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World poems
Are not enough.
For that reason, I often laugh
Every laughter
Is a poem
Every piece of art
Is a poem.
Have you seen the sunshine?
Each sun beam
Makes me dream
Dream of a world that
Breathes nothing but
black crow bird

pecks kitchen towel.

nest lining.
there was a little turtle and he loved the sea
and a surfing champ he just long to be
riding on the waves on his little board
be a surfing champ that was his reward.

he bought himself a board and a surfing suit
now he was a surfer and he looked so cute
went down to the beach to the local race
standing at the start turtle took his place.

he took the biggest wave the biggest he could find
jumped on to his board and left them all behind
turtle was the winner his dream it had come true
now he was the champ just like he wanted to
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