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Aug 2014
By choosing between the same two parties.
Is it really our expectation.
That we will change our lives,
enhance and greater our situation.

Now I don't want to be rude,
and forgive my profanity.
But repeating the same action expecting different results
is the exact ******* definition of insanity.

They're slowly stealing your pension,
ending all plans for retirement.
Oh, and just wait and see what FIPPA
And China do to our environment.

And yet we go to the polls,
expecting some kind of change.
Are these who are truly in charge?
Or simply tools meant to derange.

So much corruption and controversy.
**** Harper, **** Trudeau and **** the NDP.
every politicians a vandal,
exploiting our lives with each and every scandal.

Things here are escalating,
and if you don't agree.
Then what the **** happened,
downtown during G20?

When issues are met with confusion,
designed to make dissent impossible.
The people wake from their delusion,
and revolution becomes inevitable.

Raise the bar by a meter.
Or in a way it's our fault.
Do we really pick our leader,
by who can dig up dirt, lie and insult?

Let's stop all this dissonance.
Let's not be known by our apathy.
Pay attention to those in charge,
help better our lives; improve its quality.
May 30, 2013
Written by
Juneau  32/M/Ontario
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