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Dream Caster Nov 2013
Nothing ever happens. Before the beginning
there was no time, and without time there's
no change. So all that we see isn't really here.
We just think it is, and maybe that is enough
for us. Thought is what creates and when we
do not think, we are not. Nothing is.
Time is the greatest illusion. We think that we
live and die, but in reality it doesn't happen
Because nothing ever happens. Still there are
phenomena perceived as occurring events.
These all "happen" at once however since there
is no time. There is nothing to see here in this
universe, so move along. It's all smoke and
mirrors. Just random thoughts.
And when the thoughts die, so do we.
Dream Caster Nov 2013
We are not like ordinary people.
We cannot have what they have.
Sometimes we dream that it could
be different. We dream and hope.
But it can never be different.
Not ever for those of us...
Who have the darkness inside.
Dream Caster Nov 2013
Out of the sea he riseth
born of the dragon's seed.
To buy and sell,
his mark all will need.
Blasphemous words
on each horned head.
The sun goes black,
the sea turns red.
Legions of hell arise
the horsemen ride.
Soon humanity dies.
Pray and grab a crucifix.
He is coming, six six six.
Dream Caster Jul 2013
To his woods
he welcomes thee.
In a lush haven,
like a child, run free.
Drink of the wine
his satyrs pour!
Savor his gifts
for evermore!

As night comes
the woods darken.
Voices of warning
you do not harken.
In a green kingdom,
an endless stay.
Pan has taken
your sanity away.
Dream Caster Jul 2013
God of Thunder in his chariot
drawn by black goats.
Heavens darken and rain falls
on the lands of men.
Sky roars and the Earth trembles
as his wrath is released.
When he has passed all is pure.
Earth is cleansed by rain.
Dream Caster Jul 2013
I am made of dust and smoke.
Divine or mad, I dreams invoke.
Sercret gardens made by me,
the only place to set you free.
Illusions hide behind my door,
dreams of longing you adore.
I wish that humans would stay,
forever with me night and day.
So come to my ghostly place,
to reality with dreams replace.
Dream Caster Jul 2013
I am the god of war.
Insatiable for battle,
I overwhelm, destroy
and slaughter men.
With Fear and Terror
chained to my chariot,
I spread war, danger
and chaos.
Blood on the battlefield,
is sweet sacrifice to me.
My name means bane
and ruin, and that is
what I am.
In my name: endless war,
bloodshed, strife
and death.
Fight for me and ****,
to the last breath.
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