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Aug 2014
on this pale blue dot that we all populate
to each other our stories we begin to communicate
some stories get aggressive and begin to dictate
believing we all should share a similar state-
of mind, and simply cannot tolerate
to see others whose ideas they cannot relate
will make them go mad, make them all irate
they want their own story to completely dominate
but no ideas last forever, our minds were built to create-
explanations to what happens after our expiration date
the meaning of life may still be up for debate
i think we make our own and there's no such thing as fate
perhaps the whole point of this is just to procreate
is there a such thing as nirvana or a heavenly gate
there's no way to know these things we all have to wait
death will always be a mystery so make this life great
August 27, 2014
Written by
Juneau  32/M/Ontario
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