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 Mar 2017 Dorothy A
Jim Davis
Shoot for the stars
The ones
You cannot see
They are out there
Faith is the proof
Of the unseen

Don't fret over
Silly perfection
God always lets weeds
amongst his roses
More attractive to
Bees, birds,
And butterflies

Worry not
for morrow's arrival
And watch your
Load of baggage
Traveling lightly
As I have told
Your brother

Love all you do
Take love too
For it will
Guide you
Straight outta
Any kinda hell

©  2017 Jim Davis
 Mar 2017 Dorothy A
Julia Plante
you are my new york.

i long to rest within your skyscraper heart
but the stairs are too difficult to climb.

and distant
and nonetheless unattainable.

an enigma,
a dream,
a space within my concrete chest
flooded with sparkling sewer water.

you are too much,
and i am too little.

you veins pulse with light
but i don't know how much longer
i can pay the electric bill.

i can't get close without changing.

i cannot float down the river
swim through your chest
and end up sitting on the sidewalk.

i try and i look up
but at the top of your skyscraper heart,
i am in a cloud
and i cannot see the ground
nor feel the pulse of headlights and movement.

we are unrealistic.
my arms outstretched
but in vain

i cannot be what you need.

millions live within you,
and i am one.
 Mar 2017 Dorothy A
Tonight, as I flip through the world in the fog of the sky,
My brother's coughing beside me, rolling onto his right side,
We're pulling the bald landscape over our bodies of dust, 
We won't be dreaming of fairytales, just of a home to trust.

We drank too many tides, the sea is spilling over our bodies,
One day when our hearts explode, our names'll rhyme with casualties,
Along the tribes we race, at a young age hard we learnt,
That the longer we wait, the more of our memories will be burnt.

It's in black and white, the digital world they're fussing about,
We're in one cell of this universe that seeps no sound,
The clatter from the battleground rivals our ringing ears,
My dead mama said, boys were born to laugh at fear.

Through mirrors of smoke, I think I see distant planets shine,
I write to God everyday, can you patch the holes of mine?
At a tie in this war of peace, they bow down to the lion in the cage,
It'll only ever be a means to end, even our corpses will be estranged.

They only ever see eye to eye and claws to fangs,
Under clouds of fire, me and my brother will dance.
 Mar 2017 Dorothy A
Ann M Johnson
( Appeared In the Sr. Perspective Lindberg Edition March 2017)
                      Written by Ann M Johnson

Carpe Diem
Let us treasure today
We are not promised tomorrow
Let us seize the day: Carpe Diem

Let us dance like there is no tomorrow
Let us do things today instead of
putting it off until tomorrow
Let us cherish the moment
before it rushes away
Let us seize the day: Carpe Diem

Let us tell our family we love them
Let us call our friends and tell them too
Let us create some memories
and write them down
Let us not take things for granted
Let us not waste today
Let us seize the day: Carpe Diem
My friends, Carpe Diem
Hi to all my Hello Poetry family and friends. I wanted to share this moment with all of you. I feel blessed by knowing you all and I am a fan of you and your poetry accomplishments too. I sincerely believe that you all encouraged me to get up the courage to submit this poem of mine ( as well as other ones in past years) To the Poet's Corner section of Sr. Perspective.  You remain my favorite poetry community and comrades in the poetic arts. I want to Seize the day and express how much I care for all of you <3 You touch my heart and put a smile on my face. I am so blessed to call you fellow poets and friends too!!!!
 Mar 2017 Dorothy A
She’s more fun when she is drunk
At least…until she’s not
Because she’s puking in the toilet
And regretting her last shot

She’s more confident when she’s drunk
Gorgeous and ready to score
Until she looks in a mirror
And feels even uglier than before

She likes herself more when she is drunk
Until that feeling goes away
When she is so far beyond gone
That her self-hatred comes out to play

She’s happier when she’s drunk
All her issues leave her brain
But they all come crashing back at once
And cause her so much pain

She likes the world more when drunk
It’s filled with so much good
Until one little thing sets her off
And she hates it all more than she should

She likes life more when she’s drunk
Her mind for once feels still
Terrified of losing that feeling
She soon wants to end things with a pill

But she can stop any time she wants
Or so she’d have you believe
Because alcohol makes her seem so happy
That is, until all her friends leave
Edit: (3/10/17) Oh my goodness! I haven't logged on in a couple of days and boy did I miss a lot!
I am doing my best to respond to all your messages and comments now! Sorry for the wait!
Thank you all so much for such an overwhelming amount of love and support <3 You guys are amazing
For those of you who struggle with addiction of any kind, hang in there, and I hope you all find the help and support you need <3
Best wishes to you all. And thank you again <3

Edit: (3/11/17)
Alrighty, so I just got a very long message that without going too into details accused me of poking fun at alcoholism with this poem. I would just like to be very clear that this poem was in no way inteaded to make fun of the illness that is alcoholism, and if it came off that way to anyone else, I am truely truely sorry. Words can not express that enough for I very much wished the opposite intent. Alcoholism (and addiction in general) is a very serious illness that I take very seriously. I sinceraly hope that anyone who is struggling with it gets the help they need and those of you who are in recovery, I am proud of you. Stay strong and continue to work towards it <3
Once again, my sincere apologies again to anyone who was offended.
Love to you all <3 - Willow-Anne
I sit on the bed by the window
Naming the falling leaves.
You sit between the scribbled paper walls
Counting the ever-opened scars.
While the coffee grows colder,
I think of you,
Seven hundred and seventy seven
Kilometers away.
While the bottle falls empty?
You hit the floor with it,
About a thousand
Worlds away.

I hold my hand out in the void
In case yours reaches.
You hold still on the damp floor.
Empty bottles are old friends..

I whisper like madmen, words
I don't understand.
You silently hold your breath, while
Inside storms are raging.
Fracturing physical form,
Savagely splintering spirits,
Shattering shimmering souls
In the incessant night, ****** red hue
From Little girl Blue.
Cramped, lost, and crying in my own worn out body,
with loss of hope to become somebody.

Short is this vivid pain,
too long is this bright ornament,
until I finally see the point of it.

No longer numb yet still caught in a gasp,
until I finally connect the dots and filled in the gaps.
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