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Sab 7d
I like the way you play with my heart.
Not knowing, I set a trap
That would break you apart.
Sab 7d
Ray of sunlight hits —
Burning my skin through my soul
Ashes flew up to the sky.
Sab 7d
Dog barks at night — woof
Someone jump on the wall — argh
Bitten on leg — scream.
Sab Apr 22
Oh little old self,
It's been a long time.
Most people forgotten you.
Sab Mar 1
Pain always there
somewhere in our heart
waiting for us to let it go.
  Feb 29 Sab
Symply Bright
You're made to be loved and not to be abused
You're made to be respected and not to be cheated
You're made to be cherished and not to be defiled
You're made to be appreciated for your commitment and not to be ridiculed
You're made to be comforted and not to be bothered by undeserved stress
You're made to be politely treated and not be emotionally wounded
You're made to be satisfied with all care and affection and not to be frustrated with tension
You're made to dwell in peace with your partner and not to be depressed and shattered
Relationship needs regular reminders of what you mean to one another
You're made to feel, touch, do, take, all the good things in love
You ain't made to experience the other side of love
Sab Feb 27
Flowers bloom
Feelings fade
Left alone.
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