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Aug 2014
Swirling motions,
of sparking cosmic dust
Within this place is home,
to each and every one of us.

Massive bodies of-
aggressively burning gas.
We circle these objects,
within our swirling mass.

Celestial bodies,
grow and erode.
The stars themselves,
expand and implode.

We try and understand this place,
using geometry and math.
Yet, we’ll never know for sure,
what lies directly in our path.

Is there meaning to our lives,
as they appear to be?
Or are we grains of sand,
spinning into eternity?

Governments may deny this,
but, I know there’s higher intelligence.
Unfortunately their desire to remain hidden,
only shines light on their malevolence.

As we live our lives,
driving simple cars.
We are frequently monitored,
by Tall Whites and children of the stars.

I feel this is something that,
must be understood.
We must be extremely wary,
and not assume galactic brotherhood.

There’s an abundance of life,
out in the celestial sea.
And where there is life, predators,
will come to harvest thee.

But for all I know,
they could be humble and kind.
And all this fear is just a result,
of an over cynical mind.

And so we spin, drift and wait,
not knowing for certain our fate.
There are orbits in which,
our planets are compliant.

We all revolve around,
a great burning giant.
Here we turn in relative tranquility.
mostly unaware of our increasing vulnerability.
June 7, 2013
Written by
Juneau  32/M/Ontario
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