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Juneau Jan 2015
just take a moment and think about this
what if all that icy rock didn't miss
and gave our planet a passionate kiss
like a disgruntled lover out of the abyss

what if today, our planet earth did not avoid
the two-thousand and four  b l eighty-six asteroid
could you imagine if we were all destroyed
leaving our spot in the galaxy now devoid

what if today was earth's final dance
and all of known life just ended by chance
mother earth's battered in another romance
does the universe even know of our significance

January 26, 2015

Juneau Jul 2014
It's 3:00AM and I can't catch a wink.
It's 3:00AM so I begin to drink.

Every drop brings ease to my mind.
So I pour another shot and begin to unwind.

A sinking feeling deep in my core.
My eyes are heavy, dry and sore.

Twisting spine, muscles tight, ******* in knots.
Living this uncomfortably brings on unspeakable thoughts.

Each night it only gets worse.
Each and every night I live with this curse.

I can't keep doing this, tomorrow I must work.
Looks like another day of being an irritable ****.

It's 3:00AM, and I pour another drink.
It's 3:00AM, my thoughts begin to sink.
It's 3:00AM, I can do nothing but think.
It's 3:00AM, so I write it out in ink.
August 13, 2012
Juneau Apr 2019
After two days on a drinking binge
My nose began to turn red
After three days of having drunken fun
I noticed that the party was dead
And the story it told of the good times that flowed
It made me sad to think it would end

You see I've been in the basement drinking a beer with no-name
It's taste and low price is insane
Intoxicated, I wont remember the name
So there ain't no point buying labeled again
La la la la Lala la Lala la la la
Sixty-something (two drunk)

April 4 2019

America - A Horse with no name parody
Juneau Aug 2014
you grow up and work yourself into old age
never making much more than minimum wage
if we're really free why does this feel like a cage-
where all the important issues are handled backstage
just thinking about it brings on so much rage-
and the only thing that gives me assuage
is writing words out on this blank notebook page
August 29, 2014
Juneau Dec 2014
in my bed, all on my own
exhaling with a sigh, and a little moan
my friends are all here, inside my phone
so why the hell do i feel so alone?
December 5, 2014

Juneau Feb 2019
it was not quite morning when i woke in my bed
in the doorway there was darkness and a black figure i read
standing in the doorway in silence, not a word, nothing said
i could just make out its eyes: yellow, and black with a hue almost red
it was staring at me. filling me full with dread
i saw it's hands rested on the doorframe with fingers wide-spread
i tried not to scream but an airy hiss left my head
just as all of my courage and sanity fled
i swear this figure, back into the darkness it bled
until i could no longer tell it from the shadows at the foot of my bed
February 11 2019


Couldn't sleep last night
Juneau Dec 2014
remember to always follow your dreams.
starting this conditioning early instills the message so deep
that you're never quite aware, that in order to follow
your dreams you must first remain asleep
this is how they've created generation after generation
of obedient, self absorbed, consumerist sheep
where nothing is more precious to yourself then
the possessions that we keep
conforming to what's cool
owning the newest technology
and never looking cheap
join the hottest trends, stay in the loop
you're rising high on the social ladder
a fall from here is awfully steep
the fear of this fall turns you into a materialistic creep

these social constructs we all need to together break
or no one in our western society will ever truly be awake
December 8, 2014

Juneau Jan 2015
it has been said for ages that a woman
could lead a man willingly to his demise
a song or a dance; a touch or a glance
simple gestures could dumbfound the wise
these have always just been strange stories
tall-tales or faerie-tales, even outright lies
until half a year ago. until the day that I-
became so very lost within her deep blue eyes
it was just a simple look
that's all it took              
my heart missed a beat
then it shook

and in that moment, I finally did realize
how very powerful they can be; a woman's eyes
January 8, 2015

Juneau Jul 2014
I look to my rulers,
and all that i see.
Lying, cheating swine,
shameless hypocrisy.

