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Sep 2014 · 401
Dream Caster Sep 2014
Sadness rips through your heart.
It didn't end, why did you start?
Crying tears of reddest blood,
pouring out like a crimson flood.
But then the tears go away and
your face cracks a smile again.
The blood is washed away when
your body is cleansed by the rain
Sep 2014 · 457
Little drop
Dream Caster Sep 2014
Like a drop of water are you.
Separate from the great sea.
You are you and not like me.
But join the ocean and
become one of us!
It is something you gain
and not really a loss.
Little drop falls into the sea
Then alone never again
you shall be.
Sep 2014 · 361
I'm not myself
Dream Caster Sep 2014
I'm not myself.
I am someone else.
I talk to me, I converse,
but my thoughts shatter.
They disperse.
In the mirror I do someone see,
but that person just isn't me.
I see this man with coal black eyes
And always he tells me all these lies
But I have to believe in lies that are true.
There's just nothing else that I can do
Sep 2014 · 12.3k
The wolf in you
Dream Caster Sep 2014
You have nice teeth he said
Yeah, I replied. I've got these
thoughts in my head that I
never get sick, that I'm big
and strong and that my life
will be long.

Yeah, you know just what
to do. You've got the wolf in
you. Your friend is different.
He's not the same,
kind of meek and tame...
And I've seen the trolls,
some that are big.
Looked at their feet, tried to
touch 'em and I almost did.
But you know many things and
smart are you too.
You've got the wolf in you.
Apr 2014 · 6.2k
Rise narcissist, rise
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Rise narcissist, rise!
Your life is built on lies
A star on your own stage,
though your locked in a cage.
Rise narcissist, rise!
Facing truth is your demise
Always need what they supply
Fighting life until you die
Apr 2014 · 1.4k
Beyond Death's gate
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Inside thou art empty now, all hollow,  
and the dark thee soon will swallow.
To me, to the night, thou art a slave.  
Thou mayest live for a short while longer...  
Then to the pit with thee, to the grave!  
Beneath the blackest earth shall thou reside.  
Oh, how thou then wilt wish thou hadn't died.
But alas, for thee it is far too late...  
Die now my friend,  
and walk past Death's gate.
Apr 2014 · 904
Right to kill
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Is it right to take a life?
To slash a throat with a knife.
Is it wrong to **** just for fun?
To blow someone away with a gun.
Gotta keep silent about this...
This is a big secret I must not spill.
But I have always know that...
I've got the right to ****.
Nov 2013 · 325
Nothing happens
Dream Caster Nov 2013
Nothing ever happens. Before the beginning
there was no time, and without time there's
no change. So all that we see isn't really here.
We just think it is, and maybe that is enough
for us. Thought is what creates and when we
do not think, we are not. Nothing is.
Time is the greatest illusion. We think that we
live and die, but in reality it doesn't happen
Because nothing ever happens. Still there are
phenomena perceived as occurring events.
These all "happen" at once however since there
is no time. There is nothing to see here in this
universe, so move along. It's all smoke and
mirrors. Just random thoughts.
And when the thoughts die, so do we.
Nov 2013 · 296
The darkness inside
Dream Caster Nov 2013
We are not like ordinary people.
We cannot have what they have.
Sometimes we dream that it could
be different. We dream and hope.
But it can never be different.
Not ever for those of us...
Who have the darkness inside.
Nov 2013 · 328
He is coming
Dream Caster Nov 2013
Out of the sea he riseth
born of the dragon's seed.
To buy and sell,
his mark all will need.
Blasphemous words
on each horned head.
The sun goes black,
the sea turns red.
Legions of hell arise
the horsemen ride.
Soon humanity dies.
Pray and grab a crucifix.
He is coming, six six six.
Jul 2013 · 438
God of the Woods
Dream Caster Jul 2013
To his woods
he welcomes thee.
In a lush haven,
like a child, run free.
Drink of the wine
his satyrs pour!
Savor his gifts
for evermore!

