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unknown Dec 2022
Gray and gloomy seem to be taking over the land.
Nothing else piques my interest in living.
The prospect of death stimulates my innermost being.
unknown May 2022
Beauty defines yourself.
unknown May 2021
she keeps falling and falling deeper into abyss of loneliness to the point she lost her mind.
  May 2021 unknown
The bed is my kingdom
Either it rules me or
I rule it
My lazy sister on the bed the whole day claiming busy
unknown Apr 2021
Treasure the one who treasures you and loving you silently.
Random thoughts.
unknown Jan 2021
We are searching for someone,
Someone, that is already in our side.
And that someone is slowing begin to walk away.
To search for someone else.
unknown Nov 2020
I lost my self as I search you.
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