I want off this planet,
away from society.
I'd rather take my chances,
and sail the celestial sea.

I feel that somewhere out there,
a greater world may be.
The distance required to travel,
is beyond the life of me.

And so here I stay,
among this society.
Still at night I dream,
and sail the celestial sea.
March 23, 2012
Juneau Nov 2014
patterns in the stars
describe all knowledge of man
just look up above
November 27, 2014

Juneau Feb 2015
puffed out chest, ignorant, aggressive, and far too conceited
these are the traits of a man whose biggest fear is looking defeated
to admit fault and apologize is the same as having retreated
one can't debate these fools as the arguments will soon become heated
and odds are if you keep this up you're bound to be maltreated
it's like their brains are underdeveloped; functioning yet uncompleted
they don't learn from lawful punishment and the behaviour is repeated
my patience with some people is really becoming depleted
if only there were an ethical way to have some of them deleted
February 4, 2015
Juneau Nov 2021
I’m Stressed
But today
I got dressed
Every day
Is bleak and grey
Just like the rest
But today
I got dressed
Today I got dressed
November 7 2021

Every step counts
Juneau Jan 2020
Our fixation with hand held machines
And replacing meals with soybeans
A spectator to arguments over vaccines
We're all underemployed and "getting-by" by other means
Living vicariously through our broken screens
Lobotomized and abused; nearly at-risk teens
Utterly lost in so many depression memes
Farmed and sent out from the Phillipines
Too desensitized to hear our own internal screams
January 2nd 2020
Juneau Jul 2014
complete despair,
that dull melancholy;
a constant elderitch sensation
that you're being watched from behind.
You feel those bloodshot eyes on your back
as they dig in,
bore into your spine
and disperse pure,
cold hopelessness
into the entirety of your body
through your central nervous system,
having a numbing effect
on everything you've experienced.

Every happy memory
shining a little less bright,
memories that used to bring
a warm euphoria
you once knew the name of love  
now brings a wicked strike of agony,
a burning anger,
that rapes your inner peace
and everything
needs to restart
all the work
you've put into forgetting
has to be redone
and than the period
of convalescence begins a new
and you plead to  yourself,
"please let this be the last cycle.''

  *The river side can only take so many waves before it erodes into the current.
September 1, 2013
Juneau Aug 2014
As the road gets dangerous,
begins to incline.
I realize my future,
starts to get tough.

I look to my past,
at what I called mine.
Reveals my lost love,
my gem in the rough.

My eyes blur with tears,
but I am not sad.
My head swells with fears,
I forgot what I had.

The roads are my home now,
in them I found new love.
Life as a vagabond:
pure as light;
white as a dove.
March 23, 2012
Juneau Jul 2014
Unknowable power they say is above,
This world has not fit me quite like a glove,

The time I live in won’t let me be me,
I want to be wild, instinctual and free,

I’m so confused, chaotic inside,
These traits in me I can’t always hide,

Of my condition others are ignorant or blind,
If only there were another of my kind,

I cannot begin to interpret the magnitude,
Of this vast, isolated and total solitude,

There’s not a soul around whom I could relate,
Or is this my sanity as it begins to disintegrate,

I must be broken, a grotesque abnormality,
I can’t seem to get a hang of day-to-day conformity,

I need to develop the side of me that is innate,
This fiercely fought inner struggle must simply be fate.
May 7, 2013
Juneau Aug 2014
We are all connected consciously.
Experiencing one another subjectively.
We are all one universally.
Look closer and soon you'll see,
that all matter is condensed energy.
Can you feel it pulse from me?
Beating in and out rhythmically.
Renewing itself repeatedly.
All things have a frequency.
Each wave, different like you and me.
Harmonizing in a similar key.
Drifting out into eternity.
There is so much that you can’t see.
The building blocks of reality.
Destroying and creating endlessly.
Infinite possibility.*
Existence  *cycles continuously.
Matter shifts from you to me.
Choosing where to go unbiasedly.
Tempestuous, chaotic entropy.
All things are connected musically.
A never-ending melody.
It has been and will always be.
Vibrations existing in harmony.
March 16, 2013
Inspired by Bill Hicks
Juneau Feb 2019
what time was it
what was your age
when you first found out
that it's all just staged
from their instagram account
to their facebook page
it's all just made up
so they are not upstaged
they exaggerate their life
as their followers rose
they take a hundred shots
to get the perfect pose
so don't get caught up in it
you're not missing out
these apps intend to create needs
and to fill your life with doubt
be aware as you scan your feeds
it might be time to log-out
repeat this line just as it reads
i am not missing out
February 16, 2019


