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Where we the shining star that burned out so quickly

Or did we become too bright for the world to dim our light

You're the flame in me that died out so fast
I feel lost, I need to find myself again
Anxiety only makes me sick to my stomach
I don't want to be anxious when it's comes to us
I love the smell of your cologne
I love the sound of your laughter, but not the deep feeling in my guts that tells me you'd one day leave and not look back

Till then I would love to be the woman of your dreams

Anxiety keeps eating me up and I can't tell him, he's the man I love endlessly
When I see your face slowly fade from my memory, I sometimes sink into melancholy.
Looking back, you can see experience. You can see the future if you look ahead. When you look around, you will realise the truth. When you look within, your confidence will grow. Adversity can help you reach your goals if you take firm steps.
i love to watch the moon on a moonlit night
shining in the sky shining oh so bright
it always seems romantic looking up above
the beauty of the night seems so full of love

surrounded by the stars that twinkle in the sky
with clouds so very clear gently floating bye
a little peace of heaven so calm and very still
the beauty of the night gives me such a thrill

Behind the palm trees
In the vast, rust coloured sky
Sets the orange sun
Always be strong
And keep smiling
On and remember to
Trust in the Lord
Jesus Christ because
He'll always love you every day in life.
Love 😘 In Life
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