as an inconvenience,
such as not knowing the time.

I had to go out and buy a watch.
Watches always remind me of you.
You would tell me,
"Men judge other men by their watches and shoes."
I always thought this was dumb.
Then I started taking notice of people's watches and shoes.

I always liked your watches best.
My favorite one showed all of the cogs and gears.
It was much more intricate than the one I bought.
Then again, you've always had an eye for details,
Whereas I tend to trip up over the small things.

Now, whenever I check the time,
I think of you.

I may discontinue wearing this watch.
After all, time has always slipped through my fingers,
Among other things.
There's no use fighting the inevitable.  

Instead, I'll simply learn to map the sky.
Invest in a sundial.
Read the moon.
Track the North star.

Watches are only good for those waiting for something to happen.
If only I could puppeteer my own heart
But I can't control the viscous strings.
They are taut, lying in someone else's hands
And she laughs at me from the shadows.
Life can't help but **** us;
it's in our blood.
Time is merely a souvenir
of closed caskets and love stories.
If nothing outside my mind is true
At least I have everything in my heart
And that everything is you.
I like seeing dust
It reminds me that we're dying
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