fear of missing out
Juneau Jan 2015
always remember to give one hundred and ten percent
the golden rule to ensure ones professional ascent
i've been told this repeatedly without asking what they really meant
does the world really expect me to give it my all until i am old and bent
when they only give me back just enough to cover my rent
am i the only one who feels so overwhelmingly discontent
no matter how much i give my earnings only once a year augment
and the thought of how small this raise will be leaves me in torment
so **** this society and the current establishment
i have a better idea for how my life should be spent
i have a place in mind where i'll never need another cent
one day i'll escape this place leaving the world wondering where i went
January 21, 2015

just needed to vent

Juneau Jan 2015
Brothers share one life
menaced by the great bull's horns
they are sons of Zeus

together they run
forever in the night sky
Castor and Pullox
January 15, 2015

Gemini - Castor & Pullox - Taurus

Juneau Aug 2014
please oh please don’t feel sorry for me
just because my love happens to be poison ivy
she makes me itch she makes me scratch
but I’ll always be ready to jump in the next batch
she makes me rub until I am sore
but with out her my happiness fades more and more
every few weeks she clears from my body
green leaves of three why won’t you love me
I try my best, I just don’t know what to do
when i venture through your bush I’ll even take off my shoe
I dream of the day it’s just you and I
but until that day I’ll sit here and sigh
I sometimes wonder if i should just call off the chase
but I can’t just stop thinking about you, you’re all over my face
I know I can’t change you so I won’t even try
i love everything you do to me especially that rash on my thigh
so don’t pity this boy and his green leaves of three
she has spread to my eyes and is now all I see
First poem I ever wrote in highschool. 2008
Juneau Aug 2014
there was a man
with hair on his face
it grew and grew
all over the place

there was no place
it did not grow
a face so hairy
only his eyes did show

his big thick beard
was almost black
but red and blonde hairs
he did not lack

over his lips and ears
it did so drape
so he took his scissors
and began to shape

he took his time
he snipped with care
but in the end
he cut too much hair

his hair lay in a clump
within his hands he did cup
and thought to himself
well i ****** this all up

looking in the mirror
he really felt sad
thinking back 5 minutes
to the beard he just had

all and all
this really did blow
but it will be back
in a few weeks or so
August 26, 2014
Juneau Feb 2019
the roses are dead
the violets are too
if you want to join them
i'll come with you
February 12 2019


Just kidding*fingers crossed*
Why is suicide so ****?
Juneau Aug 2014
The politicians are all corrupt,

I think we should **** them,

I've dug all their graves,

now it's time that we fill them,

They've turned this country,

Into Harper's kingdom,

Lets tear it all down,

And start a new system.
May 21, 2013
Juneau Oct 2014
despite your complaints from yesterday
do you really think your complaint today
is as bad as you say?
facebook statuses...uuuuggh
Juneau Jun 2016
everyday i find myself here
sitting in a bar stool drinking another beer
it's already been half a year
with my memory of each day not always clear
and yet i quaff and i quaff
with no ability to turn it off
then i stumble back into work
telling myself this is only a perk
just a little quirk
to get me through work
June 2, 2016


quaff pronounced "kwa-off"
I found the word "quaff" in Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. He used it to imply alcoholism. Apparently it was similar to the word "Gulp"
Juneau Aug 2014
Swirling motions,
of sparking cosmic dust
Within this place is home,
to each and every one of us.