As night comes
the woods darken.
Voices of warning
you do not harken.
In a green kingdom,
an endless stay.
Pan has taken
your sanity away.
Jul 2013 · 515
God of Thunder
Dream Caster Jul 2013
God of Thunder in his chariot
drawn by black goats.
Heavens darken and rain falls
on the lands of men.
Sky roars and the Earth trembles
as his wrath is released.
When he has passed all is pure.
Earth is cleansed by rain.
Jul 2013 · 2.1k
Lord of dreams
Dream Caster Jul 2013
I am made of dust and smoke.
Divine or mad, I dreams invoke.
Sercret gardens made by me,
the only place to set you free.
Illusions hide behind my door,
dreams of longing you adore.
I wish that humans would stay,
forever with me night and day.
So come to my ghostly place,
to reality with dreams replace.
Jul 2013 · 3.1k
Dream Caster Jul 2013
I am the god of war.
Insatiable for battle,
I overwhelm, destroy
and slaughter men.
With Fear and Terror
chained to my chariot,
I spread war, danger
and chaos.
Blood on the battlefield,
is sweet sacrifice to me.
My name means bane
and ruin, and that is
what I am.
In my name: endless war,
bloodshed, strife
and death.
Fight for me and ****,
to the last breath.
Jul 2013 · 615
The Wolf
Dream Caster Jul 2013
I am a beast,
rugged and grey.
Without mercy,
I hunt my prey.
Hunger I never still,
no matter how much
I ****.
With yellow eyes
I see in the night.
To hunt and ****
all in my sight.
My fangs rip throats
of sheep, cows and
I run, tear, rip and eat.
Even man to me is only
When my howl is heard
do not come near,
if to you, your life is dear.
Jul 2013 · 639
Dream Caster Jul 2013
Lightning rips the sky apart.
Rain pummels the ground.
Thunder shreds the silence.
The force of nature displayed
in its most beautiful form.
Jul 2013 · 1.0k
Drip, drop
Dream Caster Jul 2013
Life is leaving
your body
Too weak to
move now
Still a final
hopeless effort
But then the mind
starts to fade
With an empty head
calmness comes
In your final breath
you embrace death
And now all is black
You are never
coming back.
Jul 2013 · 811
Raining blood
Dream Caster Jul 2013
The clouds are red.
Red, the color of blood.
It's a nice day but still
it's raining. It's raining
blood. Sweet, sticky,
salty blood from the
skies. First a few drops
but soon it's pouring
down. People look up,
there faces all red and
smeared with blood.
Red blood. Red like
the clouds.
Jun 2013 · 392
As I fall
Dream Caster Jun 2013
I fall in slow motion from the heavens.
Down through the clouds I drift
and now I see them, people who look
at me as I fall. They all know me,
everyone of them. I fall faster than
I think. To them it's like lightning
from heaven. But they all know me
and they heard thunder before my fall.
Don't believe the lies about me.
I love you all.
Jun 2013 · 403
Little thing
Dream Caster Jun 2013
What are you, little creature      
now that I have peeled off      
your skin? The thing beneath      
isn't so nice. A hateful little      
thing filled with thoughts of      
vengeance. But no, pitiful      
creature. Now that you are      
mine there will be no more      
of that. You may hiss, spit      
and growl but it won't help.      
I will lock you in this cage      
and throw away the key.      
So goodbye, little thing.
Jun 2013 · 773
Shadow Kings
Dream Caster Jun 2013
My secret god that fills the sky
at night. Lord of the twilight,
of madness, death and

Sinfully but with heads held high
we dine on the nectar of life.
This is a burden we, the chosen
must bear.

Are we, the rulers of the night
denied our right to godhood?
We, the kings of shadows born
of sacred blood.

Alas, it was with great sorrow
we left the world of men. Bereft
even of our humanity, we long
for redemption.

