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Fadi Sem Sep 2014
That fake smile
Sitting on your lips
Like a magic spell
Unbroken at day
Loose in the solitude
Of moonless nights.
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
When all is left is echoes
Of jolly music, dance
And of happy souls.
Images of children on a ferris wheel,
Future lovers on a first date,
A clown spreading a smile.
Faint smell of sugar and popcorn.
When all is left is a silence.
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
One once said: “If you fall, go down in style,”
This, the long lasting wisdom of a friend;
Always carry a warm and gentle smile,
Instead of dropping you will ascend.
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
Lying on the roof
On a cold summer night
Clear sky above
Looking to catch
A falling star
One passes by
So fast I almost missed it
Just like this moment
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