Massive bodies of-
aggressively burning gas.
We circle these objects,
within our swirling mass.

Celestial bodies,
grow and erode.
The stars themselves,
expand and implode.

We try and understand this place,
using geometry and math.
Yet, we’ll never know for sure,
what lies directly in our path.

Is there meaning to our lives,
as they appear to be?
Or are we grains of sand,
spinning into eternity?

Governments may deny this,
but, I know there’s higher intelligence.
Unfortunately their desire to remain hidden,
only shines light on their malevolence.

As we live our lives,
driving simple cars.
We are frequently monitored,
by Tall Whites and children of the stars.

I feel this is something that,
must be understood.
We must be extremely wary,
and not assume galactic brotherhood.

There’s an abundance of life,
out in the celestial sea.
And where there is life, predators,
will come to harvest thee.

But for all I know,
they could be humble and kind.
And all this fear is just a result,
of an over cynical mind.

And so we spin, drift and wait,
not knowing for certain our fate.
There are orbits in which,
our planets are compliant.

We all revolve around,
a great burning giant.
Here we turn in relative tranquility.
mostly unaware of our increasing vulnerability.
June 7, 2013
Juneau Aug 2014
Dawn is near as I make another coat
After I ripped and slashed your throat

It brings me joy, I will not lie,
to hear you whimper, scream and cry.

Shout for help, scratch and bite,
most the fun is in the fight.

Down to the basement I drag your body
making coats, my new favourite hobby.

Daily office life can be such a bore,
so I stalk the night to find a *****.

No remorse when I see your pain.
Unless I'm caught I'll **** again.

Making coats, my new favourite hobby.
After which, I eat the body.
This is a work of fiction
March 30, 2012
Juneau Jul 2014
I can't imagine what you're going through,
this truly must feel like hell.
How does a person decide,
"is this the man I loved or merely his shell."

I know this is rough,
and I don't want to sound unkind.
But what actually makes a person,
is not the body but the mind.

Some may praise your compassion,
yet I feel this is just insane.
How could you spend your life,
with someone who lacks a brain.

Your love is so tenacious,
but it's time to loosen your hold.
Life deals us many cards.
With this hand I advise you fold.

You have a lot of love to give,
and you may not think this is fair.
But it's time to move on,
and find someone who can return your care.

Keep him forever with you,
deep back in your minds archive.
Please hear me when I tell you this,
your boyfriend is no longer alive.

This is a big decision,
and I say this with remorse.
but it's time to let go,
and let nature take its course.
August 13, 2012
Juneau Nov 2014
From the sun above
deep sea hydrothermal vents
god is a heat source
November 27, 2014

Juneau Jan 2020
It appears to me that you're mentally ill
Here is some water to wash down that pill
Myself and my colleagues have all clearly stated
You need to be institutionalized and heavily medicated
January 15 2020
Juneau Aug 2014
Of the stars in the sky,
some faded, others bright.
Briefly I join them,
bringing end to the night.

Of the Sun I'm prologue,
I come before the day.
I guide the mighty Sun,
and I show him the way.

Of the peoples of Earth,
for who I do labour.
The name they've given me,
is no longer favoured.

Of darkness they image,
when people hear my name.
Malevolence and fear,
It is me who they blame.

My name has been spoken,
from near here and a far.
Lucifer they call me,
I am the Morning Star.
April 21, 2012
Juneau Jul 2020
One column.
Two Sentences.
You choose the headline.
Deplatform and silence.
Coerce and align.

One month,
Two calamities.
Refresh and it's gone.
Nothing remains
in focus for long.

Digest the digests;
digests of every kind.
Fruitless echo-chambers
self-censoring the mind.

Theaters, Airplanes,
Public transit; Empty seats.
Next weekend two protests.
Let me hear you in the streets.