Sorry is our fate. False lives filled
only with bittersweet reminiscence
of a less unhappy past. A past when
we were alive.
Jun 2013 · 436
Fall from heaven
Dream Caster Jun 2013
The Heavenly Father looks at me    
but turns his face away from me.    
Silence settles like a haze    
over the heavenly garden.    
Cherubs with swords expelling me    
like an ashamed Adam.    
Down through the clouds I fall:    
In vain I seek the support of    
the pillar of the firmament.    
Transparent ground approaches    
with hellfire underneath.    
Earth's surface of glass breaks    
and the depths open.    
Down into the dark where    
no forgiveness is found.    
I am now beyond life on the mirror's other side.  
Mysterious mists hide the pervading gloom.    
Others are around me but they do not see me    
Look at me: I'm still someone!    
The emptiness of infinity devours all screams.  
The wraith that is not looks out through the  
shiny surface. The world of life where I used  
to live. Now I'm stuck on the other side of the  
Jun 2013 · 423
Alone with the ravens
Dream Caster Jun 2013
I sit in the early morning
enjoying the dim light.
I see the birds gathering,
ravens black as night.
They are not afraid of me,
a ghost they cannot see.
Though I wish I could stay,
as ravens fly, I fade away.
Jun 2013 · 375
Eternal autumn
Dream Caster Jun 2013
Frozen in eternal autumn
I watch the years fall
like yellow leaves.
I have become immobile
and unchanging like
some pagan idol.
Unmoving yet restless,
I see the sun drown in
oceans of time.
In fear of the emptiness
I embraced the gift of
endless dying.
Jun 2013 · 581
Dream Caster Jun 2013
Speak the truth so
that when you lie
you'll be believed.
Be good, so that
when you have to
be bad you'll be
Jun 2013 · 434
The Overman
Dream Caster Jun 2013
The skies darken as clouds form.
The heavy drops leave the clouds.
I was the heavy drop that fell.
Now I am the lightning.
The lightning from the dark cloud.
Jun 2013 · 340
Hurt yourself
Dream Caster Jun 2013
When you hurt me
you hurt yourself
If you **** me,
there's less of you.
You know it's true
since I am you.
Jun 2013 · 373
Who I am
Dream Caster Jun 2013
Whatever my name,
I am always the same.
I have no shame and
no remorse of course.
I am one, I am many.
Names, faces change.
To me it isn't strange.
I live I die, rise and fall.
Throughout the ages
standing tall.
I've been worshipped,
I have died and risen.
In many voices I speak
to those that listen.
So look into my eyes,
look deep and see.
Perhaps you'll find
you are also me.
Jun 2013 · 353
I am nothing
Dream Caster Jun 2013
All I touch
they rust
Not to hurt
but I must?
Cause pain
leave a stain
Sweet poison
that is me
Death is better
don't you see?
Than to only take
and never give.
But I am nothing
so I must live.
May 2013 · 369
No poem
May 2013 · 647
Of wolf and lamb
Dream Caster May 2013
They say you've got a wolf
and a lamb inside of you.
At any moment, the wolf
can devour the lamb.
So what can we do,
**** the wolf?
It's not that easy...
You gotta feed the wolf.
Keep the wolf satisfied
and the lamb is safe.
May 2013 · 1.2k
Appetite of a nobleman
Dream Caster May 2013
Violent rage befitting a man of noble status.
Slaves and servants beaten without
discrimination. Blood soaked halls echo
with moans of suffering. Cracks of the whip
inciting shrieks of pain. The count is pleased
but not yet satisfied. Naked bodies, male and
female, covered in blood. No resistance is
offered by these peasants. They don't dare to
defy the urges of a nobleman. "The night is still
young," he says. "There's still time to **** and
defile all of you. And so I shall." He laughs as
his eye catches a young girl. "You my sweet
shall go first," he says unbuttoning his trousers.
Mar 2013 · 475
Never broken
Dream Caster Mar 2013
Metallic taste of blood
in your mouth.
Silenced and subdued
but not broken.
Crimson trails from chin,
to throat, to *******.
You endure more violence,
yet you keep silent.
Never broken.
Dead but never ever
