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  Mar 2019 Dust Bowl
  Nov 2018 Dust Bowl
Alex Hart
I realized I was
thinking about you,
and I began to wonder
how long you have been on
my mind. Then it occurred to me.
Since I meet you,
you've never
Dust Bowl Nov 2018
I'm a bullet with your name on it.
I lick my lips green,
And the whole world melts around us.
You used to swim in the sea as a kid,
Or atleast I dream you did,
You still have the salt in your hair
And running in your eyes
And I don't know  which part of me I want you to break first.
You see
When I was small
I thought the more pieces of me I had
The sharper I would be.
But they broke me down and cut their hands
Until I had to file myself down to stop all the carnage.
I never wanted to be a bad thing,
But you made pain sound so sweet
Coming from your sucker punch lips.
You cradle my throat like a bird wing
And i am so afraid to fly.

You hold my throat like feathers
Waiting for the struggle
But I am too afraid to fly.
Dust Bowl Mar 2018
You told me you were falling for me
Like it was a lecture
Like I should be taking notes
Write it down and look it over
Some other day
When I might actually care

You told me you were falling for me
About the life you pictured for us
All I could picture was you hitting the ground
Dust Bowl Feb 2018
I don't ******* food when I eat.

Love isn't supposed to make you want to go back to therapy.

I felt good about myself when you held my hand.

My comfort zone was so big with you, I was able to step out of it.

You think I'm stupid for not knowing how to love you.

You think I'm broken because I can't love you.

My bones are so heavy they can't get away,

My heart is so empty it wants to scream.

I don't think this is what love is,

just because you do.
I still don't think I have ever been in love.
Dust Bowl Jan 2018
I havent found you in another body.
My hands wither
with every new touch,
But nothing new
ever blooms in the summer.
Me and you were a crash landing
And every parachute has a whole in it.

I was supposed to get over you.
10 years is far too long
To spend aching yourself awake.
The last time I cried on someone's shoulder
I called them your name.
I haven't made eye contact with someone
and meant it
since you last held my hand.

His jaw against my thumb felt more hollow than your lungs,
and I don't know how to breakup
with someone without a heartbeat.
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