Gamma correct the pores
off the very face of life.
Featureless perfection.
Expression goes under the knife.

Flowers now grow upon flowers
instead of good rain and black loam.
Flowers feeding off fireworks;
Their roots' refusal to go home.

If I am to meet my fate
by my expressions in the past.
Let these words here written
be my very last:

Towards thee I roll.
Thou all-destroying but unconquering whale;
To the last, I grapple thee;
From hell's heart I stab at thee;
For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
With broken haul and tattered sail
torn to pieces while still chasing thee.
Sink forever into the violent sea.
Though my fate is now tied to thee.
Thou ****** and acursed whale!
Sixty-six maybe
July 26, 2020

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I stole some lines from Moby ****
And Fahrenheit 451
Juneau Feb 2015
deep down in this well
sitting here with Haruki
a deep well for thought
February 25, 2015
Juneau Jul 2014
I have a passion for music.
let me tell you why.
It's for emotional release.
so that I don't cry.

Each note manipulates the air.
Brings a voice to my silent despair.
June 13, 2013
Juneau Aug 2014
There are plenty of flowers that flourish in my garden
Too many to pick just one, but all the days of my life to enjoy the ones I choose
One at a time I pluck my next blossom
I choose just one and allow her inside
Her beloved aroma excites my nostrils
Her beauty brightens each day I am with her
However with each day that beauty dims
Those vibrant colours dull and fade
My once beloved fragrance now bores me
For its been the same smell day after day
I ask "What’s wrong my love, why are we no longer satisfied with each others company?"
My love does not respond to my query
Yet her reply does come to me in time
Nothing in this universe shall stay the same
My flower is no longer the flower i once choose from my garden
My love for this flower is now gone with my realization
Does this make me a bad person?
I think not
isn’t love just an emotion
Can I not as easily fall in and out of love as I become happy or sad
With this thought I travel back outside
To choose from the many flowers that flourish in my garden
I hope I have improved over time.
Juneau Aug 2014
on this boat I am safe as long as I can see shore
but that is not what I have built this for
I sailed out for adventure and a chance to explore
this place is too mundane I want something more
to navigate by the stars like in the times of yore
and find rubies and gold treasures galore
but first I must get there so I reach for my oar
and row into the unknown until I am sore
I look out to the east and the clouds I just abhor
the waves grow higher and the wind starts to roar
the clouds begin to light up and the rain starts to pour
a storm such as this one I have never seen before
and all this premonition I can no longer ignore
but I am not turning back I'll risk the ocean floor
August 30, 2014
Juneau Jul 2014
Glancing my life, reflections in the mirror
Waving the smoke to make it all clear
I'm driving a car I cannot steer
Wasting my life, my one biggest fear
Simple minded folk; they gape and they leer
Power minded folk; corrupt while they jeer
I've worked and worked for many a year
To pay off my debt, the end's never near
They say "well that's life'', and I find this queer
There is more to existence than being a gear
I ask of you Earth, O' Mother, my dear
Shake them all off and away from here
March 23, 2012
Juneau Jul 2015
social justice activists
online P.C. warriors
are ending free speech
Juneau Aug 2014
on this pale blue dot that we all populate
to each other our stories we begin to communicate
some stories get aggressive and begin to dictate
believing we all should share a similar state-
of mind, and simply cannot tolerate
to see others whose ideas they cannot relate
will make them go mad, make them all irate
they want their own story to completely dominate
but no ideas last forever, our minds were built to create-
explanations to what happens after our expiration date
the meaning of life may still be up for debate
i think we make our own and there's no such thing as fate
perhaps the whole point of this is just to procreate
is there a such thing as nirvana or a heavenly gate
there's no way to know these things we all have to wait
death will always be a mystery so make this life great
August 27, 2014
Juneau Aug 2014
By choosing between the same two parties.
Is it really our expectation.
That we will change our lives,
enhance and greater our situation.