Mar 2013 · 1.5k
Dream Caster Mar 2013
I had a girl I loved
so much.
Sickest joy with
every touch.
The problem was
I couldn't please her.
She tried to run,
I had to seize her.
Now my doll
is in the freezer.
Mar 2013 · 407
Dream Caster Mar 2013
These days I sleep  
fitfully with a gun  
beside my bed.  
It was months  
since I dared  
venture outside.  
I don't even look  
out the windows  
But I can hear them  
as they roam the  
streets at night.  
The monsters...  
Those who used  
to be human,  
but aren't anymore.  
They look just like  
me, but I'm not one  
of them...  
At least, I hope and  
fervently pray that  
still is the case.
Mar 2013 · 1.0k
Be as a newborn
Dream Caster Mar 2013
Be thou as a newborn.
An innocent babe but
with the knowledge
of a king.
Be thou as the sun
that riseth out of night.
A god ever slain and
ever risen.
Be thou as life and as
death, as night and as
Dwell not on the
poisons of sorrow
and joy, good and
Thou art not like
other men.
The face thou seest
is not thine.
Thou art nothing,
ashes thou hast
Ashes carried
far away to join in
silence with the
winds of the night.
Sep 2012 · 678
Become as nothing
Dream Caster Sep 2012
Staring at nothing you become  
as nothing. All empty inside a vast  
hollowness that feeds on light.  
Yet the warmth of human emotion  
warms the chilly heart. Lustful urges  
evoking memories of your living  
past. Being human is so easy to  
fake that you have fooled yourself.
Sep 2012 · 715
Under a Starlit Sky
Dream Caster Sep 2012
All alone under a sky full of stars
you behold the secret wonders.
Your heart leaps with untamed joy
as you almost grasp the infinite.
You see and you see beyond all
that was and ever shall be  
Yet you are still alone.  
All alone beneath a starlit sky.
Dream Caster Sep 2012
In the secret sepulchre of dreams you rest.
Hidden from the cruel eyes of the world.
Free from worry in this deathlike sleep. Seeking the happiness life denied you.
Sep 2012 · 1.7k
The Outcast
Dream Caster Sep 2012
Eric kept mostly to himself. Other children didn't like to play with him, but he didn't care. Instead he used to go into the woods and collect frogs.  
He never had to look for them. They came to him. He used to pretend he was their king. He imagined he looked like them. But not really like them... He was bigger and a lot more dangerous.  
Eric did quite well in school even though he seemed strange to others. Occasionally someone tried to bully him but it wasn't any fun. He just stood there without any reaction.    
Afterwards, he used to stand in the schoolyard and stare at those who had tried to bully him. Although they didn't admit it, this made the bullies afraid. Eric's look was so strange. Empty, cold and...dead.  
Eric knew he  was different, but didn't have any words for what he was. He figured he must have been adopted, because his parents wasn't like him.  
In the night time he was under the water. He swam swiftly and skillfully. His destination was a sunken city. A city with buildings very unlike those on earth.  
Dark and chaotic, with a geometry that would have been impossible to depict on paper. These dreams would have made most people wake up screaming, but not Eric. Instead, he was sad the dream was over.  
One night the dream didn't end. Suddenly Eric was outside the place he lived, but everything was different. The sky was completely black and alien stars shone there.  
In front of him was the beach and the ocean. Cliffs towered at the sides and all was shadows and silver grey. The ocean was calling him. He looked at his feet, and noticed the webbing between his toes.  
Into the sea, into the darkness he threw himself. Finally he was coming home.
Sep 2012 · 546
Mad with Sunlight
Dream Caster Sep 2012
My brain is on fire.
Intoxicated from
light like molten
I looked too long
into the Sun and
its madness has
now seized me.
Holy rage fills this
once mortal body.
Sun rage, joy and
Mad as I am I shall
burn it all. With fiery
rage I set the world

— The End —