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If by chance , I get to meet
real love
If by chance , I get to be happy
If by chance , I get to be me
I will be grateful
I will not let it go
I will appreciate and treat it kindly
I will say thank you
I will not by chance let it
I will know , I deserve it ..
It's my chance to be happy
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 11/12/21
 Nov 2021 EP Robles
Eric the Red
There’ll be that moment
When you’re 98 years old
Or 47
And you’ll realize what was good for you
Has gone out the door
Over a wall
Moved away
And you have nothing
Not a box of pictures
Or a saved voicemail
Just a long cold winter
Ahead of you…
 Mar 2020 EP Robles
Pain always there
somewhere in our heart
waiting for us to let it go.
 Sep 2018 EP Robles
 Sep 2018 EP Robles
Never has this nation stood as tall
As the day after its great fall
But now?
So many years after we've risen?
Not in ages have we seen such division

Divided we fall
   and united we stand?
Have we somehow flipped
   the values of this land?
That terrible day
   mourning hand in hand
Has faded away
   to competing demands
   of Make Us Greats
   and Yes We Cans

Now we stand opposed
   diametrically divided
   if ever again
   we'll stand
   happily united
In reflection of the national unity in the days following 9/11/01, and where we've gone ever since.

— The End —