Now I don't want to be rude,
and forgive my profanity.
But repeating the same action expecting different results
is the exact ******* definition of insanity.

They're slowly stealing your pension,
ending all plans for retirement.
Oh, and just wait and see what FIPPA
And China do to our environment.

And yet we go to the polls,
expecting some kind of change.
Are these who are truly in charge?
Or simply tools meant to derange.

So much corruption and controversy.
**** Harper, **** Trudeau and **** the NDP.
every politicians a vandal,
exploiting our lives with each and every scandal.

Things here are escalating,
and if you don't agree.
Then what the **** happened,
downtown during G20?

When issues are met with confusion,
designed to make dissent impossible.
The people wake from their delusion,
and revolution becomes inevitable.

Raise the bar by a meter.
Or in a way it's our fault.
Do we really pick our leader,
by who can dig up dirt, lie and insult?

Let's stop all this dissonance.
Let's not be known by our apathy.
Pay attention to those in charge,
help better our lives; improve its quality.
May 30, 2013
Juneau Oct 2014
Cheer up son, stop acting so inane.
Before this is over, you'll go through this again.
You'll take hits in life. When this happens don't complain.
There are hardships in life, of which we cannot refrain.
Embrace your struggles. Just try and maintain.
Dissect each hardship and learn to ascertain.
First you must lose before you will gain.
The best lessons in life are taught from our pain.
October 9, 2014
Juneau Jan 2015
the seven sisters
dancing in the sky so high
ladies pleiades

daughters of the night
the severed head of taurus
outside my window
January 14, 2015

Pleiades - Taurus

Juneau Dec 2014
are we a form of*
alien intervention
*mass experiments
December 1, 2014

Juneau Sep 2014
there is a growing storm
brewing on the inside
every day it rages away
it's getting harder to hide

this storm takes place
in all of my thoughts
brings with it confusion
sinister schemes and plots

how can i support myself
with all this heavy rain
building up on the inside
and messing with my brain

when it all gets too much for me
all this gloom and doubt
i can tip my head forward
and some rain starts to leak out
September 24, 2014

inspired by shel silverstien
Juneau Jun 2021
there is a growing storm
brewing on the inside
every day it rages away
it's getting harder to hide

this storm takes place
in all of my thoughts
brings with it confusion
sinister schemes and plots

how can i support myself
with all this heavy rain
building up on the inside
and messing with my brain

when it gets too much for me
all this gloom and doubt
i tip my head downward
so the rain can leak out
September 24, 2014

inspired by shel silverstien
Juneau Aug 2014
The public should be wiser,
our wealth controlled by misers.
Breed more sheep for the pasture,
bow down before the master.

When it comes to worldly knowledge,
you don't need to go to college.
Scare tactics promote the system,
tie us down in neo-serfdom.

An age in great need of regression,
back before the planets oppression.
We all get weaker by the hour,
lets rise up and take back the power.

So let us tear up all the concrete,
we will once again sow the Earth.
Rip the ruling class from their seat,
chaos will bring us our rebirth.
April 8, 2012
Juneau Dec 2019
(Seen Jun 15)

(Seen now)

We used to talk so often
I wouldn't even say hello
A chat was always pending
My phone always aglow

All that I wanted
was to see how you are getting by
I've been trying to for ages
Without a single reply

I know you won't answer
Even before I hit send
Remind me again when-
our friendship came to an end?

I tried to say hi
Recently after your latest post
I guess, a sense of belonging
Is the one thing I miss most
We used to talk for hours
But now you are only ghost

Nine years have passed
Since we were in highschool
Maybe I just haven't moved on
Believing we're still friends like a fool
December 30 2019

Seen at 12:36am
Forever a creep

Are there too many "hi's" at the top preventing people from reading?
Juneau Dec 2014
without any sleep
what is real becomes the dream
you cannot wake from
December 5th, 2014

Juneau Jan 2015
exhale a blue-grey  
nothing makes me feel this way
light, inhale, repeat
January 20, 2015

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