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Delicate Daisies Feb 2015
She's got more issues then Vogue
When I met you
I was scared to talk to you
When I talked to you
I was scared to kiss you
When I kissed you
I was scared to hold you
When I held  you
I was scared to love you
Now that I love you
I'm scared to lose you
I love you
Delicate Daisies Dec 2014
everything is so ****** up
I'm bleeding enough blood to fill a cup
I hate you
but I need you
I gave you my all
my love for you was tall
but its crashing down
all over this ******* town
they say let it go
as they watch me cry like a show
I want to rip my eyes out
saying I love you with a shout
**** love
give me diamonds
I hate you
Delicate Daisies Dec 2014
i can't help but feel worse
you put my heart under a curse
my eyes are weary, heavy
and tired
but I can't sleep
knowing what I said
to that creep
your ecstatic blue eyes
knew about my lie
now I'm terrified of you saying
wrote this for dustin
You are the prettiest
You are the cutest
If I had to invent a new word
I would call you beautifulest
You are the most charming
You are most intelligent
I have never seen someone
Who is so elegant
You are the girl
That every guy desires
Babe, I love you a lot
For you, my heart is on fire.
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