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I want to shout out in your ear
- without breaking your eardrum -
I want to tell it to every passer by
- who knows not who you are -
I want to whisper it to the dust
- that's settled on everything I have -
I want to scream it into this river
- that's fish's first person narrator -
I want to review it to the passing trains
- in iambic meter marching, a monologue of minds -
I want to claim it to the desert
- let all the cacti know -
I'm constantly falling deeper
-with every word you say -
Into you.
I can see you shying your sight away
Slowly shutting door, after door,
After door. I am standing farther
And farther – with every word I type
You look even smaller
And smaller. The grass was always greener
Much greener – over the rainbow,
Where you once took me, a long
Very long time ago.
And in those seldom moments
When you delve in lucidity
I get - in the blink of an eye-
A less than brief glimpse
To the real you.
You spark like lightening
When your truth surfaces.
Your eyes light up
Traces of tiredness dissipate
Smile creeps back.
You stand there
You stand there
Despite the world
Covered in only the purest
Most profound of your thoughts
And feelings.
You stand there
But not afraid.
Shouting from the rooftop of your ego
All about who you are
And what you are about.
You stand there
Staring people in the eye
Confessing things that needn’t be confessed.
You stand there
Breathing it all in
Hoping and dreaming things
You never dared envision before…
You stand there
A you most different than you
A you few know
A you I missed
A you that is not… You.
There's something very
In the soles of my shoes.
In the way my feet
                   walk about.
Ready to run
Ready to stop
And fall on my knees.
The way that I walk:
Doubting my ankles,
Tip-toe-ing on stepping-stones
Of fear.
The terror of hearing
The cracks in the earth
And seeing my souls slipping
Through the crevices
                       of my heart.

There's something almost
In the peaks of the mountains
That rise inside me.
Where the souls have been digging for gold
But found only ashes
Found only dirt.
The tingle of abyssal loneliness
Spreading to the tips of my toes,
Transcending the existential essence
                               of my being.
i'm stuck
at a loss
for words
on the edge of my imagination
there's calmness beyond.
it's appeasing
a moment of silence
in the midst of my chaos
i'm burning out slowly
a meteorite chasing its planet
the course is already set
i hesitate on the brink
of my imagination
...     or    ...
The world is not only
The shining right light of white
And the depraved dark depths of black

I won't even go on
About the moral grey shades in between
Mottled like a city pigeon's tail feathers

Because there are
Royal eruditious blues
Mischievous swirled jades
Passionate scarlets
Playful tangarine oranges
Inoccent pastel yellows
Regal deep reds
Mysterious deep purples
Curious robin egg blues
Righteous yellow oranges
Tranquil summer greens
Bubbly social pinks
Patient shades of indigo
Cautious neon colors
Pure-hearted golds
Clear minded silvers
And ultraviolets of feelings yet to be defined

And if I'm looking at the world
I want to see it in full spectrum
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